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Chapter 208 It's Xiaohan, you should look down on her

Chapter 208 is Xiaohan, you should look down on her

On the way back, I didn’t pay as much attention when I came.

Ways of etiquette and etiquette are a lot more relaxed.

The carriage stepped straight into the air and ran towards the border of the Great Wei Dynasty.

It is a long way from the south to the capital.

The accompanying friends were all studying in Beijing, and it happened that they were not far from their hometown along the way, so they got off the carriage on the way.

Shen Han also chose to get off the car halfway and walked towards Anyang City.

I, Mrs. Yun and Xiao Cailing often talk in the magic instrument of sound transmission, but after all, I haven’t seen each other for a long time.

I didn’t come for some time, but looking at the Anyang City in front of me, a lot of changes have taken place.

Shen Han looked around, the whole of Anyang seemed to be a little newer, and many restaurants were built.

The restaurant buildings look a little delicate, and each building is more luxurious than the other.

Shen Han roughly guessed that it might be because the Yun family pills became more and more popular.

Taxes in the city should have also been increased.

Moreover, more and more guests came to visit Yun’s house, which even drove other related parties in Anyang City.

Walking forward all the way, the road leading to Yunfu has been repaired very neatly, without any potholes.

Although it was not long after noon, the door of the mansion was already closed.

Shen Han knocked lightly on the door, but after a while, the door of the mansion was already opened.

“My dear guest, I’m sorry, Yun Mansion has already received a group of guests today, if you have something to talk about, please do so tomorrow.”

The servant in front of him seems to be able to recite this sentence.

Opened his mouth and spit out this sentence.

As he spoke, he was about to close the door of the mansion, but when he looked up.

“Master Han! Master Han, why didn’t you remind me. I almost locked you out.”

The domestic servant was a little embarrassed, after all, he had done something stupid.

“It’s okay, it’s okay, it seems that there are a lot of people visiting the house, and your words are almost talking about cocoons.”

Shen Han took the initiative to change the topic, not wanting to embarrass him.

When the servant heard this, he also nodded.

“Thinking about the beginning of the year, our Yun family had just opened a mansion, and everyone was arrogant, and they didn’t want to leave our Yun mansion when they passed by.

How long has it been, and now I don’t know how many people come to visit every day.

Both the head of the house and the young head of the house are a little tired of receiving them.

Maybe starting next month, the owner and the others will only receive a group of guests in two days. “

Shen Han nodded, and could understand this.

In order to prevent the key skills from being spread, the core is mastered by the most core members of the Yun family.

High-grade pills are only known by the Patriarch and the Young Patriarch.

The production of the pills that can be refined by the entire Yun family is almost at its peak.

Even if there are more forces to cooperate, the Yun family will not be able to produce so many pills.

It is naturally normal to slow down the addition of new cooperative forces.

Let the servants go about their own affairs, while Shen Han walked straight towards Mrs. Yun’s small courtyard.

In front of the small courtyard, it is almost summer, and the pedicle lotus in the pool has begun to grow some flower buds.

On the day when the flowers bloom, it should be very beautiful.

Mrs. Yun was sitting by the pool, sewing with a needle and thread in her hand.

“Ma’am, we are now in Yun’s house, unlike before in Shen’s house, we need the old lady’s consent to buy something.

If you want new clothes, you can go directly to the cloth shop in the city to buy them.

Why do you have to work so **** yourself?”

The little colored bell next to her persuaded softly, but it didn’t work, and Madam Yun still didn’t want to stop.

“If I don’t do something, I always feel a little too idle.

Besides, the clothes I bought from the cloth shop don’t fit as well as the clothes I sewed myself.

The next time Xiaohan comes back, I might as well bring some new clothes.

You know Xiaohan’s temperament, if you don’t mention him new clothes, he can wear two in rotation.

A young man who is obviously handsome, feels a bit shabby. “

Shen Han who walked to the door happened to hear these words chanting about himself.

There was a look of helplessness on his face.

“Look, Mrs. Yun, I don’t look shabby.”

Shen Han walked into the yard while talking.

Seeing Shen Han appearing in front of them, Mrs. Yun and Xiao Cailing were stunned for a moment, and even rubbed their eyes.

It was confirmed that Shen Han had returned, and the two quickly put down their things and came up to him.

“Is this trip to Yexuan Kingdom going well? Are you used to living there?

I heard that the meals there are a little hard to swallow.”

Shen Han talked about this with Mrs. Yun before leaving.

As soon as he saw himself, he began to ask about Ye Xuanguo.

Shen Han nodded, and took out the snacks he brought back from the storage ring.

“This trip went smoothly. The strength of Yexuan Kingdom is weaker overall, so there is no big obstacle.

As for the food there, Mrs. Yun and Xiao Cailing, you two have a taste~”

Seeing Shen Han bring back some snacks, Xiao Cailing hurriedly twisted it, but was slapped by Mrs. Yun.

“You child, quickly get a pair of chopsticks~”

Little CRBT pouted, trotted happily, and went to get things.

The three sat down in the courtyard, and Mrs. Yun immediately asked the dining room to bring some snacks and desserts.

I was afraid that Shen Han would starve.

Shen Han didn’t refuse either, tasted Yunfu’s dim sum, it was indeed much more delicious than Ye Xuanguo’s.

While eating, Shen Han talked about his experience during this period.

Including the customs of Yexuan Kingdom, they told them all about it.

The two listened with interest.

Especially when I heard Shen Han say that the local people in Yexuan country are all very transparently dressed, and you can see through them at a glance

Mrs. Yun and Xiao Cailing couldn’t help frowning, a little disgusted, but curious about what it was like

Is it a particularly rambunctious situation?

One afternoon, the three of them chatted together.

After Shen Han finished talking about what he had seen and heard in Yexuan Kingdom, he also asked Mrs. Yun and Xiao Cailing.

Living in the Yun Mansion, life is indeed a bit more comfortable, there are so many troubles in the Shen Mansion.

Because they were too busy every day, Mrs. Yun and Xiao Cailing both tried to learn the art of refining medicine.

But recently, the number of pills that Yunfu needs to refine is really too much.

There is no way to spare extra people to teach the two people how to get started.

That’s why when Shen Han came, he saw Mrs. Yun sewing clothes, and both of them were very free.

Around 1:00, Mrs. Yun and Cai Ling cook in person, while Shen Han stands by and helps.

The Yun Family was too busy, anyway, the three of them still had a lot to say, so they simply didn’t tell the Yun Family Patriarch that Shen Han was coming.

After making some side dishes, the three of them gathered in the yard to have dinner together.

When he was in Shen Mansion before, this was the most delicious dish in Shen Han’s eyes.

Only Madam Yun dared to send some to Shen Han when the old matriarch was out, or when there was some happy event and she was in a good mood.

When the three of them got together, Mrs. Yun felt a little bit emotional.

“I think of those short-sighted people who always looked down on Xiaohan when I was in Shen’s residence.

I don’t know what kind of expression they will have when they know about your recent situation, Xiaohan~

Especially that aloof Su Jinyu, who wanted to divorce the engagement all the time.

Now, it’s Xiaohan, you should look down on her~”

(end of this chapter)

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