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Chapter 97 Make the family broken (second more)

Chapter 97 Makes the family ruined (second update)

In the front hall, Mrs. Yun and the head of the Yun family were stunned when they heard Shen Han’s words.

In my impression, Shen Han always had a smile on his face, and he had never heard such harsh words from him.

Shen Lingsheng’s words today really made Shen Han angry.

“Xiaohan. The Shen family is powerful and holds military power.

The relationship network is extremely deep.”

Ms. Yun’s face is full of worry, and young people are always aggressive.

These days, Shen Han has shown his talent.

The Qianqiu Festival went up to the 80th floor, and even helped the Yun family comprehend the alchemy recipes and refining techniques.

But to fight against the entire Shen family, it is still full of viciousness.

What’s more, in the Shen family’s generation, there is another genius, Shen Ye.

Whether it is martial arts practice or literati practice, he is very outstanding.

In the entire Great Wei, I don’t know how many forces want to make friends with Shen Ye.

It’s fine to be against the Shen family, but if you want to be cruel to the Shen family, you will definitely receive fierce revenge.

How could Mrs. Yun not worry.

Shen Han slightly calmed himself down.

“Third Madam, grandfather, don’t worry.

I won’t foolishly run to fight with the Shen family, I’m not that stupid.

The royal family married Su Jinyu to me, but they just wanted to use this to suppress the power of the Shen family.

Since this is the case, why can’t I borrow the royal family’s hand.

The royal family doesn’t want the Shen family to have hands and eyes, and I also want the Shen family to decline.”

Shen Han didn’t go on, the owner of the Yun family and Mrs. Yun naturally knew what Shen Han wanted to express.

Madam Yun thought for a while, with worry in her eyes, but she still nodded.

“As long as you can protect your own safety, it’s fine.”

This time Shen Han didn’t cooperate with the divorce, it was almost a complete enmity with the Shen family.

Shen Han doesn’t fight against the Shen family, maybe even the Shen family wants to punish Shen Han heavily.

Beside, the head of the Yun family fell into some thoughts when he heard Shen Han’s words.

Others may not know, but he is a pharmacist who has been studying alchemy for sixty or seventy years.

The Yun family is a family of alchemists. There have been so many generations of the Yun family, and the current head of the Yun family can be said to be a very talented head.

Relying on my own research and comprehension, I have conquered a lot of refining methods for middle-grade and high-grade pills.

With the current status of the Yun family, it is not too much to rely on him.

The alchemy formula that even the head of the Yun family with the top alchemy talent could not comprehend, Shen Han could comprehend it in a day or two.

And the comprehension is extremely thorough, with almost no mistakes.

This kind of alchemy talent is rare in the world.

The head of the Yun family thought that Shen Han possessed such a talent, if he really wanted to go against the Shen family.

The Shen family in the future may suffer some big losses.

Going back to the courtyard, I saw a small ring bell coming to greet me.

Mrs. Yun couldn’t help but hugged her. She shouldn’t have been involved in these things, but she was somehow involved.

“Ma’am, did the third master say something?”

Seeing Mrs. Yun’s appearance like this, she also guessed that Shen Lingsheng must have said something cruel.

Mrs. Yun hesitated for a moment, but still spoke out Shen Lingsheng’s threat.

These things should be known by the CRBT.

In the days to come, she will have to pay attention.

Hearing Mrs. Yun’s words, Xiao Cailing smiled, as if she wasn’t too worried.

“Ma’am, don’t worry too much. You see, the third master said before that he would break my legs. I’m fine now~

San Ye was just talking to scare us. “

I don’t know if it’s for comfort, or if she really thinks so.

But Shen Han knew very well that his father, who had been in battle for a long time, was ruthless.

Seeing Xiao Cailing’s optimistic face, Shen Han felt more and more guilty.

After all, CRBT encountered these dangers only because they were close to themselves.

If she is like other people in the Shen family’s mansion, how could she be like this.

All I can do now is to protect her as much as possible.

After the fifteenth day of the twelfth lunar month has passed and all the dust has settled, we will talk about it.

The marriage date with Su Jinyu has already been postponed once, this time, neither the Shen nor the Su family can come up with a reason to push it.

Anyway, it’s only seven days.

It was late at night, Shen Han returned to the courtyard where he lived, and his consciousness once again fell into the world opened up by “Genshan Secret Method”.

Tonight, I feel a little hostile in my heart.

When practicing, one should be calm and calm, so as to improve one’s comprehension.

But seeing Shen Lingsheng tonight, a fire was burning in Shen Han’s heart.

When I came to Dawei, I originally just wanted to be at ease, to live a peaceful and smooth life.

But in front of him, Shen Han found it hard to hide the sullenness in his heart.

Now that I am now, I want to ruin the Shen family even more, and make Shen Lingsheng worse than an animal.

There is anger in my heart, and I can’t practice meditation at all.

Shen Han was too lazy to suppress the anger in his heart, and summoned a sword shadow in his hand.

If you are very angry, you will fight to the death.

Between the heaven and the earth, the shadow of the sword appeared.

Shen Han and the sword shadow of Tiandao Jianshi have already fought more than a hundred times.

Even if he has stepped into the sixth-grade early snow realm, he is still no match for that day’s sword power.

But today, Shen Han’s shot is completely different from the usual time.

Shen Han has always been calm, every move is the best move after thinking about it.

See with eyes, hear with ears, and have a clear mind.

But the current Shen Han only hides cruelty in his eyes.

The shadow of the sword held in his hand was shining fiercely.

Even this ray of light seems to have a hint of chill.

Shen Han didn’t hesitate, facing the sword move coming from the sword of Heavenly Dao, as long as it wasn’t a fatal move, he just went up to it.

His body was full of bone-piercing pain, but the shadow of the sword in his hand didn’t stop at all.

A sense of desperation in his heart led Shen Han to stab forward.

Since the body is dying, I regard death as home.

The Heavenly Dao Sword Power that confronted Shen Han seemed not to have expected Shen Han to make such a move.

Such a sword move is clearly aimed at death.

When the sword shadow collided, there was a trembling sound like metal.

The sword shadows around his body continued to stab at him, and the skin of his body was streaked with bloodstains.

The body of a sixth-rank martial artist, coupled with the improvement of “Mountain and River Body Refining Technique”, consolidates the foundation and cultivates the essence of heaven, material and earth treasures.

Although his body was already extremely strong, countless sword marks were still drawn by the sword shadow of Tiandao Sword Power, and blood drops fell down along the wound.

Shen Han didn’t care about it at all, and the shadow of the sword in his hand pointed directly at the center of the Heavenly Dao sword.

Never mind, live to die.

The sword shadows slid across, and the Heavenly Dao sword seemed to be hit hard, and countless sword shadows merged into one.

It fell from the sky, piercing through Shen Han’s body.

After so many fights, Shen Han panted heavily, and it seemed that this was the first time he had forced the Heavenly Dao Sword Power out of this move.

Write down the realization just now in your heart.

Shen Han has always been clear that he is not the kind of impulsive person.

On the contrary, I always get used to thinking more, and make a decision after thinking more.

This is of course not bad.

It was just today that Shen Han had a faint realization.

This means: absolutely.

Desperate in heart, regard death as home.

You can see death as your home, but you can also live toward death.

Shen Han realized clearly in his heart, recalling the despair in his heart just now.

The road to the promotion of the sixth grade, meaning is one of the gaps, and only by understanding one’s own meaning can it be possible to go further.

(end of this chapter)

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