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Chapter 300 See Shi Yuezhu

Chapter 300 See Shi Yuezhu

The person who came to question Shen Han angrily before, blamed Shen Han.

The expression on his face at the moment is still a bit ugly.

Perhaps in his heart, Su Jinyu still felt that it was understandable for Shen Ye to attack Shen Han.

is normal.

After all, Shen Han has always made Shen Ye unhappy, and he has resentment in his heart. It is reasonable to treat Shen Han like this.

And if Shen Han dared to stab Shen Ye, that would be a heinous crime.

It is ruthless and unrighteous, it is an act of disregarding family affection and immorality.

Su Jinyu really thinks this way in his heart, but it seems that he still has a shred of shame when he wants to say it.

Seeing that Su Jinyu stopped talking, Shen Han didn’t let her go.

Take a step forward and move a little closer.

“Miss Su was so upright just now, why is she silent now?

What disregards family affection, what is ruthless.

Is it just a double standard in my heart?

Some things, if Shen Ye did it, it is justifiable.

Others have committed a heinous crime.

I can only say that fortunately, the right to decide what is fair in the world is not in your hands.

Could it be otherwise, I don’t know how many unjust, false and wrongly decided cases will emerge in the world. “

After scolding, Su Jinyu’s face flushed a little, but he couldn’t think of how to reply to these words.

“Does Miss Su have anything else to say?

If not, please don’t waste any more time.

Before this trip, I came to visit the Lord of Moon Bamboo Peak, so I don’t have time to mess around with you here! “

Su Jinyu’s face was so ugly that he seemed to want to defend himself, but before he could speak, Shen Han took over the conversation again.

“Miss Su, don’t think that elder brother Shen Ye is so wronged, he has suffered a lot of injustice.

Brother Shen Ye brought more troubles to others than the troubles he himself suffered. “

Hearing these words, Su Jinyu seemed a little unable to listen.

“In the world, the weak are preyed upon by the strong. When they encounter difficulties and troubles, it is only because of their lack of strength.

Could it be that Brother Shen Ye can be blamed for all this? “

“This statement is reasonable, and the elder brother Shen Ye was assassinated, so naturally he can only blame himself for his lack of strength.

How about other things? “

Su Jinyu’s chest heaved up and down with anger from being choked up like this.

In the eyes of other men, this scene may feel a little ambiguous.

But from Shen Han’s point of view, Su Jinyu was just annoying.

“To be honest, Miss Su’s generosity is really admirable.

Brother Shen Ye treats you like that. I didn’t expect Miss Su to still hold him back, and always think of him in her heart.

So magnanimous, come to think of it, if elder brother Shen Ye drags down the entire Su family, Ms. Su should not be angry with him.

My elder brother is **** in my heart, and I think of everything for his good.

I just don’t know, my elder brother, have I thought about you. “

Every word and sentence is full of heart-breaking words.

In Shen Han’s words, he mentioned the Su family and how Shen Ye treated her.

All made Su Jinyu extremely uncomfortable.

Originally, she had already forgotten a lot of unpleasant things, but now, she was brought up by Shen Han again.

While speaking, Su Jinyu raised his eyes to look at Shen Han.

“I know that every step you take will become smoother after passing the New Year’s Eve.

You have surpassed me, Su Jinyu. I admit that your strength is indeed stronger than mine.

But in the college competition, what you won was just a clone of Big Brother Shen Ye.

I don’t know why the elders are all praising you.

But in my opinion, Su Jinyu, you will never win against Big Brother Shen Ye.

Even if you are given time to catch up, the distance between the two will only grow further and further. “

When Shen Han heard this, his expression didn’t change.

What Su Jinyu thinks of herself, she doesn’t care at all.

“Miss Su doesn’t need to say any more, I’m here just to visit Lord Moon Bamboo Peak.”

Seeing that Shen Han didn’t want to talk to him, Su Jinyu didn’t mention these anymore.

“Master, she is resting, and now she has to recover from her injuries every day, so it is inconvenient to see guests.

Master said that she has received your visit request, and we will talk again after he recovers. “

Su Jinyu replied with some indifference in his words.

“Master Moon Bamboo Peak, is she seriously injured?”

Although he was trying his best to restrain himself, Shen Han still showed a hint of worry unconsciously.

Hearing this question, Su Jinyu was slightly surprised.

When Shi Yuezhu explained to her, he mentioned that Shen Han would ask questions.

Even the tone and feeling are predictable.

According to the answer arranged by Shi Yuezhu, Su Jinyu spoke again: “Master’s injury is not serious, but needs more rest and recuperation.

It is not a good thing for Master that you disturb me like this. “

Hearing this, Shen Han thought about it for a moment, and handed over the gift given by Principal Tianyi to Su Jinyu.

“This is a gift from Headmaster Tianyi, please pass it on to Master Yuezhu Peak.”

After hesitating for a moment, Shen Han looked at Su Jinyu again.

“Miss Su should know that I learned some medical skills in Xiaochi’s secret realm, okay?”

“No need, our doctor from Xiaoyao Peak has already seen it.

How to heal has basically been clarified. “

After Su Jinyu said something, he was ready to go back.

It seems that when she came out, she mainly talked about Shen Ye with herself.

Involved in Shi Yuezhu’s matter, but in a few words, he dismissed himself.

While thinking about it, the more Shen Han thought about it, the more he felt something was wrong.

After a while, Shen Han sat directly in the courtyard.

“Miss Su Jia, please tell Master Yuezhu Peak that Shen Han is waiting here. If I don’t see you today, I will wait until Master Yuezhu Peak recovers and meet once before leaving.”

Hearing what Shen Han said, Su Jinyu was a little surprised.

She has also heard that Shen Han has a steady temper and always keeps etiquette.

But today, it is clearly meant to be sarcastic.

“It’s up to you, just wait if you want.”

After saying a word coldly, Su Jinyu walked into the room in the courtyard.

Seeing this, Shen Han was not annoyed.

Just sat and waited like this, very patient.

The courtyards here are all built on the top of the mountain, and there is always a breeze blowing around.

It is late autumn at this time, and every gust of wind seems to grab a large piece of fallen leaves.

Occasionally, some withered and yellow bamboo leaves fell on his shoulders, but Shen Han didn’t care about it, and just sat like this.

You hour, the sky was slightly dark.

Shen Han raised his head, not far away, Shi Yuezhu appeared in front of him fully dressed.

She who never wears makeup, today, she actually put on some makeup.

Then he waved his hands, telling everyone around him to leave first, and talk to Shen Han himself.

“Is your injury serious?”

Shi Yuezhu walked to the stone chair beside him and sat down gently.

Judging from this body shape, there is no sign of injury at all.

“It’s just a loss of blood, don’t worry too much

I’m just a little tired, not for any other reason, so I declined your visit. “

There is no need for Shen Han to say anything, Shi Yuezhu has already guessed what Shen Han is thinking.

“In Xiaochi’s secret realm, I also learned some medical skills, can I show you.”

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