Tianjiao Retired, I Extracted the Entry To Practice

Chapter 58 A lot of harvest, stepping into the sixth rank

Chapter 58 has a lot of harvest, stepping into the sixth rank

Stepping into the territory of Great Wei, Shen Han felt that he was more comfortable walking.

In that Qianyang country, I always feel that there are many uncomfortable places.

When you arrive in a town, the first thing you need to do is to find the post office.

Shen Han wrote two letters, one of which told the Shen family that he would return home on time and not to hurt other innocent people.

The second letter was written to Mrs. Yun. She should be very worried about herself these days.

In the entire Shen family, only she and Xiao Cailing would be worried about herself, and if she was safe or something, just talk to her.

After the letter was sent out, Shen Han found a farmer in this small town and rented a house.

Although the house is simple, it has a rather large yard.

Spent a whole month in the mountains and forests.

But there is still one and a half months before the fifteenth day of the twelfth lunar month, and the time agreed with Shen Lingsheng is still one month away.

With spare time, Shen Han naturally didn’t want to go back to Shen’s house immediately.

In the Shen family, someone is watching him, and his cultivation and improvement are also subject to many restrictions.

And he swallowed half of the treasures of heaven, material and earth, and now his strength is at the peak of the seventh rank.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, I just took this opportunity to step into the sixth rank.

Renting this farmer’s house for a month only cost three renminbi.

Thinking that in Qianyang Country, staying at the Lucky Inn for one night would cost a full fifty taels, but it was really dark.

Living in a peasant household, Shen Han began to practice and improve every day.

This trip has been very fruitful, and my main purpose is to find that set of advanced cultivation methods.

Speaking of which, after obtaining the secret method of “Gen Mountain Secret Method”, I haven’t studied it yet.

In addition to “Genshan Secret Method”, Shi Yuezhu taught himself a lot during this month.

The guidance of the fourth-rank peak powerhouse may be much more precious than the “Gen Mountain Secret Method”.

And her guidance was very meticulous, and she didn’t even hide many secret skills, and taught herself all of them.

Shen Han also recorded all these contents in his booklet.

In the future, we will study frequently.

Especially how each level should be improved, Shi Yuezhu has made a proper plan.

The sixth grade is a collection, a comprehensive improvement of all previous cultivation abilities.

If you want to step from the seventh rank to the sixth rank, you have to say that you have mastered as much as possible in your own practice.

Each ability must be used as naturally as eating and drinking, and it must be further improved.

After these harvests, it is the fruit of the heart-breaking vine.

Shen Han never thought about trying to seize this treasure. He is only a seventh-rank martial arts practitioner, and he is not qualified to compete for such a treasure.

It’s just that I didn’t expect that I would swallow half a pill in the end.

This month’s experience was indeed not in vain.

With his current strength, the second young master, the third young master, etc. in the clan have already been left far behind by him.

It only takes four months to practice with great concentration, but to have such strength, Shen Han believes in his future.

The house she rented was similar to the one she had in the Shen Mansion, both quite simple.

But Shen Han didn’t mind about it, he came here to practice, not to enjoy.

Read the secret method of “Genshan Secret Method”.

Shen Han didn’t know much about this set of cultivation methods.

Advanced cultivation methods are secret methods that are not passed on among the major families and major forces.

No matter what the “Gen Mountain Secret Method” is, at least this is the only one I can access now.

In the forest, Shi Yuezhu explained a lot to himself.

Going back to study the “Gen Mountain Secret Method” again, Shen Han found that he could already understand a lot of content.

My own understanding is not bad.

However, Shen Han didn’t want to spend time on comprehension, and an [easy-to-learn] entry fell into “Genshan Secret Method”.

In the blink of an eye, the contents of this booklet began to change.

The original difficult content, its description becomes easy to understand and detailed.

Practice all the way, in fact, the most difficult thing is comprehending the exercises.

It will take at least several months for most people to thoroughly study and understand a book of practice exercises.

If the content is obscure, the time spent may even be measured in years.

Shen Han’s biggest advantage lies in this.

It won’t take long to comprehend no matter how difficult the exercises are.

The only difficulty is that I lack resources, and I need to obtain as many resources as possible.

Sitting in the room, Shen Han began to study “Genshan Secret Method”.

It is very different from “Shanhe Body Refining Technique”. “Shanhe Body Refining Technique” is a set of basic practice exercises, the essence of which is mainly body training.

The mountain is stable and the river is stretching. Based on this, one can build a strong body.

The content related to spiritual power and primordial spirit is rarely mentioned in “Shanhe Body Refining Technique”.

This is the limitation of “Mountain and River Body Refining Technique”. The higher the martial artist goes, the more he will no longer just train his body.

Martial arts practice is only about cultivating one’s own body, but it’s not just about body training.

Intention and momentum are the fundamental cards for a warrior to become a strong one.

“Genshan Secret Method” is completely different from “Mountain and River Body Refining Technique”.

The techniques shown almost never mentioned body training.

Cultivation improvement is all about the perception of spiritual power, will, and momentum.

Concentrated thoughts, according to “Genshan Secret Method”, Shen Han began to explore this mysterious “meaning”.

With one thought, Shen Han only felt that he had fallen into the vast space between heaven and earth.

Surrounded by a vast grassland, I leaned over to look at the grass around me, and many of them were still blooming with some light yellow flowers.

Between his nose and breath, he could even smell a faint fragrance.

This “Gen Mountain Secret Method” can actually create a small world in the sea of ​​consciousness, and use it to practice and understand!

Advanced practice methods are very different from each other.

When he was in the forest, Shen Han also heard Shi Yuezhu introduce him.

But among the exercises she mentioned, she has not heard of such a method.

Randomly found an open space and sat down cross-legged.

Shensi pursues that touch of “meaning” according to “Genshan Secret Law”.

Actually, this is not the first time Shen Han has come into contact with “meaning”.

As early as when she was in the Shen family, Senior Sister Liu Xilan lent her a copy of “Ethereal Sword Intent” to study.

It’s just that this misty sword intent was realized by other sages, and I am just the result of comprehending the predecessors of the sages.

Warrior wants to go higher and further, realizing the meaning in his heart is a key step.

After the so-called sixth grade, every step is a gap, and “meaning” is one of the gaps.

Some people have entered the sixth rank, but it is difficult to comprehend the “meaning” of the predecessors.

Some people have realized it, but it is only superficial and difficult to profound.

Warrior starts from the sixth rank, and the gap in strength will also become larger and larger here.

Mind travels between heaven and earth, exploring the meaning in your heart.

The mystery of “Genshan Secret Method” is also revealed at this moment.

After swallowing the fruit of the heart-destroying vine, Shen Han already felt that his own strength had reached the peak of the seventh rank.

Only one step away, you can step into the sixth rank.

While wandering in this mind, the whole body has been gradually unified and coordinated.

In the huge world, Shen Han held a sword shadow in his hand.

Sword move, sword intent, sword force.

Many moves start to come together and combine, and stepping into the sixth rank will allow one’s body control ability and move coordination ability to be improved by leaps and bounds.

When you read it, you leap forward with the wind.

Step into the sixth grade.

(end of this chapter)

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