Tianjiao Retired, I Extracted the Entry To Practice

Chapter 65 master go secretly

Chapter 65 The master went secretly

Madam He, who was sitting beside the old matriarch, had a kind smile on her face when she heard this.

“Shen Han, it’s not that the Shen family refuses to let you participate in that grand event.

Although the Qianqiu Grand Gathering is not a serious competition, it is also a bit embarrassing to perform too poorly at the grand event.

In this generation, only your eldest brother, Shen Ye, has participated in this grand event and stepped up to that step.

There are many brothers and sisters in your generation, let’s see, which other younger generations are talking about going to the Qianqiu Grand Meeting.

It’s all right to lose face, I’m afraid that even the Shen family will lose face along with it. “

Madam He said a lot, and she talked about the Shen family’s difficulties in her words.

“The time is approaching, and I am afraid that the qualification to participate in the Qianqiu Grand Meeting will be too late.”

As soon as the words fell, Mrs. Yun walked into the ancestral hall and saluted several people in high positions.

“Old Majesty, the letter of participation in this grand event has already been sent by Fairy Liu Xilan from Xiaoyao Peak.

Shen Han participates in this grand event, so there is no need for the elders to worry about it. “

Mrs. Yun’s tone was calm, and she had already expected that the old lady of the Shen family would make things difficult for them.

Madam He was stunned, and looked up at the old lady of the Shen family again.

The old lady of the Shen family coughed lightly, and then put on a worried look:

“Thousand-year grand event, although it is not very important, but the people sent by each family in these years are all outstanding children from their own families.

Let Shen Han go, it is better to let that kid Shen Ao go, to earn some face for the Shen family. “

After hearing this, Mrs. Yun immediately took out a letter.

“Old Madam, this is a letter from Fairy Liu Xilan in Xiaoyao Peak. Her original words are: Shen Han from Shen’s family has an extraordinary understanding and has helped him solve many problems. Fairy Liu Xilan is the one for this grand event.” The gift of giving back.

The number of places for this grand event is really beyond our Shen family’s ability to decide. “

It is inconvenient for the old lady of the Shen family to say more about these words.

“Forget it, let’s go to participate.

Just remember what you said to Saburo, and after the Qianqiu grand meeting, cooperate with the Shen family and stop messing around. “

After the old lady finished speaking, Caixue helped her up and left the hall.

Seeing the old lady of the Shen family leave, Mrs. He and Mrs. Xie also left together.

The three of them arrived at the old matriarch’s house, and Mrs. He obviously had something to say.

“Old Madam, I think this matter should be dealt with more casually.”

The expression was a little gloomy, and Mrs. He seemed very worried.

Seeing her like this, the old face of the old lady of the Shen family showed a smile on the contrary.

“Could it be that you are still worried, worried that Shen Han is stronger than Su Jinyu?

Is it true that the name of Tianjiao was picked up?

Although the old man does not practice martial arts, he has lived for more than 80 years and has more or less knowledge.

Jin Yu’s kendo talent is dwarfed even that of Shen Ye’s.

It is very likely that Su Jinyu will lead the way of swordsmanship in the future of Great Wei.

What are you worried about? “

The old lady of the Shen family has personally seen it, and heard the evaluation from the head of the Shen family, Shen Qingshan.

Worship into Xiaoyao Peak, and cut off the Siam River with one sword.

Su Jinyu’s talent is not just a false name.

My son Shen Ye and Su Jinyu fell in love with each other, and Mrs. He naturally knew about this future daughter-in-law.

It’s just that she still feels uneasy.

“Old Madam, have you heard that Shen Han has entered the eighth rank of martial arts?”

The old lady of the Shen family frowned slightly:

“I know this, but I don’t need to pay too much attention to it.

Those below the sixth rank are all in the mortal realm. At this age, they are only at the eighth rank, and the future will be like this. “

“However, Shen Han has only stepped into martial arts for about four months.

The speed of this kind of refinement, even for Xiao Ao’er, is still far behind. “

Combining the time of practicing martial arts together, it is worthy of attention

The old lady of the Shen family frowned a little bit.

She suddenly remembered the letter Mrs. Yun just mentioned.

In the letter, Liu Xilan said that Shen Han had excellent understanding and helped her solve some problems.

The children of the Shen family have shown great potential. As the old lady of the Shen family, he should be happy to celebrate.

But she didn’t like Shen Han in the first place, and hated him since she was a child.

During this period of time, it was even more clear that he was required to sacrifice for the Shen family.

Shen Han didn’t want to, and was very displeased with the fight.

This junior, who had a grudge against the Shen family in the first place, even got close to Xu Zhifu and deliberately opposed the Shen family.

The old lady of the Shen family sat on the chair and thought for a moment.

“Well, let’s arrange another expert to go secretly.

Although it is absolutely impossible for Su Jinyu’s child to fall behind Shen Han, it is still necessary to prevent some accidents from happening.

But in my opinion, this is just superfluous. “

Madam He also felt a little unnecessary, but she was relieved like this.

After a group of people discussed it, they hurried to arrange it.

The courtyard on the east side of Shen Mansion.

Shen Han was lying on the bed, used to sleeping in the bed in the small farmyard, and felt that his body was still a little uncomfortable.

In my mind, I was thinking about the conversation with Xu Zhifu today.

Savoring carefully, Shen Han seemed to have discovered something again.

Prefect Xu said that the Shen family was very persistent this time, and it was absolutely impossible to give up the interests of the family in exchange for this divorce.

Lying on the bed, he kept thinking about this.

If he really beat Su Jinyu, would the Shen family still deny it.

Does Shen Lingsheng’s words still count?

Shen Han had some doubts about this.

It is true that if he is better than Su Jinyu, his potential cannot be underestimated.

Logically speaking, the Shen family should protect and cultivate themselves.

But between myself and the top management of the Shen family, I have never been close, and there is even a gap.

After seeing his potential, will the Shen family protect him, or suppress him, so as to avoid this disaster?

After thinking about it, it is much more likely that the Shen family will be harsher on him.

Wanting to understand this, Shen Han became more determined about the path he wanted to take.

Shensi sank into the sea of ​​consciousness and continued to improve research.

During this time, Shen Han’s practice has not dropped at all.

As long as he has a little time to spare, Shen Han will settle down to practice and improve.

Stepping into the sixth rank, the speed of improvement is really much slower.

If you want to step into the half-step stage from the sixth-rank beginner snow stage, the difficulty is far more difficult than the seventh-rank promotion to the sixth-rank stage.

Shen Han wasn’t too worried. The practice method of “Genshan Secret Method” was more mysterious than imagined.

A piece of heaven and earth was drawn out in his mind, and it was the first time Shen Han had heard of such a method of cultivation and enlightenment.

Between the heaven and the earth, I use my mind to comprehend thousands of laws and myriad ideas.

The method realized can be tried immediately in the vast world.

The whole night, Shen Han focused his mind on the world drawn by the “Genshan Secret Method”.

The mastery of the body can also feel improved.

With diligent cultivation and a little more time, it shouldn’t be a problem to advance to the sixth rank half a step.

Tired from practicing, he took out some pills from the storage ring.

Every time I touch the ring in my hand, the figure of Shi Yuezhu will appear in my mind.

Just based on his current situation, he should stay far away from her, so as not to get her involved.

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