Tianjiao Retired, I Extracted the Entry To Practice

Chapter 267 It almost grew on you, Master.

Chapter 267 almost grew on you, Master

The sky was slightly brighter, and the three of them set off again.

In the carriage, Su Jinyu began to talk about the secret realm.

The Su family stationed a lot of troops in the northern part of the Great Wei Dynasty, and the officers and soldiers of the army came and went everywhere, running around.

It is inevitable that you will encounter some secret places.

The strength of the soldiers naturally did not dare to explore.

Moreover, with their strength, whether they can break through the mystery of the entrance is still a question mark.

After the soldiers in the army issued these, most of them would report to the generals in exchange for a huge reward.

Many of the secret realms that Su Jinyu experienced were obtained through this method.

“At the beginning of October last year, I and Shen Ye.

I have come to this secret realm to practice before.”

Su Jinyu wanted to say Big Brother Shen Ye, but when the words came to his lips, he swallowed them anyway.

“At that time, we only cracked the first pass, and after entering, we harvested a lot of high-quality pills and excellent magic weapons.

He stayed here for about ten days.

Neither Shen Ye nor I could go any further.

But it is clear that even the outermost treasure is so precious.

It is definitely a treasure in the world.

After returning from the secret realm, I have been thinking about ways to crack the secret realm, and now I finally have some ideas.

This trip will make you gain a lot. “

Su Jinyu was talking beside him.

She thought that when she mentioned Shen Ye’s name, Shen Han might feel uncomfortable and unhappy.

But in fact, Shen Han didn’t react at all.

She didn’t care at all who she went to the secret realm with.

The carriage moved forward, and at about noon, it finally reached its destination.

Leave the horse by a stream in a valley.

There is water and grass around, but the horse will not be hungry.

It is difficult to determine how long it will take to explore the secret realm.

Going up along the creek, according to Su Jinyu’s words, the entrance to the secret realm is at a confluence upstream of the creek.

Shen Han walked forward, Su Jinyu seemed to want to say something to Shi Yuezhu.

Gently pulled Shi Yuezhu, letting his master walk slowly with him.

Su Jinyu finally decided to speak when he was far away from Shen Han.

“You child, why are you talking like crazy.

You must know that the most taboo thing to experience outside is mutual suspicion.

If you lack trust in Shen Han, it is easy to be in danger in the secret realm.

Besides, Shen Han’s character is upright, you really can’t do it today Yu, questioning him like this. “

Before he could speak, Shi Yuezhu attacked with some criticism.

But this time, Su Jinyu didn’t argue, and slowed down, before speaking.

“Master, today Yu is not worried that Shen Han will forget his righteousness for profit, or frame us for treasure.

Rather than”

Shi Yuezhu was a little helpless: “What is that because, is it because you are worried that Shen Han will do something wrong to you?

Don’t worry, Master is here and will protect you.

And judging from all signs, Shen Han has no such criminal record. “

Su Jinyu shook his head again.

“Master, I’m not worried that he has any bad thoughts about me, he has no intentions about me.

It’s you, Master, it’s Shen Han who has strange thoughts about you, Master. “

These words were said with extreme seriousness, which scared Shi Yuezhu.

On the face full of tenderness, surprise and red rhyme quickly climbed up.

“What nonsense are you talking about, kid”

Shi Yuezhu was nervous, flustered, and even a little bit at a loss.

For a moment, she thought there was something between herself and Shen Han.

Su Jinyu already knew everything, but after calming down a little, Shi Yuezhu also recovered.

Su Jinyu’s words mean that Shen Han has something wrong with him.

Just talking about Shen Han.

Fortunately, Shi Yuezhu’s reaction actually made sense.

After all, Shi Yuezhu was so surprised by a young junior, it is reasonable.

“Master, Jinyu is not talking nonsense.

Along the way, I have been paying attention to Shen Han.

Before, I felt that he had a different feeling towards you, Master.

For example, when he was at Tianyi Academy, the tone he spoke to you felt very strange

Between the words, it seems that a little tenderness has been added to it.

But when talking to other people, it’s not like that at all. “

Su Jinyu talked about his own basis, but just based on this point, it doesn’t make much sense.

Shi Yuezhu also shook his head: “I have protected him as a teacher, and he is grateful for my teacher. Maybe it’s just that you misunderstood this rain.”

Su Jinyu shook his head quite firmly.

“A few days ago, after Shen Han was injured, Master and I went to visit Shen Han together.

I happened to meet Mrs. Yun’s family.

Master, take a look at Madam Yun’s attitude towards you. At that time, I just thought that Madam Yun was too polite to you, Master.

But now combine that with today’s findings.

Ms. Yun clearly has impure thoughts, she must have felt that Shen Han is interested in you, Master, and wants to please you, Master. “

I have to say that Su Jinyu can guess a little bit.

Except for some details, I really guessed a lot.

“I have been looking at Shen Han for the past two days, and he is relatively restrained in front of people.

Only from the corner of the eye occasionally, secretly looking at Master.

But last night, his eyes were unscrupulous under the moonlight.

It almost grew on you, Master. “

Obviously, she couldn’t see any clues about the court affairs.

Why is she so sharp-eyed when it comes to this kind of thing

“Master, this Shen Han’s character is not that good, judging from these things.

He is clearly a lustful person.

Although he is serious now, he doesn’t know how much bad water is in his mind. “

Su Jinyu’s comments completely stunned Shi Yuezhu.

“Jin Yu, your words are too exaggerated.

As a teacher, I feel that Shen Han is pretty good, and he will not be a lewd person.

Take ten thousand steps back and say, even if it is Jinyu, what you said is true.

Shen Han is really a teacher.

In terms of emotion and reason, he doesn’t seem to be wrong.

Didn’t do anything beyond the bounds. “

Hearing Shi Yuezhu’s words, Su Jinyu was stunned for a moment, then frowned.

It seems that my master is right.

There was nothing wrong with Shen Han’s words and deeds, and he was even very polite.

Like last night, he directly avoided suspicion, got off the carriage and meditated outside to rest.

After looking at Shi Yuezhu a few more times, there was nothing wrong.

Thinking of this, Su Jinyu pursed her lips, as if she was too sensitive.

Master looks so good-looking, it seems really normal to want to look at him a few more times.

Faintly, Su Jinyu felt his emotions.

Maybe Shen Han didn’t even want to look at him twice, which made him jealous

Shi Yuezhu patted Su Jinyu lightly, telling her not to be suspicious.

Su Jinyu nodded.

In the capital, when Su Jinyu went out, there were many men looking at him.

It is also impossible to say that others have bad character just because they looked at themselves a few more times.

Submit your thoughts a little, the experience has just begun.

If Shen Han really has evil intentions, he can definitely catch him.

(end of this chapter)

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