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Chapter 390 Solve the crisis

Chapter 390 Solve the crisis

Shen Han followed Yan Yun all the way to the northwest.

Along the way, I also listened to her talk about the situation in the northern region of the mountain.

Seven sects and sixteen countries are the top forces in the northern region of this mountain.

Because of the death of the old lord of the Nine Heavens Kingdom, the level of strength has dropped a lot.

Relying on the background of the past, although I have survived for more than ten years, but now, I am afraid that it is getting more and more sad.

The conflict between the Blood Moon Sect and Jiuxiao Kingdom was due to the decline of Jiuxiao Kingdom’s strength.

The interests once occupied by the Nine Heavens Kingdom have to be handed over now.

With humble strength, how could it be possible to hold beautiful jade for a long time.

This trip is to find Taihangzong among the seven sects.

Ask their old suzerain to come forward to mediate the conflict between Jiuxiao Kingdom and Blood Moon Sect.

After hearing what Princess Yan Yun said, Shen Han hesitated for a moment, but couldn’t help but speak.

“This trip is just a message.

Has the Nine Heavens Kingdom always had the rules of sending messages from princes and princesses? “

Hearing this, Princess Yan Yun smiled helplessly.

“Father has many princes and princesses under his knees, we are just called princesses in our names.

Speaking of it, he is not as favored as the disciples of other sects.

However, if the suzerain of the Taihang Sect came forward to mediate this time, my father should give me some rewards.

When the time comes, Yan Yun will return to Mr. Shen. “

Shen Han smiled and declined softly.

“Actually, this trip to Taihangzong will definitely go smoothly.

A good sister of mine is now accepted as a direct disciple by the Taihang Zongzong.

And her master is the son of the suzerain of the Taihang Sect.

If she comes forward to intercede, it will definitely succeed~”

On the way to Taihangzong, Yan Yun would sometimes playfully jump a few steps, it seems that she is in a pretty good mood.

When she was in Jiuxiao Kingdom, she thought she still took good care of this sister.

Although she is not doing well, she will still share whatever she has with her good sisters.

Jiuxiao Kingdom is not far from Taihangzong.

What Shen Han wanted to know, he almost asked Yan Yun.

Then he stepped on the magic weapon of the young suzerain of the Lion King Sect.

It is only a few hundred miles away, and it can be reached in one or two hours.

Looking at the mountains in front of him.

At the foot of the mountain, there are people guarding it.

Shen Han raised his eyes and looked, compared to Xiaoyao Peak, which is like a fairyland of sects.

This Taihang sect is too far behind, and it feels a bit out of date.

“The sixteenth princess of Jiuxiao Kingdom, please see Kang Dongyun, a direct disciple of the Taihang Sect, and please pass on the guarding elder brother.”

While talking, Yan Yun also handed out some coins.

After receiving the coin, the guard finally showed a smile, and then walked towards the mountain gate.

Seeing that the mountain is only a few hundred feet high, it shouldn’t take long.

But Shen Han and Yan Yun waited for nearly an hour.

It was already Shen Shi, and I saw a person walking above the mountain gate.

That woman should be Yan Yun’s good sister Kang Dongyun.

Today, she should have dressed up a lot.

When he got closer, Kang Dongyun noticed a man beside Yan Yun.

The guards who just came to communicate only mentioned Yan Yun.

“Dongyun, Dongyun~”

Hearing Yan Yun calling her name, this Kang Dongyun was not as easy-going as before.

His face was slightly cold.

“Who is this?”

“I encountered some troubles on the way here. Fortunately, I was rescued by Mr. Shen. There was no emergency, so I came here with me.”

Hearing Yan Yun mentioning himself, Shen Han did not pretend to be arrogant, and nodded slightly.

Yan Yun’s introduction made Kang Dongyun’s face change slightly.

“Save you? Did you encounter any danger on the way?”

Yan Yun paused for a moment: “There are some small troubles.”

She didn’t want to mention the death of the young master of the Lion King Sect.

“To save you Yan Yun, if you think about it, you should have some skills, right?

