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Chapter 393 Sword shadow, directly pierced Hu Kuang's claws

Chapter 393 Sword Shadow, directly piercing Hu Kuang’s claws

Looking at these groups of masters, Shen Han had a very strange feeling.

When I was in the Great Wei Dynasty, I always survived under the hands of enemies in the Immortal Realm.

After coming to this area, he still maintained that caution.

But all these arrogant and arrogant people have only this little strength

The lord of the Taihang Sect, the fifth floor of the Linghe Realm, Shen Han exuded coercion from him.

At most, it is the fifth-rank early snow realm.

If it is only the first level of the Spiritual Harmony Realm, it may be almost the appearance of the sixth-rank fruitful realm.

The top powerhouses of the seven sects and sixteen countries have only this little ability

If it is the strength of the younger generation, it is not too bad.

Sun Qing, the patriarch of the Taihang Sect, appeared, and the original tension on the face of the Nine Heavens Lord disappeared a lot in an instant.

The fifth floor of the Linghe Realm, in the Seven Schools and Sixteen Kingdoms, it is already considered to be at the upper level.

Facing the Blood Moon Sect, he should have some say.

Behind the crowd, Yan Yun looked anxious, and stretched out her hand to pull the corner of Shen Han’s clothes.

“Mr. Shen, let’s leave here first.

Father and Queen can’t find us in front of us, so we’ve escaped this punishment.”

There was some begging in his expression, but Shen Han shook his head: “Why don’t you leave first, I want to observe here for a while.”

Seeing that Shen Han refused to leave, Yan Yun hesitated for a moment, but she still did not leave.

It’s just that the eyes are still full of anxiety.

Sun Qing, the patriarch of Taihang, walked up to the people and gently stroked his white beard.

seems to be self-consciously immortal.

“Blood Moon Guardian, the Seven Schools and Sixteen Kingdoms have lasted for more than a hundred years in the northern mountain region. Although there are occasional conflicts, it is not like this, and it will force the Nine Heavens Kingdom to collapse.

Listen to my suzerain’s persuasion, get some benefits, and let it go. “

Hearing Sun Qing’s words, the Blood Moon Guardian laughed lightly.

“I already knew that Sect Master Qing would come to help me, but I’m sorry, this time, we also have helpers.

We are not the only ones who want to destroy Jiuxiao Kingdom. “

While speaking, a middle-aged woman came with a sword and stepped on a somewhat strange magic weapon.

Seeing her coming, everyone’s expressions changed slightly.

The Lord of Nine Heavens turned pale in an instant: “Jinchen Kingdom Teacher, Pu Chunchun”

“Celebrate the Sovereign, Jiuxiao Kingdom has no meaning to exist now.

There is a lack of strong people in the spiritual realm to garrison, and the magic weapon for defense in the country has also been damaged.

Let them occupy this large and fertile land, isn’t it a waste? “

Pu Chunchun, the national teacher of the Jinchen Kingdom, has stepped into the sixth level of the Spiritual Harmony Realm many years ago.

With her action, this matter will be several times more difficult.

It’s just that for Sun Qing, he can’t accept the annexation of Jiuxiao Kingdom.

At that time, Taihang Sect will be neighbors with Blood Moon Sect and Jinchen Kingdom.

He is not as relaxed as he is now.

“Pu Guoshi, Qing is still talking about it before.

You can ask for some benefits from Jiuxiao Kingdom, but if you want more, Qing has no objection.

But Qing could not accept the engulfment of Jiuxiao Kingdom. “

Pu Chunchun waved his hands after hearing this.

“It seems that I, Pu, can only do a few tricks with Sect Master Qing.”

For a while, it seemed that there was some tension.

Sun Qing knew that he might lose to Pu Chunchun, but during the fight, he could let Pu Chunchun know his determination.

Knowing that the price she might pay is greater than the gain, Pu Chunchun will back down.

When the situation was a little tense, a strong man suddenly jumped from a distance in front of people.

When he stepped on the ground, the surroundings seemed to shake.

The head of the Lion King Sect, Hu Kuang

There were already strong people gathered, but at this moment, another person was added.

“Lion King, why, are you also interested in the Nine Heavens Kingdom?”

Pu Chunchun frowned. If Hu Kuang, the Lion King sect, wanted to fight, she really planned to leave immediately.

Lion King Zong Hu Kuang, the seventh floor of the Linghe Realm.

His strength ranks second among the masters of the Seven Schools and Sixteen Kingdoms.

The Lion King Sect is also a high-ranking force.

If he wants to swallow Jiuxiao Kingdom, the Lord of Jiuxiao Kingdom doesn’t even have the thought of struggling.

“Lion King, the Lion King’s sect is three thousand miles away, the territory of the Nine Heavens Kingdom, you shouldn’t be able to control it, right?”

Hu Kuang took a step forward, his expression today was a bit wrong.

“I, Hu Kuang, got a son in old age, and it was with great difficulty that my wife gave birth to Hu He’s child.

For this reason, I really suffered a bit.

Nine Heavens, I, Hu Kuang, have no interest at all.

Come here just to seek justice for my child.

Find out the villain who murdered him, and let him experience how our Lion King Sect tortures people. “

Hearing this, everyone reacted.

The young master of the Lion King Sect unexpectedly died.

He should still have died in the territory of Jiuxiao Kingdom.

As soon as the voice fell, the guard behind Hu Kuang dragged a middle-aged man to the front of the people.

The face of the Lord of Nine Heavens standing in the distance instantly turned pale.

This person is clearly the guard of Jiuxiao Kingdom, Shan Qin.

“My son, Hu He, left the Lion King School three days ago, and I heard people say that he bought a woman from this person.

After coming to your Jiuxiao Kingdom, there has been no news since yesterday.

