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Chapter 329 This ominous omen bad luck for our country, so what should we do?

Chapter 329 This ominous omen bad luck for our country, so what to do

In the words, it was quite obvious that the Great Wei Sage wanted to protect Shen Han.

It’s just that the Minister Yingtian fell to his knees again when he heard what the Great Wei Sheng said.

“Returning to Your Majesty, the old minister knows very well that His Majesty is worried about the younger generations, and he must have a soft heart to protect the young people.

So when I asked the sky yesterday, the old minister asked if there was a compromise.

But it’s really helpless, it’s God’s will.”

Old man Yingtian’s wrinkled face seemed to be worried about the fate of young people.

Faintly, it seems that I still can’t bear it.

“If this son stays in the world for a long time, it will definitely affect the fortune of the country.

If it’s just bad luck for the veteran, it’s fine.

It really hurt the fate of the country, the veteran is the sinner in the mouth of the people of Wei.

Although I lost a young genius, my Great Wei can keep Chang’an. “

Speech, speak generously.

Yan met it seems that Shen Han is not dead, and the Great Wei is about to destroy the country.

Shen Han listened quietly to what the old man Yingtian said.

He is really skillful at using public opinion to suppress himself.

Even, Shen Han is hard to argue for himself, this is the power of the right to speak.

Dean Tianyi beside him also frowned, and the corners of his eyes seemed to be wrinkled because of worry.

Hearing this, Great Wei Shengshang thought for a while, and then stepped towards Shen Han.

“The reason why the Great Wei was able to stand in the world is that it cannot lose the word inheritance.

The younger generation is the future of my great Wei.

If you can’t protect the younger generation of the Great Wei Kingdom, then who should protect my Great Wei’s tomorrow? “

As soon as the voice fell, the old man Yingtian beside him came to answer the conversation again.

“But my lord, what should I do if this ominous omen ruins our country’s destiny?”

Whenever old man Yingtian said these things, his words would be extremely loud.

Let the surrounding people hear it all, so as to coerce these public opinions.

It’s just that when he spoke, he thought everything too easily, thinking that he could hold back the holy will.

A moment later, the Great Wei Shengshang had already walked in front of everyone, with a solemn and serious expression.

“As the lord of the Great Wei alone, his body and heart have already been dedicated to the Great Wei.

Nowadays, an ominous omen falls on my young descendant of the Great Wei Dynasty.

Being the emperor of the Great Wei alone, he has the responsibility to protect the young son of the Great Wei.

As an emperor alone, please tell Mr. Chu to the sky.

Even if Wei Erlang bears a bad omen, Gu will not abandon it.

This ominous, lonely wish to bear! “

Minister Yingtian probably never expected that the Great Wei Sage would have such a remark.

The previous public opinion is still overwhelming, and the ominous sign of Shen Han must be dealt with.

But just these words, the whole situation seems to have changed.

The Great Wei Sage, in the eyes of all the people, was instantly majestic and great.

This is a lord for the country and the people, as his subjects.

Even if you are infected with ominous signs, he will use his imperial aura to cover up these ominous breaths for you.

Such a king, who would not respect him!

“The Ten Kingdoms Competition, the list remains unchanged, you twelve young people shoulder the expectations of the people of the Great Wei, don’t let it down!”


The twelve people responded in unison, and the shouts moved the sky.

Then Great Wei Shengshang stepped on the chariot again and stepped back into the palace wall.

The surrounding people of Great Wei watched even more, and sent Great Wei Sheng to leave.

Shen Han raised his eyes and looked at the old man Ying Tian.

Suddenly, he seemed to turn his head to look at himself, and then narrowed his eyes slightly, showing a cruel look.

In the palace, the Great Wei Sheng waved his hand and asked all the servants to wait outside the palace.

Sitting on a chair casually, only in front of Prince Qingyuan, he, the Holy One, would be so casual.

“Seventeenth brother, you said that there are so many calculating people in the court, how can my sons deal with it?”

While speaking, the Great Wei Sheng sighed even more.

In a high position, with supreme power in his hands.

But it doesn’t mean that he, the Holy One, can grasp everything at his fingertips.

Everyone knows that the most important thing for the ruler of a country is to control people’s hearts.

But unfortunately, controlling people’s hearts is the most difficult method in the world to learn.

Before him, Prince Qingyuan nodded slightly.

“Ever since Brother Huang released the news that he was ill, all kinds of ghosts and snakes have started acting like demons.”

“Yes, I have been with Gu for so many years, and I am really reluctant to let Gu take action against them.

It’s a pity that the Great Wei has not advanced but retreated in national strength in recent years.

If Gu doesn’t do anything else, I’m afraid the country will perish. “

Great Wei Sheng sighed again, and there seemed to be some regret in his words.

It’s just regrets, regrets, he will not care about anything in front of core interests.

“Great Wei has a deep foundation. Although it will be affected, it will not be like what you said, Brother Huang.”

Hearing this, the expression of the Great Wei Sheng was slightly relieved.

“Tomorrow, Mr. Chu will have other means, and when the time comes, he will do what he wants.

Make complete arrangements for the following things. It is best to solve this old guy this time.

If he brakes with a standstill, we give him a push. “

Prince Qingyuan bowed and nodded: “Your brother understands.”

“The old guy has been getting more and more aggressive in recent years, and advised him to enjoy his old age peacefully, so he insisted on messing around like this.

I don’t know if he was stunned, thinking that he could really talk to the sky and accept the meaning of the sky.

Don’t even think about it, there is only one piece of heaven in the Great Wei, and that is Gu. “

After finishing speaking, the Great Wei Sheng waved his hand, indicating that Prince Qingyuan could go down.

Today’s words in front of people really made the image of the Great Wei Sage a bit more stalwart.

With the help of caring people, the fact that the Holy One protects young students has been spread throughout the Wei Dynasty.

Among the younger generation, the prestige of the Great Wei Sage has risen step by step.

Tianyi Academy.

After what happened today, Dean Tianyi breathed a sigh of relief.

In the attic, Dean Tianyi, Mr. Zhong Nan.

The faces of the two finally relaxed, not as sad as yesterday.

“In a few days, it will be the ten-nation competition, and the strength of the fifth-rank beginner snow realm will not be too bad.”

Compared to the dean’s self-confidence, Shen Han pursed his lips and smiled.

“Maybe tomorrow, there will be some troubles again. It’s better for the students to be calm.”

Seeing that Shen Han wasn’t interested, Dean Tianyi didn’t say much about it.

Just with a smile on his face, he took out a long sword.

The scabbard has been carefully embellished, and it seems to have an elegant texture.

“Accept it, this long sword was made of the Heavenly Phoenix Stone that you won in the academy competition last time.

If it is suitable, let’s take it to shine in the Ten Nations Competition. “

After taking the long sword, Shen Han thanked him with a smile.

Coincidentally, the long sword in my hand now has the entry [poisonous to the soul].

In ordinary times, it is very inappropriate to take it out and use it.

Backing into the house, Shen Han thought carefully about this ten-nation competition.

After this trouble, my pressure will be even greater.

If Dawei’s trip is defeated, his ominous reputation will be confirmed even more

(end of this chapter)

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