What state is it now? “

Kang Dongyun spoke with a hint of arrogance.

This feeling made Yan Yun feel strange: “Young Master Shen.”

“First floor of the spiritual environment.”

Before Yan Yun could speak, Shen Han answered by himself.

“First level of spiritual energy?

I thought how powerful it was, but it was far worse than my senior brother.

However, this strength is enough to come to our Taihang Sect to be an inner disciple.

The Nine Heavens Kingdom is now in decline, and it may not be many years before it will be torn apart.

Come to my Taihangzong. “

In front of Yan Yun, this Kang Dongyun actually spoke so bluntly.

“Winter Cloud.”

“What, Princess Yan Yun thinks I said something wrong?

In the past, when I, Kang Dongyun, said something, you, Yan Yun, always liked to refute it. Do you still have this habit now?

Thinking that if you give me some food and clothing, I, Kang Dongyun, will obey you for the rest of my life? “

“Winter Cloud.”

Yan Yun’s face was a little embarrassed, she didn’t expect that she would be treated like this when she came today.

Seeing this, Shen Han also frowned slightly: “It’s a fresh and refined way to describe ungratefulness, since you all remember that Princess Yan Yun gave you food and clothing, shouldn’t you write down such kindness?

If you felt humiliated at the beginning, don’t ask for it at that time. “

Hearing Shen Han’s words, Kang Dongyun looked at Shen Han with white eyes.

There was no argument with Shen Han in the words.

Shen Han’s words just now were really reasonable, and she didn’t immediately think of a way to fight back.

For a moment, Kang Dongyun showed a look of indifference: “In fact, if other people from Jiuxiao Kingdom come, I, Kang Dongyun, will definitely ask the master to ask the suzerain to mediate this matter.

After all, I have lived in Jiuxiao Kingdom for so many years.

But today is your Yan Yun, so I don’t want to help you with this favor.

I will hand over your letter to the master.

He will go to the invitation of your Nine Heavens Kingdom, but whether you can persuade him or not, you can figure out your own way. “

After a few words, Kang Dongyun left.

Before leaving, she stared at Shen Han fiercely.

Yan Yun’s complexion is ugly, she considers herself a good sister.

It seems that she just thought.

The letter was sent out, but this time, she shouldn’t come, and her coming would be detrimental to Nine Xiaos Kingdom.

Before she came, she thought she and Kang Dongyun were as close as sisters

Now it seems that the way he treated her before made her feel that he was humiliating her.

Shen Han watched this scene from the side, and didn’t say much.

In this world, not everyone is a person who knows how to reciprocate.

Some people are very disgusting. Faced with other people’s funding, they obviously choose to accept it, but feel that this funding is humiliating themselves.

If you have the ability, don’t ask for it at the beginning.

On the way back to Jiuxiao Kingdom, Yan Yun seemed to be preoccupied and didn’t say much all the way.

In the middle of the night, the two finally arrived at the capital of Jiuxiao Kingdom.

Said it was the capital city, but Shen Han looked at it from a high place, but felt that it was far inferior to Yun’an City and Anyang City.

It feels more like a city in a remote country like Yexuan Kingdom.

There are many forces in the northern region of the mountain, and they are fighting with each other. It is impossible for the imperial city to be built grandly.

Following Yan Yun into the capital, he stepped into a courtyard.

After Yan Yun’s explanation, she realized that this was the yard where she lived.

Because there are many descendants under his knees, the Lord of Jiuxiao Kingdom only allows some favored descendants to live in the palace.

And the palace of Jiuxiao Kingdom also looks very stingy.

It feels like it may be the size of two Marquis Mansions.

Seeing Yan Yun bringing a guest back, the old servant in the courtyard came out and saluted, then ignored her.

“The yard is small, so I invite Mr. Shen to rest in my hut.

I have to go to the palace to report the news tonight.

Please also Mr. Shen not to be disgusted, there are some classics in the house, if Mr. Shen is interested, you can read them at will. “

Shen Han nodded, but didn’t say much.

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