Tianjiao Retired, I Extracted the Entry To Practice

Chapter 69 Elixir, it's done

Chapter 69 Elixir, it has become

A breakfast is enjoyable.

Uncle Yun’s family obviously has a good relationship with the group of pharmacists.

Uncle Yun’s family is not only talented, but also has a very high EQ, and gets along very well with everyone.

After breakfast, several pharmacists waved their hands, inviting them to refine the elixir together.

Huilidan, blood-enriching pills, although cheap, still need to be refined one by one.

“It’s good that you haven’t been immersed in it all the time, kid. It’s only a few days away from the Qianqiu Grand Meeting. This is the end of the Dan Fang matter. Don’t keep thinking about it in your heart, so as not to affect your participation in the grand event at that time.”

“Uncle, don’t worry, the matter of Danfang has no effect on me.

This booklet is some of my insights from last night. I also ask my uncle to have a look and see if it can provide some benefits for the Yun family on the alchemy path. “

Saying that, Shen Han handed the booklet in his hand to his uncle.

The booklet is not very thick, and the paper is very ordinary, the most common writing paper.

Uncle Yun’s family took the booklet, and the four words on the cover were vigorous and powerful.

“Heluodan Fang.”

Uncle Yun’s family read it unconsciously, and then continued to scroll down.

On the pamphlet, Shen Han’s handwriting is beautiful, it is very clear and comfortable to look at.

Didn’t read the content, Uncle Yun’s first impression was that Shen Han was very serious about things.

Spent one night in this alchemy room, this child is really enlightening.

Regardless of whether the realization is right or wrong, with such a serious style of acting, why worry about not being able to become a talent on one side.

After reining in his thoughts, Uncle Yun only started to read the content in detail at this time.

In the same line of alchemy, sometimes a flash of understanding may be able to solve the millennium’s confusion.

Although Shen Han was a layman, Uncle Yun’s family gave him full respect and began to study seriously.

But after reading a few sentences, Uncle Yun seemed to have escaped into a wonderful space.

My own hands began to refine medicine out of thin air according to the booklet.

The ratio of medicinal materials, the control of the fire, the extraction of medicinal liquid, and the condensation into pills.

In the alchemy room, Uncle Yun seemed to be absorbed by the booklet, he just paced back and forth like this, pointing his hands there, and his eyes kept falling on the pages of the book.

Seeing the little color bell next to her gently pinch his leg, Shen Han hurriedly asked her to sit beside her.

If there are no accidents, uncle will have to watch for a long time.

Chen time has passed, Si time has passed, and noon has arrived.

It was the servant of the Yun family who came to remind him that he had an appointment with a guest for lunch today, and he needed the uncle of the Yun family to accompany the guest.

This reminder brought my uncle back from his fascination.

He raised his eyes and looked around, and then looked at the booklet in his hand.

Uncle Yun’s family finally couldn’t restrain the excitement in his heart.

“Xiao Han, you wrote this booklet?”

“Please correct me if I am wrong.”

Shen Han naturally knew that the fallacy in the booklet had been removed, but in order to cover up his mysterious ability, he still added a sentence like this.

Hearing this, a wry smile appeared on Uncle Yun’s face.

“I have been studying the art of elixir for more than forty years. It is not an exaggeration to say that the elixir formula on the wall is memorized.

Even the handwriting on it is all engraved on my heart

It’s just that I didn’t expect that the thinking of the past thirty years is far worse than what you’ve been thinking this night.”

Uncle Yun’s face was a little emotional, but after feeling emotional, he was more excited.

“Uncle just thought about it a little bit, what Xiaohan wrote above should indeed conform to the law of alchemy.

But whether it is real and effective still needs to be practiced. “

Uncle Yun’s family said, and then prepared to practice alchemy.

The servant next to him saw this, and quickly reminded him again: “Master, there are still guests.”

There was a hint of embarrassment on his face, as a servant who followed Uncle Yun’s side, he knew very well the importance of today’s guests.

“Go and express your apologies to Boss Sha, I really have something urgent to appease you today.”

Without much hesitation, Yun’s uncle immediately came to a separate alchemy room.

This is the place where Uncle Yun’s family researches elixirs, and he usually doesn’t allow other people to enter.

But today was different, so he calmly dragged Shen Han and the two into the alchemy room.

All kinds of utensils are displayed around, and the whole alchemy room is a bit hot and not very comfortable.

Without wasting time, Uncle Yun’s family began to prepare medicinal materials.

According to what was written in Shen Han’s pamphlet, the quantification ratio does not have any error at all.

Concentrate on firing, the alchemist is especially important to master the fire.

The fire was weak, and Yun’s uncle began to add medicinal materials.

It looks like there is a scale in your hand, every time you twist it, the amount is the same.

Shen Han watched from the side, and couldn’t help being a little surprised.

This technique, I don’t know how many years of training.

After the medicinal materials were added, some juice was quickly refined.

The juice that oozes out at the beginning is lighter in color, and gradually becomes thicker and thicker.

The juice extracted from the container has already taken on the color of mud.

Uncle Yun’s brows were tightly frowned. Now that the most critical moment has come, he can’t relax.

The fire gradually increased, condensed, and gathered into a pill.

At this moment, the medicinal fragrance is extremely strong.

About a quarter of an hour, Uncle Yun let out a long sigh of relief, and a gray-black pill appeared in front of his eyes in the container.

“It’s done, the heart protection pill is done”

Looking at the elixir in front of him, Uncle Yun felt a little unreal.

According to the elixir written down by Shen Han, the elixir that could not be refined for decades was actually refined in this way.

Strongly suppressing the excitement in his heart, Uncle Yun’s family sat in front of the vessel again.

There are many pills in this “He Luo Dan Fang”, and each one is of higher grade.

Prepare medicinal materials and refine them.

Barrier Breaking Pill, it’s done.

Xiao Huan Dan, it’s done.

True Yuan Pill, it’s done.

Lantian jade refining pills are still refined

Looking at the pills in front of him, Uncle Yun rubbed his face, then turned to look at Shen Han.

Came back to his senses, stretched out his hand and pinched his face.

The situation made Shen Han and the little CRBT around him a little confused.

“Xiao Han, are you sure you wrote this booklet yourself?”

As soon as he finished speaking, Uncle Yun slapped himself.

“What stupid question did I ask? If you hadn’t written it, who would be willing to give this kind of treasure to the Yun family?”

In Uncle Yun’s opinion, this booklet is worth one hundred thousand, or even a million gold!

Many prescriptions are simple records of medicinal materials and refining methods.

Many times, the proportion of medicinal materials and the details of the refining process are not recorded.

The refining methods of those high-grade pills are mostly monopolized by some big refining families.

Alchemy families like the Yun family are already regarded as one of the forces, but they can still only refine some low-grade, at most middle-grade pills.

High-quality elixir, but one or two can be refined, and the refining method is flawed, and the success rate of elixir is very poor.

But today, everything will change.

(end of this chapter)

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