Tianjiao Retired, I Extracted the Entry To Practice

Chapter 240 The odds are too low for you to go, and there is a risk of injury

Chapter 240 Your chances of winning are too low, and there is a risk of injury

Hongtai Academy, who participated in the academy competition for the first time, can only be said to be average in strength.

It’s just that Yu Shaoqing, their leader, really has some skills.

Between the fist strength of both hands, each punch seems to have the pressure to swallow people.

When Shen Han was in Yexuan Kingdom before, he also met someone who practiced boxing strength.

That person is still a student of Shanhai Academy.

Judging from what he saw before him, Yu Shaoqing’s fist strength was stronger.

Hongtai Academy let him lead, which is naturally a recognition of his strength.

On the other side, Shen Han has already defeated his opponent.

It is somewhat similar to Tianyi Academy, and there is also a serious fault between the direct disciples of Hongtai Academy.

Yu Shaoqing, compared with his other classmate, the strength gap is a bit big.

On the test field, Yu Jing panted slightly, facing Yu Shaoqing.

Standing up quickly, stepping on the single log with both feet, he rushed towards Yu Shaoqing in an instant.

The chain blade raised a spray of water, the blade wind and the water splashed, and they staggered towards Yu Shaoqing.

Using the strength of the sixth-grade fruit realm, the white sails from the surrounding waterfalls seem to be attracted by its momentum.

The surrounding spectators are all watching this scene extremely seriously at this moment.

This fight is indeed much better than the first round and the second round.

Did not even blink his eyes, unwilling to miss the slightest detail of the fight.

Among the venues, even if Yu Jing has put away his contempt, it is still difficult to gain an advantage.

Even Yu Shaoqing fought back with both fists, and the wind of that fist made Yu Jing almost unable to dodge.

Yu Jing, on the contrary, was deflated and lost!

Many people around looked at this scene jokingly.

“When the four academies competed, they ranked fourth.

Competition among five academies, ranked fifth~

If another academy is added to the competition next year, Tianyi Academy will probably be ranked sixth~”

“Brother, what you said is right, what you say is right, hahaha~”

In the crowd, all kinds of ridicule and ridicule emerged one after another.

As for Tianyi Academy, everyone’s faces were very ugly.

Including Dean Tianyi, they all kept frowning, and two wrinkles seemed to be added.

Tianyi Academy is really going to lose to Hongtai.

In front of the waterfall, Yu Jing took a few breaths, and his hands holding the chain blade tightened a bit.

What he thought of as Hongtai Academy was actually just what he thought.

Others can come to participate in this academy competition, of course they have their own merits.

Yu Shaoqing stood opposite, compared to the panting Yu Jing, he seemed a little indifferent.

The expression on his face was the same as before, and there was no sarcasm or teasing words.

But he feels more like looking down on Yu Jing

Yu Jing’s eyes added a bit of seriousness, and he went all out for this blow.

The chain blade is raised in the hand.

The slanting moon emerges from the hidden place, and the sharp blade kills the lone wolf.

Yu Jing learned the skill of chain blade, the meaning of his comprehension is to strike from concealment.

His moves are in a trance, and every move and style is to attack from a hidden place.

This kind of technique is not that powerful in the competition. If it is a surprise attack in actual combat, it is Yu Jing’s biggest advantage.

But in front of him, there is no other way, he must go all out.

Seeing the sharp blade attacking, Yu Shaoqing did not rush, and the tiger finger actually took the initiative to meet him and grabbed the chain blade.

Seeing this, Yu Jing smiled faintly.

But as everyone knows, Yu Shaoqing stepped on Yu Shaoqing’s foot when the imperial chain blade made a surprise attack from behind.

Yu Jing’s hands are even hard to move the chain blade in his hands.

Desperation permeated the entire face.

At this moment, Yu Jing has lost the will to struggle, and his confidence has been lost, so there is nothing to compare it to.

The tiger finger arrived in front of Yu Jing’s face, this competition.

This is the end.

It was beyond everyone’s initial expectations.

I thought that Hongtai Academy had just arrived, and it was impossible to win Tianyi Academy.

In the capital, Yu Jing is still somewhat famous.

If he didn’t have the better resource attitude of Tutianyi Academy, he would be eligible to go to Shanhai Academy.

However, looking at it today, Hongtai Academy also has top students, not weaker than him, Yu Jing.

Between Tianyi Academy and Hongtai Academy, there is one win and one loss.

But the rest of Hongtai Academy is Yu Shaoqing, the strongest in their academy, with the strength of the sixth-rank fruitful realm.

As for Tianyi Academy, the rest is Shen Han.

Although Shen Han has the name of Tianjiao, he is several years younger after all.

If they were the same age, everyone might think it was Shen Hansheng.

But in front of him, Shen Han only has the strength of the sixth-rank and a half-step, how should he compare with Yu Shaoqing?

Back to Tianyi Academy, Yu Jing’s expression was ugly and he was downcast.

Unconsciously, in his heart, he even faintly blamed Tianyi Academy.

Yu Jing felt that if he hadn’t been greedy for resources, he would have chosen Tianyi Academy.

Instead, he went to Shanhai Academy. Now, with just one and a half moves, he will definitely be able to defeat Yu Shaoqing

“Don’t be discouraged, winning or losing is a common thing in life, and a loss doesn’t mean anything.”

Dean Tianyi patted Yu Jing’s shoulder lightly, and comforted him with kind words.

Yu Jing didn’t answer immediately, but after thinking for a while, he suddenly spoke.

“Dean, I want to go to Shanhai Academy to see and see.”

Taught students personally, but the academy has spent resources to train them, so they can’t leave at will.

If you want to leave, you must ask the academy for permission.

When he first heard this, Dean Tianyi hadn’t realized what this insight meant.

After understanding the meaning, the old face that was already full of wrinkles instantly became extremely ugly.

After a while, he replied indifferently: “It’s up to you.”

In this competition, Tianyi Academy lost both his wife and soldiers.

Not far away, Luo Zuchen was full of smiles. Seeing Tianyi Academy’s poor grades, he was very happy.

“Dean Tianyi, according to Luo, your Tianyi Academy should have been disbanded earlier.

With you, it is really a waste of good seedlings.

Come to another academy next year, and it will be ranked sixth~”

Facing Luo Zuchen’s sarcasm, Dean Tianyi didn’t turn his head, but led everyone back to the camp.

Speaking of it, there is still a competition, but in the eyes of their own students, the competition is over.

“The result of this competition is like this, I don’t blame everyone.

It can only be blamed on the old man, who is the dean, for not collecting the opponent’s information.

Facing unknown opponents, it will indeed be more difficult to parry.

Since the defeat is decided, then clean up your mind and turn unwillingness and anger into the motivation for practice.

Next year, let’s come again. “

If you want to talk about embarrassment, Dean Tianyi is the most embarrassing person.

But he still had to endure, and encouraged the students.

“Let’s go.”

Hearing the dean’s words, Shen Han took a step forward helplessly.

“Dean, I haven’t lost yet.”

Shen Han’s sudden opening made Dean Tianyi stunned for a moment, and a little bit of relief appeared on his dejected face.

“The old man knows that you haven’t lost yet, but Yu Shaoqing is in the sixth-grade fruitful realm, which is a small realm higher than you.

Your odds of winning are too low, and there is a risk of injury, so it’s not worth it.

Tianyi Academy can’t afford to lose. “

(end of this chapter)

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