Tianjiao Retired, I Extracted the Entry To Practice

Chapter 76 Testimonials

Chapter 76 is released…Testimonials…

Write down these testimonials with trepidation…

Let’s quibble first, I really didn’t want to put this card on the shelf, I thought it was next week, and I was planning to meet Shi Yuezhu and the protagonist as a node for the shelf.

Next, let’s talk about the feelings during this time.

I used to write light-hearted, funny, and love-oriented articles. Generally speaking, I didn’t get scolded very much.

When this book was 100,000 words long, it received more scolding than my other books…

It’s okay, I can still resist it, as long as I don’t scold in the circle of book friends, in chapters and paragraphs (except for breaking defenses), I can still accept it.

Here, let me justify myself a few more words.

I won’t wash it for nothing, forgive me. There is no need to pick it up high and put it down gently. I am also a reader, and this is disgusting.

The rhythm is slow, I try my best to think about it, the lack of details will lead to insufficient emotional depth. In fact, there are many fast-paced texts on the market. I feel that changing the rhythm may cause problems in the book. Let me think about it again.

The novel can be written, it must be standing on the shoulders of giants, borrowing a lot of writing theories from great gods.

For example, Shi Yuezhu has some cloudy shadows.

When I first watched Fights Break the Sky, Yun Yun was my favorite. (* ̄3 ̄)╭

In this book, if the apprentice does not marry, the master must marry!

Generally speaking, this book is actually not easy to write.

Looking at so many online reading platforms on the market, the readers of the reading platform should have the highest cultural literacy, not flattery, I really feel that way.

This has led to, I am often afraid that I will use the wrong words in my writing, the words will not convey the meaning, and I will appear illiterate.

I often write and write, and then I want to quit, and search for the word to see if I use it wrong… probably because I am a little anxious.

In addition, let’s talk about the update. There will be four updates tomorrow. If there are 500 first orders, another update will be added.

Usually there are two updates. If I encounter a plot of a stalker, I will try my best to add an update.

After all, I am a part-time job. It takes three hours to commute to and from get off work. I will do my best.

It’s about to be put on the shelves. If you have spare capacity, please support the subscription.

If this expenditure has an impact on your life, naturally you don’t force it. The author can understand, and please reward a dime for the first order.

Thanks to the editor Ziliang, he couldn’t see it anyway, so he just said something perfunctory. (°°)

Finally, I wish you all peace and success, and good things come and go.

(end of this chapter)

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