Tianjiao Retired, I Extracted the Entry To Practice

Chapter 287 It's my turn

Chapter 287 It’s my turn

Among those who cared about him, Mr. Zhong Nan and Shi Yuezhu were already injured.

Before he was on the defensive, it was time for him to act.

Backing to his own room, Shen Han began to plan carefully.

According to what Mr. Zhong Nan said, Shen Ye’s previous practice routine was usually to comprehend the methods of literati practice for one month, and then switch to martial arts practice for one month.

For others, such half-hearted, inability to focus, is likely to accomplish nothing.

But Shen Ye is on two roads, and has achieved some accomplishments.

After stepping into the fifth-rank realm, Shen Ye slightly changed his practice methods.

Will participate in more outings than before.

After all, the fifth rank is for practitioners to temper their bodies and prepare their bodies for stepping into the fairyland.

Shen Ye wanted to step from the fifth-rank half-step realm to the fifth-rank fruitful realm, so he couldn’t avoid it by exercising his body.

In the east of the capital, a little closer than the last academy competition, Shanhai Academy has a training ground here.

Here is arranged in a formation, and there are many things for experience.

Why Shanhai Academy has always been the top school in Wei Dynasty.

This is the background, not only the rich collection of books, but also the great teaching Mr. Xi.

This kind of thing that allows academy students to simulate their experience is extremely beneficial to students.

With the existence of these things, Shanhai Academy has a great advantage in cultivating students.

During this period, Shen Ye basically went to that venue to experience it every five days or so.

Leaving the capital, there will be a suitable opportunity to make a move.

Regarding this plan, Shen Han has actually thought it through very clearly.

The core of the plan is to attack and kill them unexpectedly.

In addition, like Shen Ye’s attack on himself, it cannot be seen by the public and cannot be known by the public.

Between me and him, on the surface, we are all descendants of the Shen family.

Brothers killing each other is a very serious problem in terms of the etiquette and law of the Wei Dynasty.

But between myself and Shen Ye, there is no brotherhood, only you and me fighting to the death.

He and his master have repeatedly tried to kill themselves.

If I can have the strength I have today, I won’t let them be so easy again.

As long as you leave the capital and make a sneak attack yourself, you will have many opportunities.

On the second day, Shen Han found Dean Tianyi again.

Ask him to take him to see the training ground of Shanhai Academy.

Shen Han’s reasons are very good, he just went to experience it, and take a look at the cultivation method of Shanhai Academy.

Dean Tianyi did not refuse this request.

Without even delaying, she set off immediately with Shen Han.

The practice venue set up by Shanhai Academy is very close to the capital, and it can be reached in a quarter of an hour at most.

Arriving at the training venue, Shen Han began to look around.

This place is actually quite big, almost half the size of Tianyi Academy.

Every area is guarded by Mr. Xi from Shanhai Academy.

It should be to protect the college students from danger, and to rescue them in time.

It is not only the students of the fifth rank who come here, as long as the students have the need for physical training, they will actually come here to practice.

moved a little closer.

Immediately, a person from Shanhai Academy stepped forward.

“Please stop, both of you, this is the place where you can practice in Shanhai Academy”

It’s actually quite polite to talk to someone.

That is to say, if you are not from Shanhai Academy, don’t come.

Dean Tianyi’s expression was not very good-looking, but he restrained himself.

Shen Han didn’t intend to compete with this person, and just stayed a little far away to observe.

The two are farther away.

If you can’t walk into this kind of experience venue, go and see it with your own eyes, take a look.

It is difficult to see some mystery.

Observing from a distance, apart from knowing that this is a place for experience, I can’t get anything else.

“Tianyi Academy is indeed lacking in these.

It is my fault that the dean, the old man, failed to give you such a condition.”

Shen Han’s current talent potential, he is naturally worthy of these treatments.

It’s just Tianyi Academy, after all, its background is insufficient.

Seeing Dean Tianyi’s guilty look, Shen Han quickly smiled and waved his hands.

“Dean, where do you want to go, I just came to have a look.

Compared to this, the effect of this practice place is far inferior to the experience of unknown secret realms.

I don’t need such a condition. “

Shen Han did not speak nonsense.

This kind of training place can bring limited benefits.

But it has a very big advantage, that is, it is safe to practice in this kind of place.

Hearing what Shen Han said, Dean Tianyi only thought that Shen Han was comforting himself.

Only this time, Dean Tianyi really thought too much.

Shen Han came here just to step on the spot.

There are many teachers and people in this training venue.

The opportunity to make a move by yourself should be on the way.

Thinking about this, Shen Han told the dean to go back.

It takes only a quarter of an hour along the way, and the distance is very short.

Shen Han kept observing, looking for an excellent ambush place.

On the way back, Dean Tianyi stopped by and told Shen Han about visiting Xiaoyao Peak.

The other side has agreed, but it will take another half a month to receive it.

Xiaoyao Peak is a holy place for sword cultivators. In order to keep it clean, the number of foreign visitors is indeed limited.

Shen Han nodded, indicating that he knew.

Back to Tianyi Academy, Shen Han immediately got into his room.

Start working on the details of planning.

There are people guarding in the capital, and there are people guarding in the place of experience.

The distance to and from is very short, and there are few opportunities to act.

But because of the short distance, it is more likely to be taken lightly.

After thinking for a long time, Shen Han finally made a decision, and chose the location of the shot to be in the middle of the road.

With a serious expression, thinking about every link, whether there will be any mistakes.

Things in the world are not as good as man’s calculation.

Shen Han thought through the planning of each step clearly, but he still understands that this is by no means guaranteed to succeed.

Plans struggle to keep up with change.

Every step, there may be mistakes, which may lead to planning errors.

For example, when going out, Shen Ye should go with other students in case.

Or maybe he was just being cautious to the limit, and even this part of the journey was protected by someone.

Even, he temporarily changed this habit and did not go to the training place

Shen Han didn’t set his psychological expectations very high.

My plan this time is still to protect my own safety as the first priority.

If the timing is not right, then I would rather miss it than make a rash move.

It has been more than five days since I returned to the capital last time.

Shen Han has learned that Shen Ye went to the training venue of Shanhai Academy this time as usual.

It seemed that Luo Zuchen was relatively assured of Shen Ye’s safety and did not follow him.

After confirming these, Shen Han asked Dean Tianyi to let him watch Luo Zuchen for him.

In the past few days, I want to find a secluded place outside the capital to meditate.

Principal Tianyi did not refuse. Many people have the habit of going to the wild for quiet enlightenment.

By the way, he also recommended one to Shen Han. His secret location is very secret, just around the capital.

(end of this chapter)

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