Tianjiao Retired, I Extracted the Entry To Practice

Chapter 185 To put it bluntly, it's all self-inflicted

Chapter 185 is a bit harsh to say, it’s all self-inflicted

The new courtyard, just the part where Shen Han lives, is as big as the entire courtyard before.

After this competition, the attitude of the entire academy towards him has changed a lot.

Walking in the academy, if you meet other students on the way, you will politely call him brother Shen.

During these days, Shen Han didn’t wander around, and just spent time cleaning up in the courtyard.

After learning that he had recovered, many more people came to him.

At six o’clock in the morning, the general Su Zhensheng came with some gifts.

Now he is a teacher in Tianyi Academy, and he always has an advantage when he comes to find Shen Han.

After all, the boundary of Tianyi Academy can restrict other people, but it cannot restrict him, this gentleman.

Walking into the yard, the newly moved yard unexpectedly has a separate living room.

Knowing that it was Su Zhensheng who came to visit, Shen Han hesitated for a moment, then went to the hall to greet the guests.

“Mr. Su.”

Seeing Su Zhensheng, Shen Han also saluted politely as before.

Now many people say that Shen Han is the new arrogance.

But in Su Zhensheng’s eyes, Shen Han didn’t feel complacent because of these false names.

This kind of junior, he really longs for it.

It’s just a pity that no matter how good one’s vision is, it’s of no use, and she invited Shen Han to her home.

It ended up like this.

Su Zhensheng sat down slowly, and Shen Han poured tea for him in a decent manner.

Everything is respected by teachers.

“Mr. Su came to look for Shen Han, what’s the matter?”

Although Shen Han could tell why at a glance, he still asked.

Su Zhensheng was a little embarrassed, but no matter what, Su Jinyu was his daughter.

“Little friend Shen Han, speaking of it, the relationship between us is not that deep, but it’s only a few dozen days.

There are some requirements, which are too much to say.

It’s just my daughter, who was spoiled and spoiled since she was a child. Although I occasionally scold her, I still spoil her a little too much.

When doing things, I always lack some consideration, and I regret it at the end.

She looks so clumsy, she can’t even serve herself well.

let alone serving others.”

Su Zhensheng looked at Shen Han’s expression while talking.

It’s just that Shen Han’s expression is still the same as when he came here, and there is no change.

“Mr. Su meant to say something?”

Shen Han asked a question.

Su Zhensheng, who originally wanted to beg for a favor for his daughter, hesitated for a while, but finally shook his head.

“Nothing, nothing.

The purpose of coming here is to send you some supplements. You have a very good relationship with the Yun family, and you may not lack these good medicines.

But this can be regarded as a wish of our Su family.

My wayward daughter has also caused you trouble.”

After finishing speaking, Su Zhensheng didn’t stay any longer, and just left.

He, Su Zhensheng, had clearly taken a fancy to Shen Han a long time ago, and it was exactly like his vision.

Shen Han is indeed outstanding.

But this excellence seems to have nothing to do with their Su family.

Looking at Su Zhensheng’s back, Shen Han also thought for a moment, then shook his head helplessly.

After leaving Shen Han’s courtyard, Su Zhensheng walked directly to Tingyu Pavilion.

Two days have passed.

Su Jinyu’s condition finally recovered a lot.

Especially after hearing that her father was going to talk to Shen Han, Su Jinyu felt much more at ease.

Just after noon, when Su Jinyu saw his father coming, there was some anticipation in Su Jinyu’s starry eyes.

I am in this situation today, and I blame myself for not listening to my father.

Seeing Su Zhensheng arrived, she just lowered her head slightly and didn’t speak.

Seeing this, Qingcao, the maid next to her, actually didn’t dare to talk to Su Zhensheng.

But seeing how my young lady is, she is the only one who can speak.

“Master, have you gone to find Shen Han?

Miss, can you void the price that Ms.

Even if you give some treasures, you can’t let the lady be bullied by him.”

Qingcao asked cautiously, fearing that she might be wrong and make Su Zhensheng angry again.

Just today, Su Zhensheng is not interested in taking these things into consideration.

Hearing what the maid Qingcao said, she immediately shook her head.

“I went to the courtyard where Shen Han lived.

The child was very polite as a teacher, and made me a pot of good tea.

Seeing other people like that, I really don’t have the face to say it. “

As soon as these words came out, Su Jinyu’s expression turned ugly.

Su Zhensheng didn’t think about these things, and spoke again.

“To put it bluntly, what I encountered today is all self-inflicted.

Touch your conscience and talk about it, if you win this rain, will you agree with Shen Han to break his promise?

Come to think of it, you will only follow your word and force that Shen Han to leave the capital, right? “

Su Jinyu lowered his head, and mist appeared in his starry eyes.

Because of Shen Han, she didn’t know how many times she was scolded by Su Zhensheng

Qingcao by her side saw her young lady like this, hesitated for a moment, and spoke again.

“Master, do you really want to look at Miss and go to be a slave?

Miss just lost a competition, she is still the hope of the Su family.

You are the father of Miss, how can you?”

Although Qingcao’s words were accusing Su Zhensheng, her voice was extremely low, like the buzzing of mosquitoes.

But Su Zhensheng has also practiced martial arts for many years, so his hearing is naturally not weak.

It’s just him today, rarely angry.

“Jin Yu, after all, you caused this incident yourself.

In any case, you should go see him yourself.

Shen Han is a very smart kid, he understands human relationships and the world very well, and he also has strategies in his belly.

But he has a characteristic, maybe even he doesn’t know it. “

Speaking of which, Su Jinyu also raised his head to look at his father.

After this incident, Su Jinyu already had a new understanding of her father’s ability to know people.

Now, she believes in her father’s judgment.

“Everyone has their own unique characteristics.

Compared to Shen Ye, his cousin Shen Han has the biggest characteristic.

is not cruel enough. “

As he spoke, Su Zhensheng paused for a moment before continuing.

“I have talked with Shen Han many times about the art of war.

Soldiers who, deception also.

The way of using soldiers is ever-changing, and various means of pickling emerge in endlessly.

But as a young man who was just getting involved in the matter of making decisions, Shen Han was able to see all of them.

It can be seen that it is not that he has no means, but that he has not used many means.

If you are really cruel, you may have fallen into the abyss in this competition. “

Su Zhensheng was not joking. After years of military service, he can naturally see many things.

“Besides, Shen Han doesn’t like being served by others, so he probably wouldn’t ask Jin Yu to be one of those domestic servants.

Relax your mind a little, go talk to Shen Han.

At least, let go of the arrogance in your heart. “

Su Zhensheng rarely persuaded him softly.

Hearing this, Su Jinyu was more accepting and nodded slightly.

The maid Qingcao beside her, added in a low voice: “But if Shen Han wants Miss to marry him, what should I do?”

(end of this chapter)

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