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Chapter 260 Laughing at our Shen family, there are such stupid people

Chapter 260 Laughing at our Shen family, and such a stupid person

Within half a day, the Shen residence in Yun’an City had received the news.

The second son of the Shen family, Shen Lingyong, was arrested by the Jingzhao Mansion.

Before speaking so casually, it seemed that a few slaps could take Shen Han down.

But it was less than five days after arriving in the capital, and he was directly locked up by the Jingzhao Mansion.

In the capital, the Shen family has quite a few eyeliners.

Quickly found out the ins and outs of the matter.

After hearing the report from the sound transmission instrument, Shen Qingshan was so angry that he slapped the table beside him to pieces.

“Stupid, really too stupid!

How could this old man have such a stupid son! “

Shen Qingshan was furious, feeling even more angry than when he learned about Shen Han’s talent that day.

“And you, a mother, have no wisdom in your heart.

Why don’t you slap Shen Han twice, it’s all right now.

He missed a slap and threw himself into prison! “

Shen Qingshan has a big head now.

Before seeing Shen Lingyong’s confident appearance, he thought that he had some excellent way to easily hold Shen Han.

Now look, he has a fart way!

Shen Qingshan looked at Shen Lingsheng, he was not so optimistic about his third son before.

I always feel that Shen Lingsheng is not as decisive as the boss and the second in doing things.

But today, he felt that as the third child, it would be nice to be more stable.

Beside , the old lady of the Shen family had an ugly face, and after thinking for a while, she still spoke.

“Master, you have to save the second child.

It’s Shen Han’s elder who was framed by his unworthy descendant, you shouldn’t just scold the second child

After all, he didn’t know that Shen Han would be so dirty that he would sue the elders in his family. “

The intercession of the old lady of the Shen family did not calm down Shen Qingshan.

Instead, he cast a blank stare at her.

“For so many years in managing the family in Yun’an City, don’t you, the elder of the family, know anything about Shen Han?

Do you really think that every time Shen Han sees us, he abides by the etiquette because he respects us in his heart? “

Although Shen Qingshan didn’t communicate with Shen Han much, he already had some understanding of Shen Han.

Every step of this junior in my family is planned.

“The so-called etiquette is just a tool for that Nizi.

In front of us, he took the trouble to salute, but he used the etiquette to protect himself.

Let you find no reason to get angry at him, strike. “

Actually, Shen Qingshan’s judgment in this round was not correct. Shen Han did show respect to some people with courtesy.

But for people like the Shen family, no.

Shen Qingshan looked at the old lady of the Shen family, his expression was still so severe.

“Think about it for yourself, whether Dawei Lifa has protected him many times.

The second child thinks that if he is more ruthless and decisive, he will be able to restrain Shen Han.

But he didn’t know anything about Shen Han’s methods.

In front of people, dare to say nonsense that disregards etiquette! How stupid!

Maybe at this moment, Shen Han’s rebellious son had a smile on his face.

Laughing at our Shen family, there are such stupid people! “

I don’t know how many times Shen Qingshan scolded Shen Lingyong.

Talking nonsense and etiquette, as a general, he dares to speak nonsense in front of people when he is loyal to the emperor.

Shen Qingshan has a headache now, this matter can be big or small.

But at this stage, he will definitely be lifted to a higher level by the royal family.

Back when Shen Han and Su Jinyu got married, the royal family wanted Shen Qingshan to beg the royal family.

In the end, it was the Su family who were taken advantage of.

Such an idea turned out to be Shen Lingyong who brought disaster to the Shen family.

“Just wait, how much trouble will it bring to the family if you misunderstand a descendant of Tianjiao.

These years will gradually feel. “

Shen Qingshan looked stern. After this series of events, Shen Qingshan felt that his understanding of Shen Han had gradually become comprehensive.

In the past, the old lady of the Shen family said that Shen Han had no talent and potential, and his speech was not pleasant.

Shen Qingshan has gradually understood.

His grandson, speaking of it, should be one of the many descendants of the Shen family.

The younger generation with the most thoughts and the most palaces.

If it wasn’t for the fact that the top management of the Shen family had always treated him badly, they even wanted to sacrifice him in exchange for a reason to divorce.

Perhaps Shen Han represents the Shen family, and stepping into the imperial court would be an excellent choice.

But looking at it now, this junior will use various means to deal with the Shen family.

Moreover, Shen Han’s strength gradually improved, and his status also gradually improved.

The resources that can be controlled will also involve more and more contacts.

At that time, Shen Jia will have a headache just to deal with the troubles brought by Shen Han.

Without wasting time, Shen Qingshan knew that he had to go to the capital this time.

Leading his lieutenant, Shen Qingshan galloped towards the capital.

Yun’an City is still some distance away from the capital, and it took a day and a half to finally enter the capital.

Relying on his status as a second-rank general, Shen Qingshan still got some preferential treatment.

Go to the prison to see Shen Lingyong.

When Shen Qingshan saw him, he immediately went up and slapped Shen Lingyong across the face.

“The old man thought you really had some tricks, but I didn’t expect to send myself to prison.

You are so thoughtful, you are not as mature as Shen Han.

Dare to talk nonsense in front of people, don’t you know that this is the capital! “

Shen Lingyong was stunned by the slap in the face, and swallowed back all the harsh words that came out of his mouth.

“Just wait and see how much we have to pay this time.”

Shen Qingshan didn’t talk to him too much.

This matter must have been brought before the Holy One.

You Shi, Shen Qingshan was finally able to enter the palace and met the Great Wei Sage.

Talk for several hours.

The final punishment, as far as the royal family is concerned, is considered lenient.

Bad talk about etiquette, and even nonsense about loyalty to the emperor, can be charged with extremely serious crimes.

In the end, Shen Lingyong was only dismissed from the post of general, banned from entering the barracks, and not allowed to leave Yun’an Shen’s mansion for three years.

Bring Shen Lingyong out of the prison, and then lead him to go back to Yun’an City.

When leaving, Shen Han specially came to see him off.

In his words and deeds, he still stated that he was out of righteousness and for the future of the Shen family, so he went to sue Shen Lingyong in person.

Sitting on the carriage, Shen Lingyong clenched his fists, and even wanted to do it right now.

But the next moment, Shen Qingshan pinched his wrist.

“Father, this rebellious son dared to murder me this time, next time, maybe it will be you.”

Shen Han stood not far away, but answered the conversation immediately.

“What the second uncle said is unreasonable, the old Linggong is loyal to the emperor, and to the Great Wei.

How could my junior harm him.

I am the key, and I also harm those ungrateful people who have no country in their hearts. “

Shen Lingyong was very angry when he heard these great principles and righteous words.

But after learning this lesson, that mouth no longer dared to argue at will.

Shen Qingshan took a deep breath, waved his hands, and without saying a word, just told Shen Han to go back first.

The carriage drove towards the outside of the city gate.

“Shen Han is so valued in Tianyi Academy now, if he wants to deal with you, he has many ways.

Even directly ask Dean Tianyi to help, and he will be able to drive you away.

But I have to choose such a method that will have the greatest impact on the Shen family.”

(end of this chapter)

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