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Chapter 41 Parents' beloved sons have far-reaching plans

Chapter 41 The beloved son of the parents has a far-reaching plan

Shen Lingsheng shook his head, looking at the old matriarch, his cold face finally softened a bit.

“It made my mother worry. I encountered some miscellaneous things on the road, which delayed me for an hour or two.”

While talking, Shen Lingsheng helped the old lady of the Shen family to walk inside.

“Speaking of it, I still have to blame your ignorant child. If he is obedient, why did you make this trip?”

The old lady of the Shen family felt sorry for Shen Lingsheng.

Compared to Shen Han being disabled, in her opinion, it is more difficult for Shen Lingsheng to run this distance.

“I haven’t returned for more than two years, and I came back this time to see my mother.

As for the unfilial son, when he comes back this time, he will deal with all the troubles he caused. “

The old lady of the Shen family nodded. The Shen family is now at an extremely critical moment, and all plans cannot be messed up because of this marriage.

Mother and son, surrounded by a crowd, walked towards the Shen family ancestral hall.

Hearing footsteps approaching, Shen Han also knew that it was Shen Lingsheng who had returned.

Walking to the entrance of the ancestral hall, the old lady of the Shen family took a look inside and saw Shen Han still standing in the ancestral hall.

Then he looked at Shen Lingsheng: “Let’s talk, father and son, the rest of us will leave for now.”

“Yes, old lady.”

A group of people responded in unison, and left with the old lady of the Shen family.

After everyone left, Shen Lingsheng stepped into the ancestral hall.

He took three sticks of incense, lit them, and bowed to the ancestral tablet of the Shen family.

In the ancestral hall, except for faint sounds, there was silence.

Shen Lingsheng probably thought that his actions, these actions, could put some pressure on Shen Han.

After waiting for a while to talk, my aura will also become stronger.

Unfortunately, this is of no use.

Shen Lingsheng didn’t speak, neither did Shen Han.

After the three sticks of incense were burned, Shen Han still didn’t finish speaking, and just stood there.

The sky has completely darkened, and the wind is blowing the leaves rustling.

On the contrary, Shen Lingsheng couldn’t bear it, and spoke first.

“I heard from old Linggong that you framed Mrs. Xie a few days ago, saying that she had an affair with a servant in the mansion. Is there such a thing?”

As soon as Shen Lingsheng came, he mentioned the incident a few days ago.

What he said was very interesting, and he said that he had framed Mrs. Xie.

Didn’t say a word about Mrs. Xie framing her for theft.

You must know that if he hadn’t turned around and framed him at that time, if the charge of theft had been confirmed, he would have been punished by ink.

A tattoo of the word “Pirate” on the face will be carried for a lifetime.

“Tomorrow, I will go to the government office to clarify this matter, and return Mrs. Xie’s innocence.”

Shen Lingsheng said commandingly.

“Second wife framed me for stealing, father wants to seek justice for me?”

“The reason why they acted like that was because you didn’t cooperate.

If you cooperated early and canceled the engagement, how could this happen. “

Shen Lingsheng’s eyes were sharp, and there was a hint of reproach in his tone, and at the same time, a touch of momentum was released.

He thought that Shen Han would be nervous when the pressure of martial arts was released.

But this level of coercion of martial arts cannot even touch the threshold of the sword power of heaven.

“The nasty thing between the second wife and the servants is something I witnessed with my own eyes, and I really can’t speak out against my conscience.”

Shen Han’s expression was as usual, and his tone was calm.

She can frame me, why can’t I frame her?

Looking up at Shen Lingsheng in front of him, Shen Han unconsciously showed a hint of ruthlessness.

Is this man worthy to be his father?

The beloved son of the parents has a far-reaching plan for it.

The words in the letter were intended to push myself into the abyss and become disabled.

Seeing that he didn’t follow suit, he actually came back in person to force himself.

I couldn’t help chuckling a few times in my heart, is this kind of person worthy of being respected as a father?

Feeling that his mentality has become a bit harsh, Shen Han inadvertently recalled the words Mrs. Yun said to himself, and advised himself not to fall into hatred and be swallowed by hatred.

In the ancestral hall, Shen Lingsheng stepped on a chair and broke it.

“It seems that old Linggong is right, he is really a rebellious son.

The Shen family has raised you for so many years, and the cost of food and clothing seems to have been fed to the dog. “

Shen Lingsheng’s tone became more and more indifferent, as if he was questioning Shen Han for not being grateful.

But when Shen Han heard this, he almost couldn’t help laughing.

What does it mean to support yourself for so many years?

The cost of food and clothing, which one is not earned with your own hands?

And I can only exchange some food and clothing through dirty work.

The life is worse than those domestic servants and maids. Their domestic servants and maids not only provide food and housing, but also get monthly money.

How about myself, doing dirtier and more tiring work, but I still have no income.

As for living, let alone.

That simple hut, if the Shen family hadn’t been watching him and not letting him leave, he would have left long ago.

Shen Han was about to answer, when at the entrance of the ancestral hall, Mrs. Yun and Xiao Cailing suddenly came.

“The third master returns to the Shen residence, and I, the third wife, will be the last person to know when the time comes.”

Mrs. Yun looked at Shen Lingsheng unhappily, but Shen Lingsheng just glanced at her.

“Xiao Han, what did your father just tell you?”

Seeing that Shen Lingsheng didn’t speak, Mrs. Yun asked Shen Han.

This time, Shen Lingsheng answered: “What else can I say, let him cooperate with the Shen family to withdraw this engagement.

Ask old Linggong to bring him a letter, and don’t listen at all, otherwise I won’t have to come back. “


Mrs. Yun suddenly remembered: “So that’s what was said in that letter.

Xiaohan also told me that you are reminding us to wear more clothes in the cold weather, so I said how could you think of caring about us. “

Ms. Yun’s complexion was a bit ugly, disappointment kept piling up, piling up.

In the end, it converged into despair.

Shen Lingsheng obviously didn’t want to talk too much about these matters.

“The letter naturally only writes important things, a few empty words, there is nothing to write.

Nowadays, the important thing is for Shen Han to cooperate with the Shen family to cancel the engagement smoothly. “

Facing Shen Lingsheng’s words, Mrs. Yun suddenly spoke harshly for some reason tonight.

“Cooperate with the Shen family to withdraw the engagement? How should Xiaohan cooperate?

Break your legs and become a cripple, or get tattooed on your face, or throw your whole life away to match? “

Mrs. Yun seemed to be holding a knife in her eyes, staring at Shen Lingsheng firmly.

“The sage said that tigers and wolves make food for their children, and parents make a future for their children.

You father, what kind of future did you plan for Shen Han? Plotting to send him to die? “

The more she spoke, the more angry Mrs. Yun seemed to be, her tone was even questioning.

Shen Lingsheng was not persuaded, and his face was still indifferent.

“As a father, can I still say this?”

“Tigers are poisonous and do not eat their offspring, but you are a hundred times more vicious than the tiger in the mountains and forests!”

When Mrs. Yun said this, she was already scolding.

“Women, what do you know?

This is a major event related to the entire Shen family, what happened to Shen Han’s sacrifice?

In recent years, I have not achieved much in martial arts, and I have not made any contribution to the Shen family. Now I sacrifice a little, so what! “

Shen Lingsheng seemed to think that what he said was very reasonable, and he said it very loudly.

(end of this chapter)

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