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Chapter 341 fight, Zhu Mingxiang

Chapter 341 Fighting, Zhu Mingxiang

The two have fought against each other for so long, Shen Han has always been at a disadvantage.

But in the end, how could it be Shen Han who won.

Not only the people of Qi State were unconvinced, but even the people of Yan State felt depressed.

Obviously only a little short, how could it end up like this.

In the eyes of many people, luck is at work.

Shen Han pretended to be panting heavily, then looked at Prince Qingyuan’s guard.

This time, before Shen Han opened his mouth, he already understood.

Quickly walked to the center of the field, and brought another carriage back.

There are four full carriages.

As Shen Han thought, just after the fight, he was already somewhat at a disadvantage.

Since they still dare to fight, how could they not dare.

Don’t give Shen Han more time to breathe, Yan Guo’s side.

The carriage full of materials was led up, and another man came up.

A folding fan in his hand, like Mr. Pianpian.

The two confront each other, and this Young Master Yan is also very decent, saluting.

There was a warm smile on his face, but he didn’t speak.

Such an appearance has attracted many women’s attention.

Suddenly, he waved the folding fan in his hand.

The landscape on the fan suddenly appeared.

A high mountain phantom suppresses

Shen Han feigned embarrassment to avoid, and even the sword shadow collided with those phantoms, all of them were shattered.

Everyone in Great Wei has already seen that this young master of the Yan Kingdom is already at the fifth-rank and a half-step realm!

The gap in strength and realm is in front of him. This time, Shen Han should have no chance of winning.

Lost a car of resources this time, and counted, they also won three cars.

Not bad.

Everyone already had expectations in their hearts, but in the venue, Shen Han still persisted.

Countless phantoms are located around the body, pressing every step of the way.

Shen Han had a sad look on his face, and he couldn’t even see any chance of winning.

The sky has begun to darken, and this Young Master Yan seems to want to win earlier and end this farce.

Concentrating his thoughts, he prepared to suppress Shen Han with overwhelming visions.

But at this moment, the long sword in Shen Han’s hand crossed the vision of the mountain.

The blade is sharp and shimmering coldly.

He could already feel the chill on his neck.

Like the young man from Qi before, he just lost in the end.

Seeing this, the guard of Prince Qingyuan rushed in and took away a carriage of materials.

The fifth car

Win two people in a row, although it was a bit difficult to win.

However, the views of people in Yan and Qi countries towards Shen Han have undergone tremendous changes.

This Shen Han is much harder to suppress than imagined.

Even if you are at a disadvantage, this terrifying resilience can still seize the opportunity

But there is no reason for Yan and Qi to be afraid of such a battle of wheels.

Even if Shen Han is slightly stronger than them, it is impossible for him to win all the time.

While thinking about it, Qi State played another person.

The fight lasted for nearly three quarters of an hour, and Shen Han was suppressed in a panic.

But unfortunately, Shen Han won again.

Three consecutive innings, all with the same result.

I didn’t want to believe it in my heart, but everyone began to wonder if Shen Han did this on purpose.

Panting heavily, Shen Han pretended to be embarrassed, and said again: “Is there anyone else who dares to fight me?”

The tone is still so indifferent, but to the ears of everyone in Wei, it is loud and domineering.

Especially these news, this sentence was sent back to the capital of Great Wei, and the people of Great Wei who learned of this, besides being extremely happy, also had a spontaneous sense of honor in their hearts.

In the crowd, a lot of news has already begun to spread.

It is said that the imperial minister Yingtian, Mr. Chu, used his own self-interest to slander Shen Han with bad luck.

Judging from the present, is Shen Han an ominous sign?

He has won back a full six carts of resources for Wei!

If this is also an ominous sign, then I simply don’t know what is auspicious.

The original loyal minister, at this moment, the evaluation began to reverse.

Ming City, in the competition venue.

Shen Han just stood there, looking up at the people from Qi and Yan.

But for a while, no one entered the arena again.

The people of Wei who were watching the game around the competition venue felt really comfortable at the moment.

Relying on his own strength, Shen Han directly won six cars full of materials!

Although counting, Da Wei is still in a state of loss.

But it is not bad to be able to win back so much.

Besides winning back resources, it also allowed Wei to regain face.

If Shen Han hadn’t come to this hand, perhaps in the next few years, not only Qi Yan would look down on Wei.

Even those small countries may not respect Wei as much as before.

“It’s getting late, if there is no one to fight, then this competition will come to an end.”

Shen Han was panting, but his expression was still indifferent.

Win six games in a row, and under the age of 22, who is willing to fight against Shen Han again.

Such a victory across layers and groups is comparable to Shen Ye’s performance four years ago.

The few people who taunted Shen Han before.

The south wind is approaching in the Qi State, and the Yan State wishes Mingxiang, and their faces are a little ugly at this time.

“If there is no one, then I can only go back first.”

While speaking, Shen Han waved his hand, wanting Senior Jinwei to drag back Dawei’s cart of materials.

