Tianjiao Retired, I Extracted the Entry To Practice

Chapter 90 he will always be thinking of miss

Chapter 90 He will always think about Miss

Outside the house, the maid Qingcao saw that Su Jinyu did not respond, hesitated for a moment, and knocked on the door again.

“Miss, please, please open the door.

Miss, if you are still starving yourself like this, the grass won’t eat anymore, and I will starve with you. “

As he spoke, he sat down on the ground and muttered.

After a while, Su Jinyu really opened the door.

“Don’t mess around, eat well by yourself, I’m just sharpening myself.”

Su Jinyu had a firm look on his face, and he had made up his mind that he must overcome his lack of perseverance.

“Although Qingcao has never practiced martial arts, she also knows the importance of xinxing.

Miss, you have been very irritable these days.

Under such circumstances, how do you sharpen yourself?”

Hearing Qingcao’s words, Su Jinyu’s brows and eyes sank slightly, and her face was full of disappointment.

She also understands that what Qingcao said is reasonable. In the past few days, she has been thinking about the scenes at the Qianqiu Grand Meeting.

Where can I meditate

“Miss, the journey of martial arts practice cannot always be smooth sailing. Even Mr. Shen Ye will encounter difficulties?”

Qingcao is very good at talking, gently took Su Jinyu’s hand, and whispered to her.

“Young Master Shen Ye is amazed by Miss’s talent in swordsmanship. Who dares to discuss swords with Miss in the middle of the capital?

It’s just that Ta Qianqiu is slightly behind Shen Han, and it’s not that his strength is not really inferior to him.

If it is really a confrontation with swords, Qingcao believes that Miss can defeat Shen Han within two moves. “

The maid Qingcao’s eloquence is excellent.

After hearing those words, Su Jinyu really felt a lot better.

It was only for a moment, but I remembered the previous scenes of the Qianqiu Grand Meeting.

“But no matter what, I lost to him in the end.”

Hearing this, Qingcao held Su Jinyu’s hand with both hands and squeezed it lightly.

“Then Shen Han was lucky to reach the eightieth floor.

And as you can see, miss, after reaching the eightieth floor, Shen Han has no strength to go up, he can’t break through this love barrier. “

After saying a word, Qingcao seemed to think of something again, and then said:

“In addition, I heard from others that Shen Han was trapped in the emotional barrier and couldn’t get out, because he was thinking of you, Miss.”

Su Jinyu shook his head lightly, denying the rumor.

Before, Su Jinyu also thought about this, but no one except Shen Han himself knew what the real situation was.

If the rumors are false, it would appear that she is being self-indulgent.

“Nonsense, I only met Shen Han once, how could it be because of me that he was trapped in love.”

But Qingcao became more and more enthusiastic:

“Miss, don’t be in a hurry to deny it. I asked, when Shen Han was in Shen’s residence, the only young woman who was close to him was a little maid, who was quite a few years younger than Shen Han.

Because of this marriage bestowed by the royal family, I guess that Shen Han has thought of Miss many times.

Seeing Miss’s real face at the Qianqiu Grand Festival, I’m afraid I’m thinking about Miss even more.

Thinking of being in that love affair, Shen Han must be thinking of having a wedding with the young lady and spending the night at ease.”

Hearing her servant girl’s words, Su Jinyu frowned slightly, and her cheeks were unconsciously shy.

“You girl, why don’t you just say such words, it’s embarrassing.”

“This is a secret conversation with Miss, I won’t say that in front of outsiders~ Anyway, Miss, don’t be so depressed anymore.”

Being a little shy by Qingcao’s dirty words, Su Jinyu is really not in such a depressed mood.

Although I have fallen behind Shen Han in the journey, but when I think of him admiring me in my heart, it seems that I really feel a lot better.

Seeing that Su Jinyu’s expression recovered slightly, Qingcao hurriedly pulled her to sit at the table.

In the food box, stacks of exquisite dishes were brought out and placed on the table.

Handed the chopsticks to Su Jinyu, and invited her to eat some.

This time Su Jinyu didn’t refuse again, gently twisted a piece and put it in his mouth.

Be dignified and elegant.

Qingcao sat on one side, propped her chin with her hands, and looked at Su Jinyu eagerly.

“My young lady is so pretty, no wonder Mr. Shen Ye and that Shen Han are thinking of young lady in their hearts.”

Before saying a word, Su Jinyu reached out and tapped her little head.

“Stop talking nonsense, little girl, I only think about Brother Shen Ye.

As for Shen Han, I have no feelings for him as soon as he passes by, and the engagement will definitely be withdrawn. “

What Su Jinyu said, the maid Qingcao sitting next to her naturally knew it too.

So what if we reach the eightieth floor?

Shen Ye has reached the ninety-sixth floor!

In her opinion, whether it is strength or potential, Shen Ye is much stronger than Shen Han.

My lady is naturally thinking about Shen Ye, not Shen Han.

“However, miss, it is of no use if you don’t feel that Shen Han.

You can’t control what he thinks in his mind. If nothing else, he will always think about Miss. “

The maid Qingcao said, showing a trembling look at Su Jinyu.

Su Jinyu saw the little girl talking nonsense today, and then started to fight.

The depression in my heart really dissipated a lot.

After eating the meal, Qingcao was also sensible enough to pack up her things and leave.

Since my young lady has recovered a lot, she really shouldn’t bother her now.

Su Jinyu, who has regained his mind, no longer deliberately improves his perseverance.

Walked slowly into his courtyard, holding a long sword in his hand.

Sword intent, endless!

A sword is slashed out, and the sword energy is endless.

The thin ice on the edge of the eaves, as if frightened by the sword intent, slid down one after another.

But before it landed, it was cut down by the sword energy.

By the time it landed, it was already full of ashes.

If she wants to step from the sixth rank to the fifth rank, she must comprehend her own will.

The sword intent is endless, continuous.

Su Jinyu looked at the moves in his hand.

Perhaps it was because this time I stepped forward to remind myself, and instead made myself a bit more diligent.

In the cold winter, it gets dark very early.

By then, it was already dark outside.

When the candle was lit, Su Jinyu didn’t stop practicing. She felt that she seemed to be able to calm down more.

The whole night, Su Jinyu was practicing, without missing a moment.

When I was a little tired, I swallowed a elixir to relieve the fatigue of my body and mind.

After a night, it was around 12:00 before the outside was fully lit.

The maid Qingcao came to Tingyu Pavilion with the food box again.

It’s just that this morning, she didn’t come alone, and behind her was a rather strong man.

The man’s face seemed to have been sunburned for a long time, and it looked a little rough and dark.

The body stood up straight, and a killing intent appeared on his face unconsciously.

Follow Qingcao all the way to the living room of Tingyu Pavilion.

The man stopped moving forward, sat down, and poured himself a cup of tea.

Although it was his younger sister who came to see him, he was a bit older, and it was not easy for him as an elder brother to go to his younger sister’s boudoir.

Not long after waiting, Su Jinyu came to the living room from the east side.

“Isn’t elder brother by Daddy’s side these days?

How can I be free today, come and see my little sister. “

(end of this chapter)

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