Tianjiao Retired, I Extracted the Entry To Practice

Chapter 369 Want to see what this sword looks like to the extreme?

Chapter 369 Want to see what this sword looks like to the extreme?

The sword screamed like an eagle’s cry, and this sword seemed to have the power to cut through the sky.

The masters of Xiaoyao Peak who came here to observe could not help but stand up.

This sword is enough to win the title of swordsman!

Flash, at this moment, almost everyone felt that Shen Han was bound to lose.

“They are all the sons of Tianjiao, but there is still a gap.”

Seeing this scene, Ye Tianxing, who was standing by Liu Xilan’s side, had already made an assertion.

Shen Han was defeated, Ye Tianxing actually felt a little relieved.

He doesn’t like Shen Han, even a little disgusted.

In addition to the previous bet between him and Liu Xilan.

If Shen Han wins this competition, it would really be a slap in the face.

Just as his voice fell, the sword shadow in the competition field instantly shattered.

“The Unity of Man and Sword”

The long sword in Shen Han’s hand engulfed the shattered sword shadow.

Then the sword in his hand went up to meet him.

When the sword edge came out, Piao Miao’s sword intent was also used.

Jian Feng transformed his mind in an instant, and made a mixture of false moves and real moves.

Even though Shen Ye is very familiar with the way of swordsmanship, this move still needs to be dealt with extremely cautiously.

Piao Miao Sword Intent is indeed an extremely shameless move.

Anyone who knows something about this sword intent will say that to decipher the Piao Miao sword intent, you only need to distinguish between reality and reality.

But in the confrontation between the top powerhouses, how can there be so much time to distinguish the truth from the truth.

And those who are familiar with this sword will have a lot of thoughts in it.

Even thought of a way to make the virtual and real sword moves very similar.

In addition to this, above the edge of the sword, there is also the power of law.

When the power of the law is fully exerted, this suppressive force is extraordinary.

The vision barriers around Shen Ye’s body were like thin paper in front of the power of the law.

In the competition field, the blades of two long swords collided.

Originally thought that Shen Ye’s sword was strong enough, but he never thought that Shen Han could still face him with a sword.

The two sharp swords collided, and the bursting sound even sounded a little scary.

And the coercion exuded by the two became messy due to the collision.

The coercion is scattered everywhere, but fortunately there are many strong people present.

With a wave of his hand, these pressures were stopped.

Otherwise, ordinary people will be touched by these coercion, and ordinary people may end up physically disabled.

In the center of the field, the situation that everyone thought did not appear.

Even though Shen Ye used such an astonishing sword, and was supplemented by the technique of chess tricks, he still couldn’t win Shen Han.

Under this move, Jianwei has already bounced the two of them away.

Shen Ye, who was thought to have won the game, had a smear of blood on the corner of his mouth.

He actually.


In contrast, Shen Han, who is looked down upon by most people, is fine.

This scene made many strong people present look at each other in dismay.

On the side of the Shen family, Mrs. He’s face was pale, and all her previous complacent expressions had disappeared.

It should be the first time for her to see her son Shen Ye in a fight, and he will end up in such a predicament.

In the past, even when facing other young talents in Wei, Shen Ye was at worst a match.

Where is it like it is now, even injured, with a stream of blood flowing out.

“This disgusting bastard, dare to hurt my family business, I must”


There is still a little bit of the appearance of Mrs. Shen’s family.

The people around watching the competition also turned their heads to look at her, as if they were watching a play.

Watching the excitement, I like to watch such interesting things.

The old lady of the Shen family beside her tried to pull her, but Madam He threw her away.

She seemed to be extremely angry.

According to her opinion, Shen Han should take at most two moves, and then he should be cut down with a single sword.

If you end up physically disabled, you can die instantly.

Instead of fighting back, she also injured her precious son Shen Ye.

Facing Mrs. He’s swearing, Dean Tianyi walked out without hesitation.

He is also capable of cursing and fighting.

What’s more, under the blessing of strength, the voice instantly overwhelmed Mrs. He.

The situation at this moment has gotten a little out of control in the eyes of the Shen family.

Although the old lady of the Shen family is not as aggressive as Mrs. He, her face is equally ugly.

Shen Lingsheng, Shen Lingyong, their faces were as uncomfortable as if they had eaten shit.

Seeing Shen Han fighting against Shen Ye, but not losing the slightest bit.

Shen Lingsheng suddenly remembered the conversation he had with Shen Han before.

At that time, what he said was categorical, that he wanted Shen Han to sacrifice for Shen Ye.

In the words, he also said that the talent potential is not as good as that, and what the future is like.

Please Shen Ye, Shen Ye can take care of him for the rest of his life, let the Shen family provide Shen Han with good food and drink.

But looking at it now, what he said at the time was simply stupid.

Why should Shen Han contribute to Shen Ye?

Is the potential lower than that of Shen Ye?

Do you need to become physically disabled in order to please Shen Ye and see Shen Ye’s face?

Thinking of these, Shen Lingsheng was suddenly in a trance.

At the beginning, why did I want to do this?

The patriarch of the Shen family, Shen Qingshan, proposed that Shen Han and Shen Ye compete.

In fact, he was so sure that Shen Ye would win without a doubt, that Shen Han didn’t even dare to fight Shen Ye.

But right now

In the center of the competition field.

Shen Ye’s eyes were extremely cold, he reached out to wipe off the blood from the corner of his mouth, and wiped it on his clothes casually.

After a while, Shen Ye stood up straight, and his eyes fell on the long sword in his hand.

seems to be taking it seriously, but still can’t win.

Then you have to go all out.

“Want to see what this sword looks like to the extreme?”

Suddenly, Shen Ye inexplicably said a word.

The whole venue became quiet again.

Shen Han ignored him, still the same as before.

“Look, what does this sword look like to the extreme.”

Shen Ye whispered softly, but his whole temperament was changing.

“Swordsman, what is a swordsman.

I should be the swordsman. “

With one sentence, Shen Ye jumped up.

The armor cast by the visions behind him was on his body, and even these visions pushed Shen Ye forward.

And he, Shen Ye, seemed to have completed his transformation, and the coercion emanating from his whole body was a bit frightening.

Many of the people watching around had already stood up, and there were even some well-known experts among them.

“Fourth Grade. The coercion of Shen Ye is definitely the prestige of the Fourth Grade.”

“How old is he, this”

The onlookers couldn’t even help but marvel.

Does this seem to be a competition for young people?

You must know that many gentlemen in the academy are only fourth grade.

At this moment, Shen Ye has already stepped forward.

Being able to control the air is enough to prove his strength of the fourth rank.

Rank 4 is the closest existence to the fairyland.

Stepping into the fourth rank means that the body is strong enough to break into the fairyland. This art of controlling the sky can naturally be easily mastered.

Condescending, Shen Ye already has a natural advantage in facing the enemy with air defense.

But everyone still remembers what he just said.

The ultimate sword.

Shen Ye said that he wanted to see the extreme of this sword.

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