Tianjiao Retired, I Extracted the Entry To Practice

Chapter 210 injury? What injury?

Chapter 210 Injury? What injury?

When Shen Han heard this, he was taken aback for a moment.

Uncle with thick eyebrows and big eyes, so he is so good at playing.

I underestimated my uncle

The yard that was left for Shen Han before is still being prepared for Shen Han.

Every few days, there are servants who come to clean up the dust and keep it tidy.

Back to Yunfu, I really have a very warm feeling.

All day long, Uncle Yun and the Patriarch of the Yun Family were in the alchemy room and never came out.

The Yun Family has been really busy during this time.

Correspondingly, the family status of the Yun family has also risen linearly.

On the second day, I still heard from the servants in the mansion that the Yun family’s uncle and the Patriarch only knew about Shen Han’s arrival.

When the two heard the news, they immediately put down their affairs.

The guests who came to visit today also politely declined.

The chefs in Fuchu immediately got busy and began to prepare delicacies.

In the past two days, Shen Han didn’t plan to practice, so he stayed with Mrs. Yun, chatting about family affairs, and felt at ease for two days.

Seeing Shen Han in the garden, the head of the Yun family smiled and walked over.

“You child, why didn’t you tell your grandfather when you came~

Shuang’er, you too, why don’t you let the servants come and call me and your elder brother. “

With a smile on his face, Shen Han bowed to the head of the Yun family and uncle Yun.

“Grandpa and uncle have a lot of business, I happened to chat with Mrs. Yun yesterday, so I didn’t bother.”

“Don’t bother me, the way of alchemy, this kid is much more talented than us.

If you come, it is called advice, not interruption. “

Grandfather’s words praised Shen Han a little high.

Of course, that’s what he thought in his heart.

The Yun family has studied something for decades, but Shen Han comprehended it in just one night.

Such understanding is indeed beyond the reach of ordinary people.

“Grandfather, don’t say that.

How can I be so powerful, it’s too much praise.”

Seeing this, the head of the Yun family is not entangled in this matter, Shen Han has always been very modest, and he knows it.

Ask the servants to bring some chairs, and they gather in Mrs. Yun’s small courtyard and chat.

“Xiao Han, although my grandfather believes that you will surpass Su Jinyu sooner or later, you will definitely be stronger than her.

But I never thought that this day would come so soon.

Your talent potential is comparable to few people in the entire Wei Dynasty. “

Shen Han lowered his head slightly: “It’s just a little bit of luck, and the Su family fairy is still quite strong.”

“You child, don’t be modest, this time, the imperial court ordered you to go to Yexuan Kingdom.

After returning to the capital, it should be counted as a military merit, and it will indeed benefit a lot in the future. “

The head of the Yun family is also very optimistic about Shen Han’s trip.

Da Wei has always paid attention to meritorious deeds and rewards. If you want to go further, credit is absolutely indispensable.

Having said this, the head of the Yun family changed his voice, and the conversation fell on the Yun family.

“Speaking of which, your grandfather and your uncle did not disappoint you either.

In the past half a year or so, the Yun family should have risen rapidly.

Now, the status of the Yun family in the way of pills has been greatly improved in the Great Wei.

Xiaohan, when you step into the imperial court in the future, the Yun family will be your most solid support.

If we can hold an army in our hands like the Shen family, then the help that our Yun family pills can give will be even greater! “

Hearing this, Shen Han smiled helplessly: “Grandfather, you are thinking too far. I am still studying and practicing. Those things are still far away.”

“Not far, definitely not far.

If you are willing, Xiaohan, it is almost inevitable that you will step into the imperial court, and you may even be in a high position. “

Grandfather and uncle, all kinds of praise made Shen Han feel embarrassed.

Regarding the matter of pills, Shen Han mentioned, if there are such difficult-to-comprehend pills, ancient books related to refining medicines.

You can read it for yourself.

If you’re lucky, you can help the Yun family to another level.

Hearing this, the eyes of both grandfather and uncle lit up slightly.

Shen Han dared to say that, he was naturally confident.

I just thought about it for a moment, but now I can’t do anything.

After all, there are not many prescriptions and classics that the head of the Yun family and the uncle of the Yun family can’t understand.

And many Dan recipes are secrets that cannot be passed on in their respective families.

Shen Han can help with comprehension, but where are there so many mysterious alchemy classics for Shen Han to read?

Unless, you can find some more prescriptions.

Shen Han wrote these down, and he had to go out to practice.

Combined with my own mysterious ability, there should be no disadvantages in exploring the secret realm.

Find Danfang, it will just increase the strength of the Yun Family.

Didn’t continue to talk about the elixir, the head of the Yun family still cared about Shen Han’s recent situation.

After defeating Su Jinyu, Shen Han’s reputation had a leap forward.

That is, many people who have nothing to do with this have heard of this incident.

The rumored master of swordsmanship, Su Jinyu, lost.

But what the Yun family cared about was not what happened to Shen Han’s reputation, but the injuries he suffered that day.

“You can go to Yexuan, Xiaohan, your injuries should be fine, right?

But they all went back to the house and happened to ask the doctor to check on them.

If you need nourishment, there are enough pills in the house~”

Patriarch Yun’s words of concern stunned Mrs. Yun beside her for a moment.

“Injury? What injury?”

After the competition that day, Shen Han told Mrs. Yun that he had won against Su Jinyu through voice transmission.

But those who report good news but not bad news only say good things.

I didn’t talk about being attacked by Na Luo Zuchen.

Hearing the word injury at this moment, Mrs. Yun frowned instantly.

The head of the Yun family looked at Shen Han with some embarrassment. He didn’t expect that his daughter didn’t know about the injury.

“You child, why do you always report good news but not bad news!

You look like this, the good things you say in the future will make me worry! “

Ms. Yun was very unhappy.

If you deceive yourself like this, every time Shen Han announces the good news, you will definitely doubt whether Shen Han is hiding it again

Seeing Mrs. Yun looking at herself with an unhappy face, Shen Han could only apologize on the spot.

After saying a lot of nice and soft words, Mrs. Yun felt better.

While speaking, it was already about You hour.

The chef in Fuchu has already cooked a feast.

Not too many people were invited tonight, even with the small ring bell, there were only five people.

“By the way, didn’t you say you will get a lottery before the competition? What request did you ask Su Jinyu?

Ms. Su’s family is very pretty, Xiaohan, you are considered suitable for her now.

No matter how much the bride price is, my grandfather will give it~”

Asked, Shen Han didn’t answer his grandfather’s words.

Instead, he looked at Mrs. Yun and Cailing beside him.

“Has no one come to deliver things recently?

My request to Su Jinyu is to ask her to go to the Shen family and ask for Cai Ling’er’s deed of sale.

After all, Cai Linger’s current identity still belongs to the Shen family.

If the Shen family took the opportunity to deal ruthlessly with Cai Linger, we would be totally unreasonable in terms of etiquette.

Even if you want to protect the CRBT, it won’t work.

But after getting back the deed of prostitution, Cai Ling’er will no longer be a servant of the Shen family, and she no longer has to worry about the Shen family taking this opportunity to make trouble. “


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