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Chapter 52 Treasures of heaven and earth, kill two birds with one stone

Chapter 52 Tiancaidibao, kill two birds with one stone

Shen Han finally understood.

The person who arranged the Absolute Immortal Formation took advantage of this opportunity to eliminate a lot of great Wei powerhouses.

Seeing the appearance of the Immortal Formation, others thought it was a conspiracy and scam.

There are no natural treasures born at all.

In this way, there are a lot fewer opponents to compete with him for the treasures of heaven and earth.

Kill two birds with one stone.

“If nothing else happens, that thorn is the heart-destroying vine.

It was mentioned in the classics that this kind of natural material and earth treasure will bear a fruit, which can strengthen the foundation and cultivate the vitality, and reborn. “

Facing Shen Han, Shi Yuezhu didn’t hide anything, and told everything he knew.

“I don’t know who is so ruthless. Without this Immortal Formation, this heart-destroying vine would not be able to hurt so many people.”

Shen Han frowned slightly, the person behind this was really serious.

“No accident, it should be the former royal family of Qianyang Kingdom, they are very good at formation.

In addition, they have always been full of malice towards Wei, and deliberately spread the news of the birth of Tiancaidibao in Dawei, also in order to reduce the national power of Wei.

But right now, maybe we will get this treasure. “

Treasures of Heaven, Materials and Earth

Shen Han never thought that there is a real hope of getting the treasure of heaven and earth.

Living in a harsh environment, Shen Han and Shi Yuezhu’s mood improved a lot when they thought of having the opportunity to get such treasures.

During the conversation between the two, the gap between them melted a little.

It’s much more natural to get along with each other.

After eating food, I originally planned to check out the treasures of the day.

But Shen Han found that the fairy in front of him was still oozing blood from his back, soaking the linen clothes.

“Senior, on your back”

Stretching out his hand to touch his back, Shi Yuezhu’s hand was stained with a lot of blood.

The wound seemed to be pulled open again. If it didn’t heal, it might fester.

Shi Yuezhu hesitated for a while, and finally asked Shen Han for help, and tore a piece of cloth to cover the wound

The original snow-white jade back was stained red by wounds in many places.

Until the wound is dry and scarred, she can no longer work hard.

In the next few days, Shen Han was in charge of going out to find food, while Shi Yuezhu was resting and recuperating in the hut.

I didn’t contribute at all, which made Shi Yuezhu a little uneasy.

Shen Han is very understanding, always comforting her, mentioning that she helped him before.

He also gave him such a precious jade pendant to protect his mood.

After a few days of getting along, the two of them did get to know each other a lot better, and they talked a lot more with each other.

In the evening, Shen Han came back with a kettle full of water, and a branch in the other hand.

There are two fish on the branch.

Bring the fish to the fire to bake, and a smell of fish meat begins to spread.

Looking at the grilled fish, Shi Yuezhu couldn’t help but look at Shen Han again.

The young man in front of him looks handsome, and he is probably quite popular with women when he is away.

What I didn’t expect was that not only was he good-looking, but his life skills in the mountains and forests were also extremely powerful.

Every time I go out, I can bring back a lot of food.

The most important thing is that the food brought back by Shen Han tastes very good.

The fruit that I pick myself is often astringent and unpalatable.

Unknowingly, Shi Yuezhu became somewhat dependent on Shen Han.

Living in the mountains and forests, she patiently listened to what Shen Han told her to do.

At night, the two sat by the fire as usual.

In order to prevent the location from being exposed, the left and right sides of the fire were covered with soil blocks, and only one side was exposed.

“Well, my name is Shi Yuezhu, may I know your name?”

Shi Yuezhu suddenly remembered that he had been in this mountain forest for almost ten days, but he didn’t even know Shen Han’s name.

After hesitating for a moment, Shen Han said: “My name is Shen Han.”

The two were honest, and both spoke their real names.

“Why did you come to the border of Qianyang? Shouldn’t you be here for this treasure?”

Those who compete for the heaven, material and earth treasures, which one is not the fifth rank, or even the strong of the fourth rank or above.

Shen Han, a young man, is not yet qualified to compete for natural treasures.

“I just wanted to find a book of advanced practice exercises, and learn a lot along the way. I never thought I would be trapped here”

“Advanced exercises? Don’t you have a teacher? These sects should provide them.”

Shen Han shrugged helplessly: “I wanted to enter a sect, but others don’t want me”

Hearing Shen Han’s words, Shi Yuezhu suddenly felt that he could make some contributions.

“Cultivation skills are taught by the sect, I can’t pass them on to others, but I have some self-created moves, if you don’t dislike them, I will pass them all on to you.”

Hearing the words, Shen Han naturally agreed repeatedly.

In the next few days, Shi Yuezhu acted like a teacher, guiding Shen Han.

After this guidance, Shi Yuezhu discovered that Shen Han’s knowledge was very narrow.

Pillions, formations, magic tools, these basic contents are all very little understood.

Walking outside, these things must be understood to some extent.

Otherwise, if you encounter an opponent whose strength level is lower than yours, you may lose.

After getting the food back every day, Shen Han sat upright and listened to Shi Yuezhu’s instructions.

Shi Yuezhu held a branch in his hand, writing and drawing on the ground.

Explain to Shen Han from the most basic things.

Elixirs, formations, magic tools, some powerful sects nowadays.

Which faction’s opponents should be dealt with, and what they are good at, Shi Yuezhu explained clearly.


Seeing Shen Han looking at him in a daze, Shi Yuezhu stretched out his hand and tapped him lightly.

Recovering his senses, Shen Han looked at the ground from time to time, and looked at her from time to time.

Shi Yuezhu, who was teaching for herself, was very temperamental, as if she was shining.

It took four days to explain the basic content to Shen Han.

Shen Han also recorded a thick book.

These days, the two get along much better.

There is no initial embarrassment between each other.

At first, if you accidentally touched it, and the back of your hand touched the back of your hand, you would feel embarrassed and quickly avoid it.

It’s much more natural now.

Shi Yuezhu’s wound was almost healed, and the two discussed it, and they decided to go and see the treasures of heaven and earth.

After making a decision, the two walked towards the circular square together.

The mountain road is steep, and the two hold and pull each other from time to time.

For Shen Han, the most obvious feeling is warmth.

Shi Yuezhu is a very gentle woman, and her hands are as gentle as hers.

I didn’t know what was going on in my mind. After walking down the steep mountain road, the two hands were still holding each other.

After walking for a long time on the main road, the two separated awkwardly.

Between each other, there are faintly different things.

After separating his hands, Shen Han started looking for something to talk to, chatting with each other.

Shi Yuezhu also cooperated, and both of them were trying their best to avoid embarrassing the atmosphere.

It can be seen along the way that none of the people who were entangled in the thorns before escaped.

They are all dead, and the thorns are still eating away at their bodies.

When the circular square could be seen in the distance, both of them stopped.

(end of this chapter)

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