Tianjiao Retired, I Extracted the Entry To Practice

Chapter 387 The broken right leg was dry when it was sent to the capital.

Chapter 387 The broken right leg was dry when it was sent to the capital

When they first heard the news, everyone in the Shen family didn’t believe it.

Especially Mrs. He, just chuckled.

As Shen Ye’s mother, she still understands a little bit.

Her son is physically very strong.

Even if he suffered a very serious injury, resting for a while will be enough to recover.

Besides, there are countless secret treasures on Shen Ye’s body, it’s really not that easy to break his leg.

Although he didn’t believe it in his heart, Shen Qingshan still asked the Shen family’s spies in Beijing to find out.

In less than two hours, the news came from the spies in Beijing.

Shen Ye’s leg was really broken.

If the leg is only injured and broken, there is still a chance of recovery.

There are great physicians in the capital with superb medical skills, and it is possible to rejoin bones and legs.

But the spies said that Shen Ye’s broken right leg was already withered when it was sent to the capital.

Obviously planted with some kind of strange poison.

This leg is no longer possible to continue.

When Madam He received this news, she fainted instantly.

The atmosphere of the entire Shen residence also instantly became dignified.

The Shen family hoped that Shen Han would die, so as not to cause any more trouble to the Shen family.

But they didn’t want to pay Shen Ye

In just one night, the Shen family was proud of both heavens.

One person’s whereabouts are unknown, and one person has a broken leg and becomes disabled.

In the past few days, Shi Yuezhu, Dean Tianyi and others have been looking for Shen Han.

In the news they received, they only knew that Shen Han was blocked by Shen Ye on the way to escape.

Shen Han finally cut off one of Shen Ye’s legs, and then fled.

This direction should be the direction to Anyang City.

But Anyang Chengyun’s family did not see Shen Han.

The thread is suddenly interrupted.

Luo Zuchen’s whereabouts are unknown now, and Shen Han’s whereabouts are also unknown.

Tried to use the sound transmission device to contact, but there was no reply for a long time.

Anyang City Yun Family, Mrs. Yun also fainted when she heard the news.

When she woke up, her expression was tense and hurried, and her words kept repeating.

“It’s okay, it’s definitely okay”

However, being assassinated by a strong man in the fairyland, the chance of surviving is really not great.

The Yun family even offered a reward, for those who can kill Luo Zuchen, the Yun family will return a gift of heaven and earth!

Today’s Luo Zuchen is no longer the teacher of Shanhai Academy, but the sinner who assassinated the successor of the Marquis of Great Wei.

The reward was issued, but it is still unknown whether it will work.

Luo Zuchen is a strong man in the Immortal Realm after all, so I don’t know where he is now.

Even if he knew that he wanted to escape for his life, how could he fall so easily.

In the great Wei Dynasty, two Tianjiao fell from the top of the mountain overnight.

To Da Wei, it seemed like a dream come true.

In these years, Great Wei has gradually fallen behind, and the younger generation can’t keep up with the strong men of Qi and Wei.

Right now there is a Shen Ye, and another Shen Han.

The competition between two young people may even turn into a fierce battle between fourth-rank powerhouses.

Seeing this scene, everyone in Wei seemed to feel that Wei had not fallen.

The flag of the Great Wei is still being held.

But the night passed.

One missing, one disabled.

Among the younger generation of Wei, who will carry this banner.

Shen Han did not resist the drowsiness caused by “Unstoppable Skills” this time.

Just sleeping under the big tree like this, occasionally a cool breeze would blow away the dead leaves covering Shen Han’s body.

But more fell at night, covering the deep cold.

I don’t know how many days I slept.

In the distance, the two of them rode steeds, heading west.

“Uncle Qin, is our trip really the way to Taihangzong?”

“Princess Sixteen, please rest, our Nine Heavens Kingdom and the Blood Moon Sect are in a confrontation period, and it turns out that there are often assassins ambushing on that road.

Take this path, although there will be some detours, but at least it can guarantee safety. “

After this explanation, the sixteenth princess seemed to be a little more stable.

The two continued to move forward, and within a few steps, the uncle Qin pulled the rein in his hand.

“Uncle Qin, this place is inaccessible, why did we stop here?”

Princess Sixteen was still a little worried, feeling that something was wrong.

The middle-aged man known as Uncle Qin smiled honestly.

“Princess, don’t worry, let’s wait, they will be here soon.”

While speaking, there were indeed two people not far away riding on magic weapons.

The Magical Artifact looks a little weird, like some kind of strangely shaped branches.

When the sixteenth princess saw who was coming, her face instantly turned pale.

Then hurriedly ran to the uncle Qin, and stretched out his hand to pull his sleeve.

“Uncle Qin, you are the young patriarch of the Lion King Sect, we have to run away, run away quickly.”

Looking at Princess Sixteen’s hasty look, Uncle Qin smiled again.

“Princess, what we are waiting for is Mr. Hu He, why are you running away?”

“Seeing this young master, what is there to run away from?”

While speaking, a man who frightened Princess Sixteen had already walked to her side.

The young master of the Lion King Sect was accompanied by a middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man looked indifferent, with a look of pride in his eyes.

Hearing Hu He’s words, Princess Sixteen began to tremble, she was extremely scared.

“Uncle Qin, you will save me, right. Right.”

Fear surged into her heart, the only hope of the sixteenth princess could only fall on Uncle Qin beside her.

But the next moment, Hu He, the young patriarch of the Lion King Sect, offered some rewards.

Throw it into Uncle Qin’s hand.

“Thank you, Young Sovereign, these rewards, I don’t know how many years it will take me, Lao Qin, to earn them back in Nine Heavens~”

Princess Sixteen understands what is happening no matter how stupid she is.

She, the princess, was sold by her own guards as goods.

Sold to the young master of the Lion King Sect in front of him.

Thinking of this, Princess Sixteen pulled out a dagger and pressed it between her neck.

“Uncle Qin, I trust you so much”

“Princess, don’t be impulsive. I, Lao Qin, are also helpless. The current situation in Jiuxiao Kingdom may not last long.

I also have a wife and children in my family, and I always have to consider them. “

After finishing speaking, this uncle Qin once again showed that iconic silly smile.

“I would rather die than be tortured”

“Then Lao Qin can’t control it anymore. Whether the sixteenth princess is dead or alive, now it depends on the decision of the young master Hu He.”

After saying a few words, this old Qin left with a smile on his face.

Seeing this, the sixteenth princess of Jiuxiao Kingdom seemed to have a sense of despair in her heart.

This Hu He has a bad reputation, and the woman who fell into his hands was not simply humiliated, but tortured.

Inhuman torture.

The dagger wanted to stab himself between the neck.

But all of a sudden, I just felt that my body was imprisoned, and I couldn’t move.

“Oh, I, Hu He, just like this kind of strong temper, it’s much more interesting than throwing myself in the arms.

Don’t waste your efforts, you have just entered the spirit body realm, and you are only at the third level of the spirit body realm.

One thought of Uncle Bai can make you immobile. “

While speaking, Hu He reached out and grabbed the dagger, throwing it aside.

And her body is also recovering at this moment.

(end of this chapter)

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