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Chapter 63 Thousand Years Event

Chapter 63 Thousand Years Event

Said, Shen Han took out the gift he brought from the storage ring.

are two pieces of clothing.

Originally, the materials used for these clothes were excellent, but Shen Han added the term [exquisite] to them.

The clothes look very exquisite, and the sewing technology is the same as that of the big tailors in Beijing and China.

Seeing Shen Han bring a gift for herself, Mrs. Yun blamed Shen Han for spending money indiscriminately, so it would be nice to stay and buy some pills to take.

But there was a smile on the corner of his mouth, a little happy.

Ms. Yun has long regarded Shen Han as her own, and the mother will not mind any gifts from the child.

They will be very happy no matter what gift they give.

Take the clothes back to the room, and change into new clothes in a short while.

This set of clothes fits Madam Yun’s temperament very well. The main color of crimson, with gold thread wrapped around the edges, gives this set of clothes a touch of nobility.

After Mrs. Yun put it on, she was faintly more noble than Mrs. He and Mrs. Xie.

“Third Madam looks so good in clothes, all the ladies in Yun’an City will be compared by Third Madam.”

“Little slicker, you know how to say nice things.”

Mrs. Yun said with a smile, before the words fell, the child of Xiao Cailing came back from work.

Seeing Shen Han, he immediately rushed forward.

The little color bell was a little shorter, and she rushed over, her small face hitting Shen Han’s chest.

“Master Han, you are finally back, you don’t even know how much my wife and I miss you”

After living together for so long, Shen Han suddenly left for a month, Xiao Cailing was really not used to it.

Gently rubbing Xiao Cailing’s head, Shen Han had a smile on his face:

“It’s not like I won’t come back, so why be sad~”

Little Cailing pouted her mouth and didn’t speak, since she was a little sentimental anyway.

“Okay, okay, hurry up and try on the new clothes, there are snacks left for you in the house, hurry up~”

After a few words of doting and urging, Xiao Cailing ran to look at her new clothes.

It seems that new clothes are more attractive than snacks.

The little CRBT dress is a bit cuter.

The color is bright light green, and it is a long dress embroidered and carved.

The hem of the skirt is embroidered with many small flowers, dotted on it, like a beautiful flower garden.

“Hurry up and change it, see if it fits~”

Mrs. Yun urged the little color bell to change it, while Shen Han joked: “It doesn’t fit and I can’t change it~”

Soon, Xiao Cailing changed into new clothes and came out. She was originally cute, but after being embellished with this carved dress, she became more playful.

“Looking so good~”

Mrs. Yun said with a smile, while she was speaking, she gently pinched the face of Xiao Cailing with her hands.

The cute little girl is always easy to be pinched in the face.

After delivering the gift of Mrs. Yun’s little color bell, Shen Han walked towards his yard.

My own yard is as simple as before, nothing has changed.

Just look at the surrounding environment, but it is very clean, open the door and enter, the room is also very tidy.

Thinking about it, it should be during the period when I was away, Mrs. Yun and Xiao Cailing often came to help me tidy up.

After tidying up the housework, Shen Han sat on the head of the bed, thinking about what he would do next.

Shen Lingsheng said before that at the end of the winter month, the Su family’s genius will go to Heyang City to participate in the Qianqiu event.

Shen Han didn’t know much about this grand event, so he had to find a chance to find out.

Bringing some gifts, he walked to the mansion of Xu Zhifu.

It was almost Shen’s time, the old lady of the Shen family just got up, took a nap for an hour, and finally felt more comfortable.

Caixue helped her to sit down in the main room.

After the old lady sat down, Caixue called those who had something to report to come in.

“Old Madam, fifth young master Shen Han returned home at noon, came to see you, saw you resting, and went to the third lady’s courtyard.

A quarter of an hour ago, he left the mansion again and walked southeast of the city. “

Hearing that Shen Han had returned, the old matriarch felt a little relieved.

If this naughty son disappeared outside, it would be really troublesome.

“Call him for questioning later. The engagement has dragged on for so long, and he’s been messing around for so long. It should be resolved.”

After explaining, the old lady of the Shen family waved her hand, indicating that the person in front of her can leave.

But this person hesitated for a moment.

“Is there anything else important?”

Hearing the old lady’s question, the person in front of him thought for a moment.

“Returning to the old matriarch, the old slave was just at the gate of the mansion, and happened to encounter a fight.

Master Shen Lei seems to have a rift with Master Shen Han, so he took action to teach him a lesson.

But Master Shen Han didn’t even make a single move, just relying on his physical strength, he defeated Master Shen Lei.”

When the old lady of the Shen family heard this, she only frowned.

“What do you mean?”

“The old slave feels that Master Shen Han should have some adventures during this trip. His current strength, no accident, is already at the peak of the eighth rank.”

After finishing speaking, the servant in front of him bowed and left the yard.

Peak of the eighth rank.

Hearing these four words, the old lady of the Shen family felt a little harsh.

Four months ago, Shen Han hadn’t been deeply involved in martial arts.

If it wasn’t for Liu Xilan’s trouble, he probably wouldn’t even be able to sharpen the bones.

But after a lot of twists and turns, he actually stepped into the peak of the eighth rank.

If he really has this level of strength, then Shen Han is much better than the idle young masters and ladies of the Shen family.

Why did Shen Han achieve this achievement?

The face of the old lady of the Shen family was a little dark, and she made a look at Caixue, asking her to call Shen Han later.

Yun’an City, Prefect House.

Every time Shen Han visited Zhifu Garden, the attendants at the gate were very enthusiastic.

No matter what you think in your heart, it gives people a good impression.

“Master Shen Han, you have finally returned to Yun’an, master, the young master is always talking about you.”

Shen Han expressed his thanks with a smile on his face.

When you come to this magistrate’s mansion, there is always a touch of kindness.

Walk through a corridor and arrive at the back garden.

“Sit down quickly. After some hard work outside, I will try the new tea from Yun’an City when I come back.”

The servant beside him bowed and poured tea for Shen Han, and a scent of fragrance came out of the teacup.

“In the middle of last month, the government went to the capital and met Prince Qingyuan.”

Shen Han listened quietly without interrupting.

“Prince Qingyuan is the younger brother of the Holy Majesty, and he is also most trusted by the Holy Majesty. After talking with this government for half a day, he mentioned your matter.”

Shen Han saluted: “Shen Han is just a junior who the Shen family doesn’t care about, so I’m really flattered.”

Hearing Shen Han’s words, Prefect Xu smiled:

“The marriage contract between you and Su Jinyu was the idea of ​​King Qingyuan.

So, do you still feel favored? “

Shen Han: “.”

In the past six months, the source of all my troubles came from this.

“You kid is real, you didn’t pretend to be a fake.”

Prefect Xu said, waved his hand, and asked the servant to fetch a package.

“Prince Qingyuan is actually a little ashamed in his heart. He thought that with such a conspiracy, the Shen and Su families should have no choice but to ask the royal family to withdraw the engagement.

I never expected that the Shen family would be so cruel to their own grandchildren.”

Saying that, Xu Zhifu couldn’t help sighing.

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