Tianjiao Retired, I Extracted the Entry To Practice

Chapter 370 victory or defeat

Chapter 370 Victory and defeat, has been divided

Today’s competition, many people from Xiaoyao Peak came to observe.

People like them who focus on the way of the sword dare not speak of perfection.

Shen Ye, who is a literati and a fellow practitioner of martial arts, seems to dare to say that.

If it were someone else, they might have been degraded long ago.

But Shen Ye, at the age of twenty-four, stepped into the fourth-rank early snow realm.

This alone is enough to make everyone look forward to him.

Shen Ye, who stepped on the void, tightly grasped his long sword in his hand.

And his gaze was also fixed on the sword.

It was a hot summer day, but it seemed that watching the competition between the two brought a chill.

Everyone was waiting, waiting for Shen Ye’s move.

Having stepped into the fourth-rank realm, he already has an absolute advantage, and it is impossible for Shen Han to take the first step.

The gap between grades is actually very large.

The gap between the fifth-rank Fruit Realm and the fourth-rank First Snow Realm is already greater than the fifth-rank Fruit Realm and the fifth-rank First Snow Realm.

Besides, Shen Han is only at the fifth-rank and a half-step level now.

Of course, in the eyes of everyone who came here to observe, it doesn’t mean that the fifth-rank half-step realm is not good enough.

It is amazing to be able to step into this realm at the age of nineteen.

But there is no way, the person Shen Han has to face is a worldly genius like Shen Ye.

While everyone was waiting, the sword in Shen Ye’s hand was actually under his gaze.


The blade of the sword is split from the middle.

In this way, there is only a broken sword in his hand.

“It turns out that this is its acme, and it is far from the acme I have seen.”

Shen Ye said softly, and then lightly flicked the broken blade with his fingers.

“The sword breaks the body, seek the ultimate.

Although it is disabled today, its spirit is still there.

Let’s use this broken sword to end this nonsense contest. “

Shen Ye dressed softly and fell down.

A person who is absolutely confident will lose interest in arguing with others.

Just like Shen Ye at this moment, he doesn’t need to speak loudly, and he doesn’t need to attract other people’s attention.

He doesn’t need any strategies or methods.

Even if the sword in his hand is disabled, he is not worried at all.

In this battle, there is no other possibility.

He has lost his career, and he will undoubtedly win.

Whispering softly, the broken sword in his hand has been stabbed out.

The originally broken sword body seemed to be a little more majestic.

The power of the broken sword is enough to take people’s hearts away.

At this moment, those who lack strength can no longer see clearly Shen Ye’s move.

Before the move, you could still see some afterimages, but now, you can only hear it.

In the eyes of everyone, this should be the end of the competition.

The result of this fight will be as everyone expected, Shen Ye wins.

However, Shen Han is enough to force Shen Ye to be like this, and it is also enough to be amazing.

Now it is not as good as Shen Ye, but in about ten years, perhaps Shen Han will be able to surpass Shen Ye.

The future can be expected.

In the center of the competition venue, Shen Ye had already stabbed with his broken sword.

Not only other people think he will win, but also in his own eyes.

Outside, Dean Tianyi, who was watching the competition, looked solemn.

He is ready to shoot.

Shen Han couldn’t handle this sword, and he would definitely suffer a lot of injuries, maybe even the root.

The competition can be lost, but as the dean, he naturally cannot let Shen Han get hurt again.

At the same time, Luo Zuchen’s eyes were fixed on Dean Tianyi.

He also guessed that Dean Tianyi would act to protect Shen Han.

What he has to do is stop Dean Tianyi desperately.

In an instant, Shen Ye’s broken sword arrived.

President Tianyi moved, so did Luo Zuchen.

Although Luo Zuchen’s strength was inferior to Dean Tianyi’s, he was restrained for a while without any problem.

Seeing this, Shi Yuezhu who was behind the crowd was also ready to make a move.


In the middle of the competition field, the situation that everyone expected did not appear.

The broken sword in Shen Ye’s hand collided with Shen Han’s sword at this moment.

This sword defense made it difficult for Shen Ye to move forward!

The proud Shen Ye from before was taken aback for a moment.

He is the fourth rank, but he has already stepped into the fourth rank!

