Tianjiao Retired, I Extracted the Entry To Practice

Chapter 264 Others, Shen Han, are much more stable than you, so they won't be careless

Chapter 264 Others, Shen Han, are much more stable than you, so they won’t cause trouble indiscriminately

Shen Han talked with Dean Tianyi for a long time, and under various guarantees, he allowed himself to go to practice with Shi Yuezhu.

To be honest, although looking at it now, Shi Yuezhu doesn’t have any intention of harming others.

But Dean Tianyi was still worried.

Finally, it was decided that Shen Han carried a sound-transmitting instrument with him and reported the situation every day, so that Dean Tianyi could feel a little more at ease.

June sixteenth.

Shen Han arrived at Tingyu Pavilion as agreed.

Before knocking on the door, the maid Qingcao seemed to know that Shen Han was coming, and immediately opened the door to greet him.

“Master Han, please come in, Miss and Master Yuezhu Peak are waiting for you in the attic.”

The tone is very polite and respectful.

This is very different from before.

Thinking about the past, when Qingcao talked to herself, even the words were polite.

In those eyes, there is everything to belittle and belittle.

Where it is like now, Shen Han is not used to respecting himself so much.

Qingcao led the way ahead, leading Shen Han to the attic.

“Master Han, Sister Cailing’s contract of prostitution, do you want to come back in the end?”

Hearing this question, Shen Han was not surprised.

After all, I asked Su Jinyu for this contract of sale. She is Su Jinyu’s personal maid, so she must know.

“Well, of course it’s coming.

The Shen family held Cai Ling’er’s contract of prostitution in their hands, but it was useless.

It’s better to go to Yun’s family, negotiate some conditions, and exchange some resources. “

Qingcao walking in front slowed down slightly: “Qingcao can take the liberty to ask.

What resources did the Shen family change? “

Shen Han hesitated for a moment: “At the price of 60%, I bought a three-month consumption of middle-grade pills.”

60% of the price

Consumption for three months

Qingcao was stunned for a moment, how many maidservants can be bought for the gold and silver involved?

A thousand, or ten thousand?

The expression on Qingcao’s face froze slightly. To be valued so much, I have no regrets in this life

“Master Han, you are really nice

In the past, Qingcao listened to some comments about you, so I am offended, please forgive me. “

As she said that, Qingcao actually knelt down and kowtowed to admit her mistake.

This move shocked Shen Han a lot.

There is no great hatred between himself and Qingcao.

“Don’t get up so fast”

It made Shen Han feel a little embarrassed, as if he was bullying her.

After kowtowing and admitting his mistake, Qingcao got up again to lead the way.

For some reason, after admitting her mistake, Qingcao seemed to be in a much better mood.

Walking in front of Shen Han, he felt a lot calmer.

When approaching, Qingcao slowed down slightly.

“Master Han, my lady is actually very nice.

Although there are many misunderstandings between you and Miss, you two are very compatible.

Talent and beauty, if you two get married, it will definitely become a good story.”

Shen Han smiled helplessly.

Then he shook his head: “My lady and I will never be able to.

forget it.”

Saying that, Shen Han walked into the hall.

Qingcao’s face was full of disappointment.

Shen Han’s words are too sure.

Never possible.

Walking into the hall, Shi Yuezhu and Su Jinyu were already waiting here.

Seeing Shen Han approaching, Su Jinyu’s pretty eyes kept staring closely at Shen Han, paying attention to Shen Han.

“Master of Moon Bamboo Peak, Miss Su Family.”

As a greeting to the two, Shi Yuezhu nodded with a slight smile on his face.

Su Jinyu next to him has been paying attention to Shen Han, staring at Shen Han’s eyes.

The result seemed to be different from what I expected.

Su Jinyu thought that Shen Han might have some wrong delusions about his master.

When you see your master, those eyes will definitely fall on your master, and you can’t even move them away.

But the facts are quite different from what she thought.

Shen Han didn’t stare at Shi Yuezhu all the time, but quickly withdrew his eyes after the greeting.

Could it be that.

Guess wrong?

Shen Han doesn’t have such dirty thoughts?

Shi Yuezhu said some things to pay attention to, mainly when dealing with danger.

While speaking, seeing Su Jinyu slightly distracted, Shi Yuezhu shook his head, walked up to her, and tapped her lightly.

“Your child, your patience has improved a little, but not much.”

Shi Yuezhu felt a little helpless, Su Jinyu’s talent is high, but how can this patience be improved.

Maybe being questioned in front of outsiders, Su Jinyu muttered slightly, not convinced.

“Master, you have heard what you said many times before Jin Yu.

Shen Han listen carefully, it will be fine.”

“From my teacher’s point of view, you should pay more attention to this child.

Others, Shen Han, are much more stable than you, so they won’t cause trouble indiscriminately. “

Su Jinyu pursed his lips: “Master, you have never gone to experience with him, maybe he will cause trouble when exploring the secret realm.”

Hearing this, Shi Yuezhu and Shen Han looked at each other unconsciously.

The two of them really practiced together.

It is considered to have experienced a huge danger

Si time, the three stepped into the carriage and set off.

The place where the secret realm is located is in the northern part of the Great Wei Dynasty, adjacent to the border.

The Su family has been working in this northern region, and it is normal to find the secret region here.

The distance is a bit far, so it is much easier to borrow a carriage to move forward.

The carriage is quite big, but with the man Shen Han around, it seems that the topic is not easy to talk about.

Su Jinyu sat beside Shi Yuezhu, while Shen Han sat opposite.

Seeing Su Jinyu leaning against Shi Yuezhu very intimately, he felt a little envious

After a long silence, Shi Yuezhu spoke first.

“They are all methods of practicing swordsmanship, and the time on the road is idle, so we can talk about practice.

Maybe they can confuse each other. “

Hearing what her master said, Su Jinyu finally spoke.

But what she wants to ask is not about practice.

“Shen Han, can I ask

How did you meet my father?”

Su Jinyu was really curious about this.

He obviously didn’t go to teach, and he always rested in his own courtyard, or read quietly in the library.

How did you know each other?

Shen Han briefly explained in a few words.

It was in Zangshu Pavilion that they accidentally exchanged a few words.

The two people’s ideas are compatible, so they talked more.

Hearing this, Su Jinyu just pouted his mouth slightly.

“This is not a few more words.

My father admired you very much, saying that you are very suitable to get involved in the imperial court, and with your heart, you will definitely be able to step into a high position.”

Shen Han smiled awkwardly: “General Su praised me, there are many smart people in the court.

My brain is still far behind. “

Su Jinyu ignored Shen Han’s answer, and his expression was slightly serious.

“I believe in my father’s vision, he sees people very accurately.

The Su family has been troubled by a difficult problem all these years.

My father has no chance to ask. Can you give me your opinion by taking this opportunity today? “

Shen Han looked at Su Jinyu with these doubts.

(end of this chapter)

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