Tianjiao Retired, I Extracted the Entry To Practice

Chapter 249 Yesterday's contest, let's watch it today

Chapter 249 Yesterday’s competition, you should go see it today

This “Incessant Work” is really effective in restoring the body, but it is indeed very energy-consuming.

This time, I have to rest for at least half a day before I can get enough sleep.

The results of the academy competition were sent back to the capital and to Tianyi Academy.

When they learned that Tianyi Academy won the third place, all the students couldn’t help but exclaim.

thought it was winning Qiling Academy.

But when they heard that they had won the Shanhai Academy, they were all shocked.

Immediately, I heard other students talk about the scene of the competition at that time, and the students who didn’t go to watch the competition regretted it very much.

In addition to the shocking results of this competition, what is even more surprising is Shen Han’s strength.

At the age of nineteen, stepping into the sixth-rank and a half-step realm, he is already an amazing talent.

This strength is enough to be worthy of the title of Tianjiao.

It is very possible to reach this step at this age and step into the fairyland in the future.

But in this competition, the strength Shen Han displayed was not at the sixth-rank half-step level, but at the sixth-rank fruitful level!

This kind of talent, in history, almost definitely has the potential to step into the fairyland.

After this battle, Shen Han became well-known in Tianyi Academy, recognized as number one.

The news spread quickly in the capital.

The news about Shen Han was not only known by Tianyi Academy, but also by the students of Shanhai Academy.

Many Shanhai students who didn’t go to see the competition heard that Shen Ye invited the competition and lost the competition.

There was a hint of resentment towards him.

In the past, the admiration for Shen Ye was even less.

That Qiu Shuyin who admired Shen Ye very much, when he heard that Shen Han had defeated Shen Ye, felt that his conception had been greatly impacted.

Before, she always felt that Shen Han was superior to Shen Ye only in appearance.

But for practitioners, appearance is second.

Shen Ye’s talent is astounding, unmatched by anyone.

Before, she always persuaded Shen Han to have some scandals with Su Jinyu

Now it seems that her mind is full of mud, and she doesn’t see Shen Han’s potential at all.

I used to think that Shen Han was arrogant and conceited.

Looking at it now, other people, Shen Han, are already polite enough, and they didn’t scold him.

Indistinctly, Qiu Shuyin felt a little bit of regret.

When Shen Han hadn’t shown his strength, why couldn’t he have a better vision?

If he had worked hard to get close to Shen Han at that time, with Shen Han’s gentle temperament, maybe he could easily win his heart.

Just looking at it now, it can only be a daydream.

In these two days, Tianyi Academy rejected all the people who came to look for Shen Han.

Let Shen Han have a better rest.

The high-level people in the academy even got together and discussed Shen Han’s matter several times.

This is a big pie that fell from the sky, and it must be cherished.

Tianyi Academy will be able to step up to another level in one fell swoop by cultivating Shen Han well.

Nowadays, the first problem to be solved is Shen Han’s safety.

Luo Zuchen, what kind of background does this person have?

Why every time I make a big mistake, the punishment always feels light.

After discussing with the senior officials of the academies, they came to the conclusion that protection and defense are the main focus.

No matter how outstanding a young genius is, if he doesn’t grow up, he is nothing but a dream.

Tianyi Academy will arrange two professors to protect Shen Han.

Although Luo Zuchen is inferior in strength, it should not be a big problem to stop his sneak attack moves.

Young people have grown the fastest in the past few years.

As long as Shen Han grows up and can resist Luo Zuchen’s sneak attack, the security problem will almost be solved.

Su Jinyu, who came back from the competition venue, was silent for a long time.

Feeling very bored.

Looking at her master, Su Jinyu became more and more aware of a problem.

It is my own vision, how poor it is.

When my master praised Shen Han before, she always stood aside and held the opposite view.

Now it seems that Shi Yuezhu’s judgment was even too light.

Sixth Grade Fruit Realm, Shen Han’s excellence, there is no need to discuss it at all.

Now that I think about it, it is quite normal for me to lose to Shen Han.

His kendo talent is comparable to his own, maybe even stronger than his own, and his strength has even stepped into the sixth-rank fruitful state.

I have no chance of winning.

Even that day, Shen Han didn’t use all his strength.

In these two days, Su Jinyu and Shi Yuezhu walked together.

It seemed a bit inconvenient, Su Zhensheng asked Qingcao to tell Su Jinyu to come to his yard and have something to talk about.

Before Su Jinyu left, he already had a premonition that, no accident, he must be talking about Shen Han.

After speaking with his master, Su Jinyu stepped into Tianyi Academy.

Walking in the academy, you can hear someone mentioning Shen Han’s name along the way.

Many students of Tianyi Academy were even encouraged by Shen Han.

In the past, the students of Tianyi Academy were looked down upon by outsiders, but now, they are proud of being Tianyi students.

Someone even compiled Shen Han’s story, preparing to collect it into a book and sell it to earn gold and silver.

The story has a lot of exaggeration, but it is really inspiring.

Walking to her father’s yard, Su Jinyu pushed the door open and went in.

Since the last heart-to-heart talk between father and daughter, the relationship between the two has not been as estranged as before.

The conversation between Su Zhensheng and his daughter is also more skillful.

“Yesterday’s competition, did you go to see it today?”

Su Zhensheng had a smile on his face, brought a pot of tea, and poured a cup for his daughter.

Su Zhensheng is not interested in any academy competition.

He just came to Tianyi Academy for two years and then left.

But unexpectedly, Shen Han would shine in the academy competition.

If he had known earlier, he should have gone to see it too.

Hearing what her father said, Su Jinyu hesitated for a moment before nodding.

As she expected, her father called her to talk about Shen Han.

“I heard that Shen Han’s child won Shen Ye in the competition, and he also showed the strength of the sixth-rank fruitful realm.

Jiyu, you saw it with your own eyes, are these true? “

Su Jinyu paused: “It’s not that I won against Big Brother Shen Ye, but I just won against the clone summoned by Big Brother Shen Ye.

Shen Han isn’t that powerful either, how could he be better than a fifth-rank and a half-step powerhouse at the age of nineteen.”

Hearing the address in Su Jinyu’s words, Su Zhensheng’s face froze slightly.

“Return to Big Brother Shen Ye, Big Brother Shen Ye, change the name earlier.

As a father, I am tired of listening. “

Mentioning Shen Ye, Su Zhensheng’s eyes really showed a bit of disgust.

“Nowadays when Shen Han is mentioned, Tianyi Academy is full of praise.

It won’t be long before those who raise their daughters will let their daughters try to get close to Shen Han.

My father mentioned it to you a month ago, asking you to be close to Shen Han and appear in front of him more often.

Is it going well? “

Facing his father’s question, Su Jinyu didn’t know how to answer.

She actually got close to Shen Han, but the purpose of her approach was for Qi Shen Ye

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