How could it be possible, how could Shen Han be able to resist it.

But what if he didn’t believe it in his heart, the sword in Shen Han’s hand had already come up to meet him.

I thought he would win without a doubt, but at this moment, the long sword in Shen Han’s hand did not retreat but advanced.

Even better than Shen Ye before showing such strength.

Countless sword shadows gathered around his body, and the long sword in his hand pierced out with misty sword intent.

At this moment, even the surrounding crowd were all stunned.

How could they fail to see that at this moment, Shen Han has also stepped into the fourth rank.

The competition between two young people, against each other, turned out to be the fourth rank.

Many people speculated that both of them should have used exercises to improve their strength in a short period of time.

But this kind of exercise will have a strong backlash effect.

Even in the competition, did you use it so casually?

After thinking about it, this is a battle for the title of the Shen family, the succession of the Shen family, and it is normal to pay for it.

But with so many improvements at one time, how terrifying will the backlash effect be?

Injury to the root of the body, what should I do if I become a disabled person.

These spectators were worried.

But neither of the two people in the competition venue thought about that.

Shen Ye has spiritual bones, he thinks that Shen Han can never be like him, using this kind of exercises without fear of backlash.

Maybe it won’t be long before Shen Han will be swallowed by the backlash.

A battle between the two began.

The swords in the hands of the two collided, and the disadvantage of the broken sword was undoubtedly revealed.

Before said so arrogantly, what kind of sword is the ultimate, even the blade is broken.

But only now did I realize that because the sword body was broken, the power of the sword moves was leaking.

With just three moves, he, Shen Ye, couldn’t handle it anymore.

Shen Ye’s face was a little ugly, he hesitated for a moment, and he took out a long sword again.

The broken sword before, boasting.

It’s ridiculous to think about it now.

Shen Han made frequent sword moves.

Sickness is like a switch, like turning clouds, like flying stars.

His comprehension of swordsmanship is not enough at all.

What kind of ultimate swordsmanship, so mysterious in words, is actually far from it.

The sharp edge of the sword in Shen’s hand became more and more fierce. After being in the fourth-rank early snow realm, all of Shen Ye’s so-called suppression disappeared.

Shen Han didn’t give him time to breathe at all, and used the “Shen Yuan Jue” to improve his strength, although he was not afraid of backlash.

But the effect of drowsiness will still have some impact.

After being in the same realm, Shen Ye finally understood what kendo is.

The way of the sword he thought was too simple.

When he really faced the strong, Shen Ye simply didn’t have the strength to deal with it.

Between dozens of breaths, both of them began to pant heavily.

This kind of self-improvement, even if you are not afraid of backlash, will consume a lot of energy.

Shen Han no longer waited, his eyes and thoughts showed a hint of despair.

As long as the heart is desperate, so is the sword.

The combination of man and sword will break everything.

Suddenly, the sword came out from Shen Han’s hand.

This sword is not the pinnacle of swords, but it is Shen Han’s pinnacle.

Shen Ye seemed to want to avoid it, but this sword seemed inevitable.

With his thoughts sinking, Shen Ye raised his sword to meet him, as if he still hadn’t given up.

Shen Ye also summoned another vision, but this vision was broken by the power of the law.

While everyone was watching, the swords collided.

The sound was like thunder, and the sword edge staggered.

Both appear to be injured.

But the next moment, the long sword in Shen Han’s hand was already in front of Shen Ye’s neck.

The outcome has been divided.

Originally thought that Shen Ye would surely win, but he told everyone at this moment.

No, not really.

If two people have the same realm, Shen Han wins and Shen Ye loses.

In this fight, even if you want to find an excuse, there seems to be no way.

The entire Shen residence is very quiet at the moment.

Blood gushed from the corner of Shen Han’s mouth, holding the sword in his right hand, while covering the wound on his waist with his left hand.

He was also wearing dark blue clothes today, and if he looked carefully, he could still see blood gushing from the wound.

In front of Shen Han, his eldest brother, Shen Ye, seemed unable to accept his defeat, his eyes were wide open.

Even, the eye sockets were torn open, and a lot of blood flowed out

It’s not just that he can’t accept it, Luo Zuchen, Ye Tianxing, and everyone in the Shen family.

They couldn’t accept it.

(end of this chapter)

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