Tianjiao Retired, I Extracted the Entry To Practice

Chapter 224 Is there something wrong with you?

Chapter 224 Is there something wrong with you?

Find a place of shade.

There happened to be a square boulder around it, which was also very dry and looked clean.

Shen Han, a man, naturally doesn’t mind this kind of environment.

Looking at Mu Zhiwei, she, a fairy, doesn’t even mind.

Sit directly on the ground, not like some fairies, who are coy.

Shen Han sat on the left, a little far away.

Perhaps in order to appreciate Shen Han’s contribution in the secret realm, Mu Zhiwei, a person who doesn’t like to talk, actually started to be a husband.

Starting from the most basic part of the formation, Mu Zhiwei began to explain the enlightenment content.

Compared with Shi Yuezhu’s guidance, Mu Zhiwei’s guidance is actually very different.

In Shi Yuezhu’s speech, he discussed how to break the influence of the formation from the perspective of sword cultivation.

How to break away from the formation, how to destroy the formation, and so on.

What Mu Zhiwei said was from the perspective of a formation master.

The methods it speaks are the basics that a formation master must understand.

Mu Zhiwei was still the same as before, speaking very softly and intermittently.

Shen Han also listened very seriously, this method of formation may become the secret method for his own life.

And I copied so many strange patterns in the secret realm.

Maybe it’s some very mysterious formation.

If you want to use it yourself, you should know some basics of formations.

Picking up some stones, after Mu Zhiwei explained the basic content, she began to demonstrate the layout of the basic formation to Shen Han.

Drilling is much easier than explaining.

After all, there is no need to speak

The teaching didn’t stop until it was dark and Dean Tianyi asked the two to rest.

Shen Han still has a lot to say, there are really many ways in the formation.

Among them, the variables are infinite.

The formations in the secret realm explored this time are just a drop in the bucket among the worldly formations.

After eating some dry food, Shen Han cheekily asked Mu Zhiwei if she had any relevant classics to borrow for herself.

After thinking for a moment, Mu Zhiwei handed out her manuscript.

It seems that many powerful people like to prepare a transcript, and record all their feelings in their hearts.

Come to think of it, even these powerful people would not have absolute confidence in their memory.

Moonlight is often seen in summer.

By the moonlight, Shen Han continued to study the manuscript.

Mu Zhiwei is a woman, so she gave her the carriage to rest in.

His eyes were focused, and soon, a small gray word appeared on the copy, [Slightly flawed copy].

This is also normal, a manuscript with some notes on it.

will naturally be a negative term.

Shen Han extracted the gray entry, then immediately twisted up a [easy to understand] entry, and threw it on the copy.

It is much easier to read classics like this.

Originally, it might take several days to read it through, but with the blessing of easy-to-understand entries, Shen Han read it all in one night.

There are many advanced formation techniques in this set of manuscripts.

Although Shen Han understands it, he also knows that understanding is understanding. To master these techniques proficiently, it will not happen overnight, and it still needs to be practiced.

But Mu Zhiwei’s teaching is quite useful.

Whether the formation is well arranged or not has a lot to do with the formation master.

In addition to the layout rules, in the eyes of the formation, the formation mage needs to use the method of thought to induce the formation of the formation.

Its essence is somewhat close to certain exercises of literati.

But through the formation rules, the power of these ideas can be magnified infinitely.

Moreover, the array has the effect of lasting stability. Town house and enemy defense are many preferred methods.

Overnight, Shen Han restored the manuscript to its original state before returning it to Mu Zhiwei.

Also told her by the way, some small mistakes in her manuscript.

Looking at the pointed out mistakes, Mu Zhiwei realized that she really made a mistake.

In her eyes, she couldn’t help being surprised.

It’s only one night, Shen Han just finished reading it all?

If you swallow the jujube whole, it is still possible.

But if you look at it so roughly, how can you find out your own mistakes.

Looking at Shen Han’s eyes, he was even more curious.

Dawn, Shen Han continued to learn the way of formation from Mu Zhiwei.

It only took one night, and Mu Zhiwei found that Shen Han understood the idea, and was about to catch up with her.

There are some difficulties. She has been comprehending for several years before she realized it a little bit.

But Shen Han only spent one night.

During the whole day, basically the conceptual study has been skipped.

All are practicing the art of arranging formations.

It has been a few days since the summer solstice, and the weather is getting a little hotter.

But it is located in the valley, except for noon, other times are covered by mountain shadows and trees.

Occasionally, there are a few gusts of breeze blowing between the mountain gaps, which makes me feel very comfortable.

Dean Tianyi also found a boulder, waved his hand, and made the boulder into a stone chair.

Sitting on a chair, there was a kind smile on his face.

Just looking at Shen Han and Mu Zhiwei.

Study the art of formation, and occasionally when you are fascinated, you will get a little closer.

But as soon as Shen Han reacted, he would immediately move away from his position.

So as not to be regarded as those who don’t know the so-called sluts.

It was almost noon, and Dean Tianyi seemed to be standing far away, feeling bored watching, so he simply walked closer.

“Looking at it this way, the two of you seem to be quite a match~hahaha~”

Hearing the hearty laughter, Shen Han moved away a few steps.

“Dean, you should still speak carefully”

Shen Han was a little speechless, how to learn a formation, that’s what he said.

Other people, Senior Sister Mu, may think of this when she hears this.

While speaking, Shen Han turned his head to look.

Found that Mu Zhiwei didn’t even look at the dean.

After studying today, the three of them set off for the capital.

After walking for a while, Mu Zhiwei got out of the carriage ahead of time, and she was going back to Lin Dongmu’s house.

After she left, Dean Tianyi’s mouth was even more unobstructed.

“How about it, do you have any ideas?”

Shen Han looked helplessly at the dean in front of him, he obviously had a white beard, why did he feel so dishonest.

“Principal, you. Sister Mu and I have only known each other for four days”

“What happened to four days?

When a man falls in love with a woman, it usually only takes one breath. You can’t be sure for four days?

Mu Zhiwei, a child, was born beautiful, and he is not inferior to Su Jinyu, each with his own beauty.

Except for talking less, she is very good.

And you listen to the old man’s advice, find someone who is less talkative, and you will come back to thank the old man in the future~”

Principal Tianyi smiled narrowly, making Shen Han really helpless.

“Dean, don’t worry about these things. I haven’t thought about them yet”

Hearing Shen Han say that he didn’t think about it, Dean Tianyi was even more dishonest.

“have not thought?

Is there something wrong with you?

You are young, don’t think about it at this time, don’t you think about it after a hundred years, when your soul returns to the earth? “

(end of this chapter)

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