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Chapter 334 first battle

Chapter 334 The first battle

First battle.

The two sides fought against each other, and the spectators around seemed to be infected, and they all fell silent.

Except for the two people who fought against each other, the powerhouses of all countries are always on guard.

They have to protect the younger generation of their own country at all times, these are the geniuses of the country.

If you are in danger of your life, you have to rescue them immediately.

A gust of breeze blew by, and suddenly, Si Xiaofeng moved first.

Holding a long sword tightly in his left hand, his figure swims like a fish diving into the water.

Lightly and without cloud trace, swinging the sword like a drunken slash.

This junior brother of Qi Lianzong is even stronger than expected.

The strength of the sixth-grade fruit realm is not high, but the power of this move is really amazing.

Of course, it is only Shen Han’s opinion that the strength of the sixth-rank fruit realm is not high.

In the eyes of so many spectators around, it is good enough.

The man opposite him swung a long knife in his hand, and directly fought back with his sword energy.

With ease, the saber aura is extremely violent and very turbulent.

Many strong men couldn’t help being stunned when they saw this scene.

They were wondering if they had such strength at their age.

In the field, the two young people played against each other, and this officially kicked off.

The sword fight before was just an appetizer.

Suddenly, the long sword in Si Xiaofeng’s hand rose again, and this time, it was not as simple as before.

Concentrate your thoughts, and control the sword energy with your hands.

The fierce wind is frightening and chasing wildly.

Qi Lianzong’s best skill is the sword qi when he waves his hands.

In a sense, this is not a sword repair.

Seeing this, many people from Qi State who came here to watch it were sweating from their foreheads.

But Peng Nannan still only used one trick to resist these.

Swing out the long knife, it can swallow several sharp sword qi.

With one move, Qi Guo Peng Nannan seemed to have a hint of initiative to attack.

The figure came suddenly like thunder.

The long knife comes out with the momentum of splitting the mountain, and its momentum is fast.

Si Xiaofeng wanted to use his long sword to fight back, and then approached the enemy with his sword qi.

But when the long knife was hanging in front of him, he realized that it was too late for him to hold the sword.

And those sword qi can’t even break through the sword’s momentum

Everyone held their breath and stared at the competition venue.

In this fight, it seems that Wei Guosi Xiaofeng lost a little too quickly

The young geniuses from other small countries were even more amazed when they saw this scene.

They know that the geniuses of the three big countries are very powerful, and they can’t even catch a single move.

But after seeing other people’s real moves, I feel that I should not be able to take half of the moves.

Si Xiaofeng, who lost a game, returned to his original position, and the gentlemen of Wei who led the team gave him some advice.

After resting for less than a quarter of an hour, the two stepped into the competition venue again.

In the fight like that just now, in the eyes of everyone, Si Xiaofeng should have some chances.

Peng Nannan of Qi State is also in the sixth-rank fruit realm, and there is no difference in strength between the two.

Fighting again, Si Xiaofeng seems to have learned a lesson and changed his strategy against the enemy.

But this time, Peng Nannan of Qi State directly went up with a knife.

The power of law is attached to the long knife, and Si Xiaofeng’s sword energy can’t even block it

The cold blade hung on Si Xiaofeng’s neck.

The entire audience was silent, and even the breathing of the spectators around them stopped.

Only one trick was used, just one trick.

Wei Guo, the genius junior of Qi Lianzong, just lost like this.

Best-of-three, no need for a third game.

Shen Han looked at the deputy dean beside him, he was amazed, apparently even he didn’t see the clue.

Qi State’s sword technique incorporates a little power of law.

It is just a trace, but it is enough to gain a lot of suppression in the same realm.

Of course, this is only one of the reasons why Si Xiaofeng lost.

Shen Han could tell that his own strength was already weaker than Peng Nannan’s.

The power of law is just a means to make him lose faster.

Si Xiaofeng, who returned to the crowd, was a little lost.

When he learned that he could go to the Ten Nations Competition, he was actually a little excited.

Growing up in Qilianzong for many years, he is surrounded by praises and praises.

Si Xiaofeng also thought about losing, but it shouldn’t be like this.

Shou Zhou, gentlemen of the team leader, there is no time to take care of him anymore, he has already lost.

Everyone is discussing the next competition.

If all the young geniuses in Qi are like Peng Nannan.

Geniuses like Wei, I’m afraid they won’t be able to win a match against them.

Shen Han is very familiar with the power of law, if it is not suppressed by the strength of the realm, the power of law is really a rogue.

Especially when dealing with the law of literati, the power of law will be even more powerful.

While thinking about it, Shen Han couldn’t help looking at Rong Shangping beside him.

Ask the vice president if he can let himself take the shot, isn’t he still qualified to be a substitute?

Hearing Shen Han’s words, Rong Shangping just shook his head with a wry smile.

Ten Nations Grand Competition, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Who is willing to give up his chance, the so-called substitute is just a useless title.

In the arena, the competition is still going on.

The second match is Sheng Fang from Qi State, and Pei Sulan from Yan State.

This battle is the sword technique, against the way of rhythm.

The power of law must have miraculous effects when fighting against this kind of literati’s law.

Even if the power of this law is only a slight trace, Pei Sulan will suffer a lot.

The two sides fought against each other, but Yan Guo Pei Sulan was somewhat beyond Shen Han’s expectations.

Between the shot, the sound of the piano condensed into threads, entwined with thousands of threads.

Facing this grand beginning, he actually had the upper hand.

But upon closer inspection, Shen Han understood.

Pei Sulan of Yan State, her strength level is already at the fifth-rank early snow level.

In terms of strength, he surpassed Sheng Fang by a large margin.

The gap between the sixth grade and the fifth grade is still a bit big.

Especially when stepping into the fifth grade, it is because one’s own intention has been accomplished, and there is one’s own intention in the mind.

The gap lies in the fact that the power of law, its suppressive power is indeed not that effective.

Beside, Vice President Rong Shangping also explained to Shen Han.

Compared with Qi and Wei, the biggest advantage of Yan State is its ability to refine medicine, which is a step higher than the two countries.

The Xue family, Yuwen family, and Miao family of Yan State are all great families of refining medicine.

Its medicine refining foundation is profound, and its medicine refining techniques are superb.

In addition to these big families, there are also many smaller alchemy families whose strength should not be underestimated.

This has led to the younger generation of Yan Kingdom, who can enjoy more pill resources since childhood than the younger generation in other countries.

Basically, the younger generation of Yan Kingdom will be slightly stronger.

But in recent years, the younger generation of Yan Kingdom has not only improved their strength and realm.

His accomplishments in martial arts also seem to have improved significantly.

Compared to this, Da Wei has really declined.

Among the competition venues, Yan Guo Pei Sulan won in the end.

The fifth-rank early snow realm has indeed suppressed Qi Shengfang.

But Sheng Fang’s loss was not ugly, and the combination of sword technique and the power of law also caused Pei Sulan to encounter a lot of trouble.

(end of this chapter)

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