And just as the senior guard grabbed the reins, the opposite Zhu Mingxiang jumped out.

A long spear in his hand was inserted straight into the stone slab in front of him.

Its momentum is fierce, much stronger than those in front.

“Let me fight you, okay?”

Zhu Mingxiang still had that indifferent expression, but this time, Shen Han was slightly caught in his eyes.

As soon as these words came out, before Shen Han could reply, everyone on Wei’s side started to make noise.

In the words, it was all saying that Zhu Mingxiang was shameless.

Since Shen Han is four years older, she has all the advantages, and the ghost is willing to compete with her.

It seemed that she also felt that her invitation to fight was inappropriate. After thinking about it for a while, she spoke again.

“If I win, I will only win one cart of resources from you. If I lose, then I will lose two carts to you Wei Guo. How about it?”

While Zhu Mingxiang was speaking, everyone on Wei’s side still spoke sarcastically.

She has so many advantages, how can she lose so easily.

“If two cars are not acceptable, then four cars will be used.

Seeing that you have no respect for your elder brother, think about it, you think you are not weaker than him.

He, Shen Ye, dared to fight me. You, Shen Han, should dare too. “

Zhu Mingxiang’s words were still indifferent.

She admired Shen Ye very much. After all, Shen Ye had won her, and she was convinced both physically and mentally.

As for Shen Han, in her heart, it was too far away.

In the competition venue, Shen Han was about to speak.

On the side of Wei, the leader of the Ten Nations Competition came in.

Walking quickly to Shen Han’s side: “Don’t answer her invitation to fight.

This Zhu Mingxiang is already so many years older than you, it is really a comparison, wait for everyone to practice for another 30 years and then compare.

Now, she has too much advantage over you.

One more thing, this Zhu Mingxiang is not only older than you, when it comes to talent, she is also the strongest among so many young people in Yan Kingdom.

Don’t do stupid things. “

Mr. Xie had a look of worry on his face.

Actually, Shen Han’s performance is good enough, there is no need to fight her again.

Let the two countries of Qi and Yan fail to win, and make them panic.

At the same time, Shen Han’s undefeated record will also greatly inspire the hearts of Wei.

Hearing the words of Mr. Wei in front of him, Zhu Mingxiang who was not far away stepped out again.

“If I don’t beat you within two quarters of an hour, then you will win, how about it?

Under these conditions, you only need to dodge the spear in my hand to have a chance of winning.

Besides, when you win, I, Yan Kingdom, will lose you four carriages full of materials. “

Zhu Mingxiang added another condition, which sounds like it would benefit Shen Han a lot.

But the leader beside him had a more serious expression.

“Shen Han, if she dares to invite a fight like this, she must be confident that she can win you within two quarters of an hour.

Don’t be fooled. “

Hearing this, Shen Han showed a smile towards the team leader beside him.

“She has the confidence to surpass me, and I also have the confidence to surpass her.

Thank you sir for your advice, just this time, please let me try. “

Shen Han saluted and spoke sincerely.

And he looked at Shen Han.

His eyes were firm, without any trace of fear.

Although he was still worried, he finally gave in a step.

Shen Han has already won a full six carts of materials for Da Wei, if he is self-willed once, it doesn’t matter if he loses one game.

Besides, Shen Han dared to challenge Zhu Mingxiang, a genius four years older than himself.

This courage alone is enough to be praised.

Having decided, Shen Han looked at Zhu Mingxiang in front of him.

“Please, four carriages, bring them here.”

Shen Han is still indifferent, and he hates the woman named Zhu Mingxiang in front of him even more.

I met her by chance and had nothing to do with each other.

Hearing the conflict between himself and Shen Ye, he began to belittle himself in words.

At the edge of the competition field, four carriages had already been pulled up from the country of Yan.

If Shen Han can win her.

Counting it up, Shen Han won back ten carriages.

In this way, Da Wei no longer lost money in this competition, and still made some money back.

Only, this is only if

“You are a bit stronger than I imagined.

Perhaps this is the reason why you have some confidence and feel that you can beat Shen Ye.

But I still want to warn you that there is still a big gap between you and Shen Ye.

He is the one who has combined the arts of literati and martial arts best over the years.

In the future, there is even the possibility of establishing a sect.

If you hurt him, it will not be good for your Shen family or your Da Wei.

What’s more, you hurt him by using those low-handed methods, using hidden weapons and such things.

If you really have the ability, you are hurting him with your own strength. “

After Zhu Mingxiang finished speaking, he drew out the spear in front of him.

The tip of the gun is like blood, and its majesty can be seen just by looking at it.

Shen Han heard her words, but just smiled lightly.

In her mind, the image of Shen Ye was too tall and perfect.

It seems that only others harm him, and he does not harm others.

Shen Han held the long sword sideways in his hand, and beside him, the sluggish formation had already been activated.

“Miss Zhu, if you lose to him, I will laugh at you forever~

And Shen Ye, don’t even think about surpassing it. “

Not far away, Nan Fenglin of Qi State smiled chicly.

(end of this chapter)

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