Tianjiao Retired, I Extracted the Entry To Practice

Chapter 266 Now, she's skeptical with reason

Chapter 266 Now, she has reasonable doubts

Su Jinyu heard this, and secretly wrote it down.

As a member of the Su family, she naturally has to worry about the affairs of the Su family.

Now, she actually understands what her father said.

Su Zhensheng said before that Shen Han is suitable for stepping into the court, but Su Jinyu didn’t quite understand this.

She was even skeptical in her heart, but after this simple conversation, her understanding of Shen Han had undergone a huge change.

I thought a lot before, and found out a lot of reasons that might lead to the decline of the Su family.

But looking at it now, it’s not even as good as Shen Han’s casual words.

The things I think about are simply minor details, which are difficult to affect the overall situation.

She, Su Jinyu, doesn’t have a deep understanding of the judgment of the court.

Seeing Su Jinyu’s worried expression, Shi Yuezhu waved his hands again and again.

“Don’t talk about these court affairs, people who practice, still need to concentrate.

The same is the practice of kendo, so you can talk about the troubles you encountered during the practice.

Both of you are young geniuses of this generation, and there are a lot of things that can be exchanged if you think about it. “

Shi Yuezhu looked at Su Jinyu, and then at Shen Han.

For a moment, Su Jinyu was not obsessed with Su family affairs, and looked at Shen Han: “On the day you competed with me, you summoned countless sword shadows, and even every sword shadow was extremely fierce.

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot.

But those sword shadows seem to be visions, but they don’t seem to be.

On the contrary, it is more like the power comprehended by the strong in the rumors.

Can you tell me, what is that sword shadow? “

Su Jinyu’s tone was sincere, with a serious look on his face.

After losing to Shen Han, she was really curious about this move.

In terms of kendo talent, Su Jinyu has always been conceited. Even after losing to Shen Han, she still boasted that she had excellent kendo talent.

But for this trick, I can’t even understand it, let alone comprehend its essence.

When Shen Han heard her question, his expression was as calm as before.

replied with two words: “No.”

The refusal was clean and clear.

In the carriage, suddenly fell into silence and embarrassment.

Shen Han refused to mention Su Jinyu, he was really not polite at all, not even the slightest bit of relief.

Seeing this, Shi Yuezhu quickly answered the conversation with a gentle smile on his face.

“Practitioners, everyone has their own secrets.

The secret in your heart today, naturally you don’t want to share it with others.

Let’s talk about other things, and exchange and exchange the methods of practice.

It is impossible to be able to get to this point without doubts or obstacles, right? “

Hearing what her master said, Su Jinyu muttered, with anger written on his face.

“It’s not that he doesn’t want to share with others, he just doesn’t want to tell me.

If Master asked him, he would definitely agree. “

Hearing Su Jinyu’s angry words, Shi Yuezhu repeatedly comforted her.

“Shen Han finally comprehended the secret method, so naturally no one said it, and the master asked, and the result was the same.

When you two are talking, don’t talk about those sensitive spiritual insights, that’s appropriate. “

Shi Yuezhu had just finished speaking, before Su Jinyu could answer, Shen Han answered instead.

“If Lord Moon Bamboo Peak wants to know about those sword shadows, I am willing to share them.”

A simple sentence made Su Jinyu even more angry, which was clearly aimed at herself on purpose.

Shi Yuezhu, who was sitting beside her, was very helpless.

With a look of helplessness on her face, her starry eyes looked at Shen Han, as if Shen Han had bullied her.

Shi Yuezhu seemed to be gentle, but his current appearance is even more pitiful.

“Don’t bully Jin Yu, okay?”

Shi Yuezhu said softly, seeing this, Shen Han could only pursed his lips and nodded in response.

“Jin Yu’s kendo talent does have many advantages.

A lot of comprehensions, even my master, I think I’m a step behind.

Under mutual communication, the two of you will gain something. “

Shi Yuezhu took a serious look again, and the two of them started to talk about the serious matter of kendo practice.

The communication between geniuses will be less meaningless.

There is no need to say some redundant explanations, just point out a little, and you can understand the meaning of the words.

To be honest, Su Jinyu and Shen Han talked about swordsmanship, and she felt very happy.

There is a feeling of finding a bosom friend, and Shen Han can easily point out to her wherever she encounters difficulties and obstacles.

Shen Han can also give extremely objective comments on the ideas and insights she put forward.

Compared to Shen Ye, Su Jinyu even felt that the chat with Shen Han was a bit more enjoyable.

The only uncomfortable thing is that every time Shen Han speaks, he looks at his master from the corner of his eye.

Maybe Shen Han didn’t even notice that he made such a small move himself.

The doubts that had been dispelled towards Shen Han surged up again.

The carriage stopped for a while on the way, and the three of them were going to have some meals.

Shi Yuezhu was a little surprised, saying that he wanted to taste grilled fish.

Hearing what her master said, Su Jinyu felt very strange.

She has gone out with her master so many times to practice, but she has never seen such a request from her master.

Before she could reply, Shen Han actually ran to catch fish

Su Jinyu followed behind, Shen Han was holding a branch in his hand.

In the creek not far away, every time he makes a shot, there will be an extra fish on the branch.

After a while, Shen Han came back with the fish.

Shi Yuezhu has set up a fire, put the fish directly on it, and it can be grilled.

Seeing this scene, Su Jinyu felt that she didn’t know how to speak.

Why, there is such a tacit understanding between my master and Shen Han.

Fish in small streams generally don’t grow very big.

It’s just a taste.

Seeing that Su Jinyu didn’t want to taste it, Shi Yuezhu comforted her and told her it tasted good.

But the more this happened, the more Su Jinyu felt something was wrong

Returning to the carriage, the three moved forward again.

Calculating the time, it should take about half a day to arrive at the place where the secret realm is located.

As the sky darkened, the three of them found a mountain top to settle down.

As the strongest of the three, Shi Yuezhu was preparing to stay outside the carriage, guarding against accidents.

You must know that both Shen Han and Su Jinyu are talented descendants of Wei.

There are quite a few people who want to attack them.

Especially the conflict between Shen Han and Luo Zuchen is well known.

Naturally, one cannot take it lightly.

Seeing Shi Yuezhu going out, Shen Han seemed to avoid suspicion, so he also got out of the carriage, chose an open space, and meditated to rest.

Summer is sunny, and the moonlight at night is still bright.

Su Jinyu quietly pulled the curtain on the carriage, tilted her head and looked out.

Sure enough, it was as expected.

Compared to the restraint during the day, under the moonlit night, Shen Han’s eyes are unscrupulous.

just kept looking at her master like this.

Su Jinyu felt that he had discovered something.

Now, her suspicions are well-founded!

(end of this chapter)

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