Tianjiao Retired, I Extracted the Entry To Practice

Chapter 66 broke his mind

Chapter 66 broke his mind

Ting Yu Pavilion.

In recent days, Shi Yuezhu has been by Su Jinyu’s side, giving her some advice.

The Qianqiu Festival is just around the corner, and Shi Yuezhu’s suggestion can also make Su Jinyu improve a lot.

“Master, are you really not going to the Qianqiu Grand Meeting with Jin Yu?”

Shi Yuezhu stretched out his hand and scraped Su Jinyu’s nose, with a look of doting on his face.

“As a teacher, I still have some things to deal with. I encountered some problems in the Qianyang border before, and now that my strength has recovered, I should find out the culprits of those problems.”

Su Jinyu pursed her lips slightly, she still hoped that her master would come.

But Shi Yuezhu also has his own affairs to deal with, so it is inconvenient to force her.

“The crux of your child’s current problem is that you don’t have enough perseverance.

If you can be firm in your heart, even if it is Shen Ye, you child will have the strength to compete. “

Shi Yuezhu’s words are not nonsense, Su Jinyu’s talent in kendo is no less than her own.

If you can strengthen your perseverance, your future attainments will not be lower than yourself.

Su Jinyu smiled and nodded, most of the compliments from others were flattery.

But when the master praises himself, it is because he is really good.

Shen Shi, after Shi Yuezhu explained everything, Yu Kong left.

After her master left, Su Jinyu no longer had the coquettish appearance she had before.

In front of other people, there is that indifferent and repulsive temperament.

At this year’s Qianqiu event, Su Jinyu naturally wanted to walk through the ninetieth floor like Shen Ye did.

It’s just that she doesn’t have the confidence

Night has come.

Su Jinyu’s maid named Qingcao walked over in small steps.

“Miss, I just received a voice transmission from Shen’s residence, saying that it is Shen Han, the fifth young master of the Shen family, who is about to leave for Heyang City. It seems that he really intends to participate in the grand event.”

Hearing this, Su Jinyu just nodded slightly.

The servant girl beside her thought for a while, and then said:

“Before I heard that little Ao’er said that Shen Han was very upset about sacrificing himself to achieve divorce.

He even told the third master of the Shen family that this is the young lady who wants to withdraw the engagement, and she should be sacrificed.”

When she said this, the servant girl couldn’t help but smile lightly on her face.

“Miss is the pride of the Su family, even if she is willing, who would let her sacrifice?

The third master of the Shen family also reached a bet with him, that is, he wants him to surpass you, Miss, in this grand event.”

Su Jinyu leaned lightly on the side of the railing, her eyes fell on the raindrops on the eaves.

Tick, tick.

“As the saying goes, fate cannot be controlled at all, Shen Han was born with this fate, and this is what he has to bear.

This Qianqiu grand meeting will definitely cut off his thoughts. “

Su Jinyu’s eyebrows and eyes stretched, and the raindrops on the edge of the eaves seemed to have read her mind, and all stopped.

The Qianqiu event will be held at the end of the winter month.

Today is the 22nd of the winter moon, and there are only a few days before this grand event.

After packing his luggage, Shen Han was ready to go to Heyang City.

When Mrs. Yun was a little girl, she once accompanied her elder brother to witness this grand event.

Among grand events, a young hero will spend a lot of energy and physical strength step by step.

I’m exhausted, how can I take care of myself.

Thinking of this, Mrs. Yun also took out the little color bell and asked her to follow Shen Han to participate in this grand event.

Ring Ring This little girl was very excited when she heard this.

She had wanted to go out for a long time, and she was even more delighted to be able to see this grand event.

Seeing the excited look on this little girl’s face, Shen Han agreed.

Mrs. Yun asked Xiao Cailing to pack more things, so as not to miss anything.

Medicated wine for bruises and the like must also be prepared.

After watching the little CRBT leave to go to work, Mrs. Yun took Shen Han’s hand and sat down.

“Xiaohan, you are very smart and sensible.

But in a big family, it is always the sensible children who are wronged. “

Mrs. Yun looked at Shen Han, her eyes unconsciously revealed a hint of distress.

“Su Jinyu can get the name of Tianjiao, her natural strength is beyond the reach of ordinary people.

Xiaohan, it’s not that the third wife doesn’t want to believe you, it’s just that wanting to surpass her is really several times more difficult than imagined.

You can attend the Qianqiu event according to the itinerary.

If you lose to that Su family’s genius, don’t go back to Shen’s mansion, find a secluded place, hide and live a peaceful life. “

After finishing speaking, Mrs. Yun saw that Shen Han wanted to answer, but she nodded slightly and continued.

“I know you are worried about the little CRBT, before your father threatened her with the safety of the CRBT.

So even if you go out to practice, you still have to go home according to the time.

But this time is different, you took the little color bell to Heyang City together, and when you passed by Yun’s house, you entrusted her to my elder brother.

Xiao Han, you must listen to me this time.

The wedding date is approaching, in order to cancel this engagement, Shen and Su’s family resorted to the means”

Ms. Yun had a serious expression on her face, and she didn’t continue talking.

Not wanting to make Mrs. Yun worry anymore, Shen Han hesitated for a moment, then nodded in response.

In fact, Mrs. Yun has considered quite enough.

Escaping by herself, the Shen and Su families only dared to vent their anger on the little girl, Xiao Cailing.

No matter how hard she dared to do that kind of cruelty to Mrs. Sanfang.

What’s more, the Yun family is also a party, and there is a mother’s family who protects her, so Mrs. Yun is not afraid.

“Don’t worry about me, if there is a chance, I will go back to Yun’s house in a while, don’t worry.”

After packing up his luggage, Shen Han and Xiao Cai Ling ate some meals in the courtyard together.

After eating, go to the post station and get on the carriage in the direction of Heyang City.

Behind him, the masters arranged by the senior management of the Shen family followed closely behind the carriage.

The wheels rolled forward. After leaving Yun’an City, a little further away, some potholes began to appear on the originally flat road.

Sitting in the carriage, it was a bit steep and uncomfortable.

Shen Han looked at the little ring bell beside him, but this little girl seemed very happy.

Opening the curtain of the carriage, Shui Lingling’s eyes kept looking out.

She has been living in the Shen residence, and she rarely comes out to play.

The surrounding high mountains and flowing water brightened her eyes a little.

Seeing Xiao Cailing’s happy face, Shen Han also felt that his mood was much better.

Heyang City is east of Yun’an City.

Passing by two cities, Anyang City is the city where the Yun Family is located.

The road is a little farther away from the city, and it is actually much worse.

Shen Han felt that with his current strength, coupled with his body technique “Snow Steps in the Lonely Wind”, it would definitely be much faster than this carriage.

It’s just that the little CRBT couldn’t keep up, and she was a little tired.

On the way, the little CRBT occasionally sang some ditties, laughing and making noise, which was fun.

Staying overnight at the inn, Shen Han just stayed in the house, simply closing his eyes and resting his mind.

Little CRBT couldn’t resist the drowsiness, like a kitten, she leaned against Shen Han and fell asleep.

After one night passed, Chen Shi set foot on the road.

The next post stop is Anyang City.

Mrs. Yun’s natal home, this is the first time I have visited.

(end of this chapter)

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