Tianjiao Retired, I Extracted the Entry To Practice

Chapter 320 Luo Zuchen, a must-kill move

Chapter 320 Luo Zuchen, a must-kill move

Shen Han actually studied carefully, his ability to extract and apply entries.

Right now, with my mysterious ability, I can only observe and add an entry.

That is to say, an item already has an entry crowned on it, so before you want to add an entry, you have to extract the original entry.

Shen Han also tried to see if he could improve his amazing ability.

I just thought about it for a long time, but I couldn’t figure out how to improve this ability.

But Shen Han actually had some guesses in his heart, this ability must be improved.

After all, how can an item have only one entry attribute.

The entries I have observed so far are all the most prominent attributes of its objects.

As for other attributes, they are naturally the attributes left by itself.

It is like putting the word “sharp” on a sword made of refined iron.

There is still a huge difference between falling on a sword made of thick iron.

But if it is my ability to extract entries, it can be more subtle.

Two or more entries can be observed

Then his own strength can be leapfrogged in one step.

After applying the entry of [Poison into the Essence], Shen Han picked up the long sword and tried to cut a sword.

The plant that was cut and injured by the blade.

But in the blink of an eye, the whole plant withered quickly.

The orange entry is really scary.

When putting away the sword, Shen Han himself was as careful as possible.

This poison, even if a small cut is made lightly, it will be life-threatening.

After everything was arranged, Shen Han set off for Anyang City.

After traveling for about four hours, Shen Han received the sound transmission.

The sound transmission was sent by Dean Tianyi, and the voice was extremely urgent.

He just received a message from Su Jinyu.

Luo Zuchen has the skill of scrolling incarnation, which can place the avatar everywhere.

And this so-called various places are the various roads that Shen Han took from the extreme south to the Great Wei.

If Shen Han fell in the extreme south, that would be fine.

But Shen Han came back by luck, so no matter what, he couldn’t let Shen Han go.

Hearing this, Shen Han immediately became vigilant.

After thinking about it, I even felt that a detour might be an excellent choice.

Just not far back.

Among the weeds in the distance, a picture scroll is slowly unfolding.

When the picture scroll was unfolded, the underside instantly ignited.

Fireworks engulfed the entire picture scroll, and under the annihilation, a phantom walked out from the position of the picture scroll.

It is different from the avatar that Shen Ye summoned with the method of a painter.

Luo Zuchen’s picture scroll incarnation can completely see his appearance, and even the joking expression on his face can be clearly seen.

“Over the years, this old man has probably killed forty or fifty geniuses.

You should be the hardest ones to get rid of.

It took the old man a lot of thought. “

The phantom of Luo Zuchen in front of him approached Shen Han while talking.

But Shen Han didn’t give him a chance to fish in troubled waters, he took a step forward, and he took a step back.

“The land in the extreme south didn’t let you die there, and the old man even wanted to praise you a few words.

It’s just that the better your performance, the more likely you are to die.

Everything, just stop here. “

As Luo Zuchen spoke, something in the shape of a bamboo stick suddenly appeared in his hand.

“Stop struggling.

Fifth grade strength, it is impossible to be the opponent of the old man’s incarnation.

In addition, the biggest advantage of the old man’s ability to come to this point is to seek stability in everything.

The avatars waiting for you in other paths, the old man has already summoned them.

Even if you have some treasures on you, the old man can’t deal with you with one incarnation, what about ten? “

Luo Zuchen walked towards Shen Han calmly.

Seeking stability in everything is the first principle of his practice.

The more Shen Han showed his potential, the more he had to die.

“Since your calamity appeared, the condition of Ye’er’s child has indeed deteriorated a lot.

The old man can feel his upset.

Especially, you even shot to assassinate Ye’er.

It really shocked the old man. “

The weird bamboo stick-like thing in his hand was swung out, and there was a cloud of red mist ripples, which agitated.

“The old man once asked Ye’er, what kind of death did you end up in this disaster, so that he can feel relieved?

Ye’er’s words, I hope that your meridians will be cut off, and you will watch yourself die bit by bit

You deserved this death for your elder brother. “

The words were full of calm, Luo Zuchen really seemed to be speaking to a dying person.

“Zhaoyang, Cun Duan.”

With an order to drink, the red mist turned into ripples, as if it had heard the order.

rose up instantly and turned into spikes.

Luo Zuchen, as he himself said, seeks stability in everything.

During the shot, there is no reserve.

【Zhaoyang】method is already the strongest move that his paper figurine incarnation can use.

The spikes are like the gap between light and shadow, like lightning and thunder.

Around Shen Han’s body, the hysteresis formation has already been activated.

Even if it has the effect of formation, the spikes formed by the condensed red mist are also extremely fast.

Gu Feng stepped on the snow with all his strength.

Fortunately, I stepped into the fifth-rank half-step realm, and the pace was fast, and I got a step-up improvement.

Shen Han frowned, his eyes were abnormally focused.

The person in front of me is the incarnation of a strong man in the fairyland.

Fairyland is a leap-forward level gap.

The red mist spikes are also full of terrifying threats.

With the strength of my own body, I am afraid that just touching a tiny thing is enough to make me uncomfortable.

My mind sank: “Flying to the sky full of sword power!”

Suddenly, countless sword shadows condensed in the sky.

Then the sword shadow slashed towards the red mist and the picture scroll incarnation.

I tried my best to summon the sword shadow with the strength of the fifth-rank and half-step realm, but there was still a little hindering effect.

The sword shadow will shatter into shadows when it touches the red mist.

Shen Han’s eyes became more and more serious.

Perhaps only with the power of law can we resist these visions of Luo Zuchen.

The sword shadow he summoned did not pose any threat at all.

Within a few breaths, Luo Zuchen’s move failed, which also made him more serious.

He can already feel that Shen Han’s strength has gone up to a higher level.

“Where did you learn the evil method that can improve your strength so quickly.

Obviously a few months ago, it was still at the beginning of the fifth grade snow.”

Luo Zuchen felt very lucky, glad that he chose to cut the grass and root out the roots.

If the heart is really big, let Shen Han grow up at will.

The troubles he will face in the future are probably fatal.

“But the fifth-rank half-step realm is still not enough.”

Luo Zuchen’s picture scroll incarnation spoke softly, and in his thoughts, there was more killing intent.

“Qundun, Chifenruo, Shetige, Shanyan, Zhixu, Dahuangluo, Duncan, Xieqia, Jitan, Zuoyi, Xiomao, Dayuanxian.

The twelve branches of the earth veins, start with the mind, and give it to cut. “

One thought takes away its vitality.

Luo Zuchen was worried about the variables. In his opinion, this move should be a surefire move.

(end of this chapter)

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