An hour ago, the old man found my son’s body.

His death was tragic, with a terrified expression, as if he had been tortured to death.

There are grievances and debtors, I am very domineering, but I will not take action against innocent people. “

Hu Kuang stretched out his foot, and then stepped on the hand of the guard Shanqin.

With just one kick, his palms were crushed flat.

All the bones in the hand were broken, and blood dripped everywhere.

“It’s the Sixteenth Princess. After I sold the Sixteenth Princess to Young Master Hu He, I left directly.

Lion King Mingcha, I really did not harm Young Master Hu He. “

Hearing Princess Sixteen, the Lord of Nine Heavens immediately became anxious: “Hurry up, hurry up and arrest that scourge Yan Yun, hurry up, hurry up!”

Since seeing Hu Kuang appearing, Yan Yun has panicked.

Seeing that she was in shock, Shen Han let her run away.

It’s just her little strength, at most she has just stepped into the eighth rank.

Within a quarter of an hour, he was arrested and returned.

The guard threw Yan Yun to the ground.

The Lord of Nine Heavens immediately stepped forward: “Lion King, this disaster is at your disposal, no matter how you want to deal with it, it is up to you.

The rest of us in Jiuxiao Kingdom really don’t know about this.

Absolutely never interfered.”

The Lord of Nine Heavens looked flustered, he even wanted to kill Yan Yun immediately.

The Lion King Hu Kuang slowly squatted down and gently brushed Yan Yun’s hair.

“Although my son Hu He is not a weapon, he still has the strength of spiritual energy. You don’t have the ability to assassinate him.

What’s more, beside him, there are guards at the peak of spiritual energy.

Tell me, who did it.

Don’t say it, let the Jiuxiao royal family die together. “

Hu Kuang spoke indifferently, he had the confidence to destroy the entire Jiuxiao royal family.

When the Lord of Nine Heavens heard this, he panicked even more.

He wanted to kick Yan Yun, but he thought that he would anger her, but she dragged everyone to die together, what should I do?

Immediately began to speak soft words.

But it seems that Yan Yun is a bit desperate: “I killed Hu He, and I stabbed the fatal wound on his chest.”

Hearing this, Hu Kuang looked down at Yan Yun.

“His hands and feet were pierced through by the sword, and he was nailed to the ground.

Even if you do something to my son, it is because there is a strong person to help you.

Tell me who it is.

Speak out, and you will be happy, and will not torture you. “

Hu Kuang’s consolation seemed useless, Yan Yun still insisted that she killed Hu He.

“It seems that some torture is needed.”

The Lion King Hu Kuang slowly got up, ready to attack and execute the execution.

But in the crowd, Sun Bufan of Taihangzong came out.

“Lion King, there was a man named Shen Han next to the sixteen princesses.

She accidentally mentioned that this Shen Han was her savior, and his strength had reached the spiritual realm. “

Hearing this, Hu Kuang suddenly became serious.

In the spiritual state, the possibility of his son’s tragic death is much greater.

“It’s not him, it doesn’t matter to him”

Yan Yun knew that she died here, she didn’t want to drag Shen Han with her.

After all, she has received very little kindness.

It was only at this moment that the lion king didn’t care about her.

Take a step forward.

“Who is named Shen Han, come out!”

With a roar, everyone was startled.

People with weaker strength may even be deafened by both ears.

The Lord of Nine Heavens immediately went to look for it.

This time, he didn’t make much effort.

Shen Han was in the crowd, watching everyone’s performance.

Before he could catch him, Shen Han had already walked in front of people.

Self-care, stepped forward to help Yan Yun up: “In the future, I can give you more trust.”

Shen Han said calmly, these big bosses in front of him did not bring any coercion to him.

Seeing Shen Han’s indifferent appearance, it’s impossible to make everyone go wrong.

“My son is your murderer?”

“Well, I can’t see that kind of adultery, it’s a little too disgusting.”

Shen Han took Yan Yun aside, she was in a daze at the moment.

She didn’t understand, how dare Shen Han talk to the Lion King like this.

That is a strong person in the Spiritual Synergy Realm.

And Hu Kuang, the patriarch of the Lion King Sect, was also very angry and laughed back.

“If you don’t want to see these things, you should pick out your own eyeballs instead of doing this to my son.

Do you know, even if you die a hundred times, you can’t get my son’s life back. “

Hu’s fury has reached its peak.

“You can only be tortured for a year to comfort my son’s soul.”

While speaking, Hu Kuang’s figure moved.

Although he looks extremely strong, his body is extremely agile.

“I want you, life would be better than death!”

The wrath of the lion king is unbearable for mortals.

The surrounding onlookers couldn’t help showing a hint of fear.

This is the coercion of the seventh floor of the Spiritual Harmony Realm, and it feels like it will crush a person’s body.

The Lord of Nine Heavens not far away looked even more nervous.

He only hoped that after Hu Kuang attacked Shen Han and Yan Yun, the anger in his heart would disappear.

Don’t involve other people in Nine Heavens.

When the lion king Hu Kuang waved his hand, a sharp claw flashed faintly, as fierce as a wild lion.

Under such rage, all the suzerains present, national teachers, and guardians unconsciously took a few steps back.

When the claw attack came, Hu Kuang thought he had controlled it and worked hard.

He will not let Shen Han die immediately, he will torture Shen Han well.

Suddenly, the claw attack flashed by.

The imaginary Shen Han who was pinned to the ground did not appear.

It was a sword shadow shining with blue light, directly piercing through Hu Kuang’s claws.

Just like his son, he was nailed to the ground.

The scene in front of you makes everyone who sees this feel that they have seen it wrong

Rubbed his eyes, the Lion King Hu Kuang was still nailed to the ground by a sword shadow.

(end of this chapter)

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