Tianjiao Retired, I Extracted the Entry To Practice

Chapter 43 a blocked road

Chapter 43 A blocked road

Choushi, Shen Han comforted Mrs. Yun for a long time before sending her back to his mansion.

After asking the servants in the mansion, I found out that Shen Lingsheng did not live in his own yard.

Instead, he went to the guest room and found a room to live in.

Ms. Yun didn’t say a word, and she had expected this to happen.

After delivering Mrs. Yun and Xiao Cailing, Shen Han’s mind sank into practice again.

The Shen family compound is so cold, even his biological father is like this.

In the days to come, you have to work **** your own.

Tonight, Shen Lingsheng slapped me. Two hours later, I still feel a dull pain.

Now that I have the strength of the seventh rank, I still feel such pain.

If it really fell on the little CRBT, what would be the result?

Fortunately, I already have the seventh rank, if it is weaker, I am afraid that I will not be able to take it so lightly.

Thinking of this, Shen Han felt even more disgusted with Shen Lingsheng.

Mind sank into the sea of ​​knowledge and promoted to the seventh rank, but the foundation is not very stable.

Shen Han is going to consolidate his strength tonight and completely stabilize the strength of the seventh rank.

The biggest difference between the seventh grade and the eighth grade is the super five-sense ability and the huge improvement of mental power.

I was able to react tonight and found that the slap of Shen Lingsheng playing the ringing ringtone was also due to the improvement of his five senses.

In the sea of ​​consciousness, Shen Han held a long sword in his hand, and once again dealt with the sword of heaven.

My five senses had a qualitative leap, and I was finally able to survive a quarter of an hour under the power of the Heavenly Dao Sword.

The trick that was always pierced before, Shen Han was finally able to see clearly how this trick was used.

All night, Shen Han fought against the Heavenly Dao Sword in the Sea of ​​Consciousness.

This mysterious sword move has really benefited me a lot.

Now that I have been promoted to the seventh rank, “Mountain and River Body Refining Technique” has less and less effect on me.

If you can’t find an advanced practice method, then your own improvement speed will be greatly slowed down.

At the hour of the hour, after the **** crowed, Shen Han got up from the bed.

After a simple breakfast, I sat on the stone chair and thought about how I should go next.

The Shen family will not let themselves leave Yun’an City.

Where should I find an advanced practice method?

Go to Dongshi to buy?

Obviously, it is not realistic. Advanced cultivation techniques are already something that martial arts practitioners above the seventh rank need.

Rank 7, in Yun’an City, he can already be regarded as a little master.

Cheats for improving such strength, it is very difficult to buy Wenyin.

Even if you can buy it, it must be expensive, and it is an extremely common practice method.

Shen Han frowned. He had the mysterious ability to extract entries, no matter how advanced the practice is.

For myself, as long as it is strong enough.

It’s just that in this advanced practice method, there is no book as difficult and widely spread as “Shanhe Body Refining Technique”

While thinking, a servant quickly ran towards Shen Han.

“Master Han, when the third master leaves home, ask the villain to deliver this letter to you.”

As he spoke, the servant handed over the letter with both hands.

Shen Lingsheng’s letter, left behind, would not be a good word.

Tear open the envelope, the handwriting on the letter is very scribbled, it seems to be venting the dissatisfaction in the heart.

Seeing the content above, Shen Han only felt a wave of anger welling up in his heart, and his clenched fists were bruised.

The current Shen Han is protected by Prefect Xu.

In the eyes of the Shen family, there is even a shadow of the royal family.

Because of this, they dare not directly attack Shen Han.

Afraid of bringing a bad name to the Shen family.

Shen Lingsheng obviously knew this too, and his response was particularly vicious.

Since you can’t do anything to Shen Han, you can do it to someone Shen Han cares about.

Seeing Shen Han protecting the ring bell like this last night, Shen Lingsheng thought of this method.

【Before the wedding date, I can’t prove that I am better than that Su family Tianjiao.

Then cooperate with the Shen family to cancel the engagement.

If the wedding date is approaching and the engagement has not been canceled, then the maid named Cai Ling will be beaten and disabled for you. 】

If he failed to threaten himself, he made it even worse.

Said that there are still three months to go, but in fact, the wedding date is only more than two months away.

Shen Han knows that he doesn’t have much time, but right now, he still lacks a book suitable for practicing.

Right now, my greatest hope falls on Fairy Liu Xilan.

It’s been more than half a month since I went there, I don’t know if she can introduce herself to Xiaoyao Peak.

Calm down, for the next two days, Shen Han will visualize in the room to improve his spiritual power.

Under anticipation, Fairy Liu Xilan finally came.

Every time she came to Shen’s residence, that Shen Fu would follow along in a dizzy way, just wanting to get close.

Walking to the gate of Shen Han’s courtyard, at Liu Xilan’s request, she had no choice but to wait outside the courtyard.

“Senior Sister Liu.”

Shen Han bowed his hands to Liu Xilan and saluted, with a touch of hope unconsciously on his face.

But on Liu Xilan’s face, there was a trace of regret.

“I’m really sorry, Fengshang and I recommended Master Han, and Master Han has fully understood the matter of “Sunset Sword Art”, and told all the elders.”

Looking at Liu Xilan’s expression, Shen Han also guessed the result.

“Senior Sister Liu doesn’t need to say that, she just helped me, whether it succeeds or not, I should thank you.”

Although Shen Han said so, Liu Xilan was still a little bit sorry.

You must know that Shen Han helped to point out the essence of the book of sword intent that senior Lin Yuanlou gave her.

Otherwise, she doesn’t know how long it will take to realize that profound meaning, and it is very likely that she will not be able to understand it for a lifetime.

I thought it would not be too difficult to repay this favor, but I just introduced Shen Han to Xiaoyao Peak.

But now it seems that this matter is more complicated than imagined.

“Xiaoyao Peak has been instructed since its inception that it should not get involved in court disputes.

The marriage contract between Master Han and Junior Sister Jin Yu is the gathering point of disputes

The elder said, if you are admitted to Xiaoyao Peak, this matter will be completely messed up, and it may offend the Shen family and the Su family at the same time

Moreover, because of the relationship between Junior Sister Su Jinyu, it is even more difficult for Master Han to enter Xiaoyao Peak.”

Sure enough, it was because of these.

This way of life has been blocked long ago.

“No problem, Senior Sister Liu has done her best, and what happens in the end is all due to cause and effect.”

Shen Han smiled, but he was more free and easy than Liu Xilan.

“I heard from Shen Fu that the Shen family gave you an ultimatum to Young Master Han?”

“Before the wedding date, surpass Su Jinyu in strength, otherwise we will cooperate with the Shen family and cancel this engagement.”

Liu Xilan also understood what it meant to cooperate with the Shen family.

Anyway, the purpose is to find a perfect excuse for the Shen family to call off the engagement.

This excuse is best only related to Shen Han personally, and will not affect the Shen family.

To put it bluntly, it means sacrificing oneself.

Even if you lose your life, the Shen family can accept this reason.

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