Tianjiao Retired, I Extracted the Entry To Practice

Chapter 56 Absolute Immortal Formation Failed

Chapter 56 Absolute Immortal Array Invalidation

Hearing what Shi Yuezhu said, Shen Han shook his head again.

“I shouldn’t have said that, without that jade pendant, I should have been stunned by the coercion and fell off the mountain

Besides, I don’t know anything about the Absolute Immortal Formation and the Heart-Destroying Vine.

Speaking of which, I should share more with you.”

Shen Han no longer calls Shi Yuezhu a senior, but he doesn’t know what to call him, so he just prevaricates it.

Shi Yuezhu seems to think that this is better, and she doesn’t like Shen Han calling her senior either.

It sounds like how old I am, but I am only more than ten years older, not yet twenty.

Regarding this point, the two have a good understanding.

Shi Yuezhu, who was sitting opposite, saw that Shen Han wanted to share half of the fruit with him, so he shook his head again.

“This kind of heaven, material and earth treasure has a special nature, and only by swallowing one can it release its nature perfectly.

If half of it is allocated, it will waste the effectiveness of it, and the gain outweighs the loss.

Don’t be so paranoid, listen to me, it’s best for you to take it alone. “

Shi Yuezhu spoke softly, comforting.

Maybe what she said was right, but Shen Han still shook his head.

“If you don’t want to share the food, then don’t eat it, let’s take it out and exchange it for some gold and silver”

For this suggestion, Shi Yuezhu, who was always gentle, frowned, showing a hint of reproach, and couldn’t help reaching out to pat Shen Han’s thigh.

“It’s all nonsense, how much gold and silver can be exchanged for this natural treasure?

Through all kinds of hard work, how can it be measured by gold and silver?”

The two of them just talked with each other, but they were very generous to each other, and they both wanted to give each other this natural treasure.

The two talked a lot.

The little trees swaying around are tired of hearing it.

But the man and the woman didn’t seem to be bothered, and they found all kinds of reasons to prove that the other party should take this natural treasure.

After about an hour, the two finally agreed.

Hmm…still half of one person…

In the Absolute Immortal Formation, it is not suitable to take this treasure of heaven, material and earth. After the Absolute Immortal Formation fails, take this treasure of heaven, material and earth.

The fruit of the heart-destroying vine was just placed on the haystack, which seemed a bit random.

If it is outside, such treasures of heaven, material and earth are probably heavily guarded to prevent problems.

Here comes the snatchers, I’m afraid they can’t believe that this is a treasure of heaven and earth.

Raising his eyes, Shen Han looked at the orange entry of this treasure of heaven and earth again.

【Fruit of Consolidating the Root and Peiyuan】

Shen Han thought about it, it’s better not to extract the orange entry.

The entry is applied to an item, and the change of the item actually has a lot to do with itself.

When he was in the Shen family, Shen Han tried to do some experiments.

Extract a [poisonous] entry by yourself, and put it on a stack of dishes.

【Toxic dishes】The toxicity produced is actually related to the nature of the dishes themselves.

Normal dishes become toxic, but it is the kind of poison that has deteriorated, and I have diarrhea several times.

Even if the entry [contains highly poisonous] is assigned to normal dishes, the toxicity is hardly fatal.

And making it toxic, it will also cause changes in its appearance, color, smell and taste.

So when he was in Shen’s house, Shen Han didn’t use this strategy of using words to poison those people.

In the same way, the effect of [Strengthening the Root and Peiyuan’s] entry on the heart-breaking vine fruit is definitely more than that on Chinese cabbage.

Anyway, the treasures of heaven and earth belong to him, so there is no need to extract the orange entry.

In this attack by the heart-destroying vine, a strong master fell.

On the way, Shen Han thought about whether he could pick up the objects on these people.

Hearing this idea, Shi Yuezhu immediately shook his head to stop it.

The items of the strong and the masters are not easy to get, there are many methods on them.

These fallen people have some powerful sect forces behind them.

Take their belongings and be discovered by the forces behind them, but they will be considered murderers.

In the end, you may end up with a lot of trouble, and you haven’t reaped many benefits.

Knowing this, Shen Han naturally didn’t mention it anymore.

For nearly a month, both of them felt as if they had stepped into a paradise.

No need to worry about food or clothing, and less fights and troubles.

Here, it is much more comfortable than outside.

Occasionally, Shen Han still counts the days, and he will go back after all.

The people in the Shen family are ruthless enough, let alone not returning, even if they return late, I am afraid that the little CRBT will suffer.

Shi Yuezhu also has some difficulties in her heart. It is very likely that she will be the next head of the sect.

With the sect on her shoulders, she has many worries.

The boy in front of me, and himself…

It’s winter.

The forest at night has started to snow.

When you get up in the morning, you can see the top of the hut covered with snow.

Shi Yuezhu was covered with animal fur, and piled up snow dolls in front of the hut.

They were piled up, and found that Shen Han was looking at him, his little face blushed, and he stopped.

This action is indeed childish.

With a smile on his face, Shen Han walked to her side and piled up snow dolls together.

The snowflakes are light, floating unsteadily from the sky.

After a while, both of their heads were covered with a light layer of snow.

“Flying snow falls on the head, is it white head?”

Seeing this scene, Shen Han inadvertently remembered this phrase.

Shen Han read in a low voice, but Shi Yuezhu still heard it

The two raised their eyes to look, and then lowered their heads again.

For a moment, there was a wave of fluctuation between the sky and the earth, and the flying snow around it began to sway randomly.

The two hurriedly stood up and looked around vigilantly.

The fluctuations became more and more intense, and the space seemed to be folding, and a strange glare burst out of thin air.

This weird situation didn’t last long, but within a few tens of breaths, the glare suddenly disappeared, and the fluctuation became stable.

Shen Han looked around and found nothing wrong.

Shi Yuezhu beside him had a serious expression on his face.

“The Absolute Immortal Formation has begun to fail.”

While speaking, Shi Yuezhu raised his hand and glanced at the Qiankun Ring on his hand.

In the blink of an eye, a long sword appeared in her hand.

“At most three days, this Absolute Immortal Formation will completely fail, and I have recovered the strength of a seventh-rank warrior”

“Then we can finally get out of here.”


Obviously they could leave, but the two of them were not as excited as they imagined.

After being able to use the seventh-rank martial arts strength, Shi Yuezhu was able to open his storage ring.

Putting on the fairy clothes she carried, Shi Yuezhu, who looked like a fairy, came back again.

This time, she was wearing a light blue fairy dress with a light gauze around her body, like the sunshine in winter and the colorful butterflies flying in spring.

Shen Han’s eyes were shining, and he couldn’t help but want to take another look, but he thought of something, so he quickly looked away.

(end of this chapter)

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