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Chapter 338 draw lots, challenge

Chapter 338 Draw lots, challenge

All the people around, from Qi and Yan, all had smiles on their faces.

Take this scene as a joke.

But as soon as this person finished speaking, a person from the crowd of Dawei walked out.

“Our Great Wei dares to use these resources to seek another battle.

But you Qi, Yan, dare you!

Let’s fight against our son Chen Han of Great Wei, how dare you! “

This person looked majestic and solemn, as if there was anger in his heart.

Two rhetorical questions in a row shocked everyone present.

Just for a moment, many people laughed.

“Wei people, I’m a little confused after losing~”

“That’s right, one win in twelve games, no one can accept it.”

The spectators from Qi State and Yan State all looked like they were watching a joke.

The man from Wei who spoke just now took another step forward.

“With the remaining resources, I, Great Wei, seek another battle!

Better than my great Wei young hero Shen Han, you can win one car at a time.

You Yan people, Qi people, dare to take it! “

spoke loudly again, with an extremely serious look on his face.

The smiles on the faces of those laughing just now stopped slightly.

After a while, a middle-aged man from the country of Yan came out.

“You invite a war when you say it? Are you qualified to control these resources?”

This question is indeed on the minds of many people.

After the voice fell, the man from the Great Wei took out a token.

The token shone slightly with golden light, very delicate.

“I am the personal guard of the prince of Qingyuan, and I hold the token granted by the prince himself.

Use this token to convey the meaning of Prince Qingyuan.

At the cost of the remaining materials, let us show off the prestige of our Great Wei! “

While speaking, several guards behind him took a step forward.

Judging from the present, it seems that this person is really capable of controlling the remaining resources of Wei.

Seeing this, the middle-aged man from Yan State, not only did not feel worried, but also felt a little happy.

“Since you are in charge, well, there is no problem.

Isn’t it just an invitation to fight, just come~”

While speaking, the middle-aged man had already started arranging the people who would appear on the stage.

But before he finished speaking, another older senior came out from Qi State.

“The other country Wei didn’t mean to invite you Yan people to fight, but just asked Qi and Yan, who would dare to fight.

I, the Qi State, are in front. Speaking of which, we should be the first to fight. “

The voice fell, but the middle-aged man in Yan Kingdom refused.

“Why do you go first?

I just took the initiative to ask, and naturally it was our Yan Guoxian. “

The two fought in front of everyone, just to compete for the first place to play.

In the eyes of the two, whoever goes out first will basically win this cart of resources.

And the big Wei who lost, I am afraid that he will not continue to invite the battle.

To be precise, this invitation may be the only one.

After a lot of contention, the two sides negotiated and started to draw lots, trying to distinguish who would go first.

Shen Han is nineteen years old, and the two countries do not take advantage of it.

Then let four people under the age of 20 from the two countries draw lots, whoever wins will be the first person to fight.

Two people from Qi State, Peng Nannan and Sheng Fang.

Yan Guo, Gong Ze, Pei Sulan.

At the same time, everyone on Wei’s side looked angry.

He stared at the guard of Prince Qingyuan.

“The prince of Qingyuan relied on himself to be valued by the Holy One, so he acted like this.

With so many fetishes, he will squander them. “

As soon as the words were spoken, the person beside him also answered.

“Others, Shen Han is the proud son of Tianyi Academy, and the Prince of Qingyuan is the backer behind Tianyi Academy.

Take this opportunity, of course he must help Shen Han show his face. “

“Outcropping? Don’t show your butt~

I don’t know what will happen to the common people when this incident is reported to Wei. “

Those great Wei geniuses who participated in the Ten Kingdoms Competition, although they didn’t speak, their expressions were full of contempt.

None of them can win, or even take the next move.

Then Shen Han can catch it?

Although everyone has heard of Shen Han’s name, they are all geniuses, and they often treat each other lightly.

The people of Qi and Yan, as if they were playing around, were drawing lots there.

Looking like that is really insulting everyone in Wei.

These news were also spread to the capital of Great Wei.

It’s past Shenshi, but more and more people gather in the streets and alleys of the capital.

In the words, it is said that Shen Han and Prince Qingyuan should be severely punished.

Da Wei had only a few resources left, and they had to squander them.

In the crowd, after a while, someone began to call Elder Chu’s name again.

Said that he was a loyal minister of the Great Wei. Fortunately, Shen Han was caught out for such an “ominous” disaster.

At present, it only affects the defeat of the Ten Kingdoms Competition. If he is kept again, I am afraid that Wei will encounter a huge disaster.

The crowd gathers and is noisy.

Now, Shen Han is the only one left to lose, exporting resources to this fuse.

Ming City, the competition venue.

Shen Han has already figured everything out at this moment, so all the plans are here.

No wonder, many things that didn’t make sense before can be explained clearly at this moment.

Prince Qingyuan seems to have too much confidence in himself, if he loses.

His series of layouts are all ruined.

However, Prince Qingyuan made a right bet, and he would not lose.

Not long after, those who drew lots also came to the result.

The person caught was Pei Sulan from Yan State.

The woman who used the piano sound to fend off the enemy before.

Shen Han didn’t hesitate, nor did he care about other people’s gazes or slanderous words.

I just need to win these competitions, and all my doubts and “ominous” names will disappear.

Step into the competition venue.

And when Shen Han stepped into the competition venue, the guard of Prince Qingyuan also waved his hand.

Following that, a carriage full of materials and treasures came forward.

If you win Shen Han, you can win another cart full of resources.

The Yan people on the opposite side followed suit and pulled a carriage over.

The bet is in front of you, and if you win, you will have a lot of resources.

“The sky is about to darken, so let’s not win two out of three games. Whoever wins one game will take away the resources.”

The middle-aged man in Yan State proposed.

Prince Qingyuan’s guards looked at Shen Han, who then nodded.

I don’t want to bother to fight one more battle.

Not long after, the surroundings suddenly became quiet.

Everyone’s eyes fell on the center of the venue.

Obviously felt that Shen Han would lose and Pei Sulan would win.

But faintly, I feel a little weird

But on the whole, the mood of Yan people is still relaxed.

It is already spring, and the sky is not so dark so early.

The breeze blows, and it feels a little more comfortable.

Pei Sulan frowned slightly, showing a little more seriousness.

She has always been like this, even in the face of a winning situation, she will ask herself to be cautious.

It’s just being cautious, but in my mind, I still think that I will win without a doubt.

The two salute each other.

(end of this chapter)

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