Tianjiao Retired, I Extracted the Entry To Practice

Chapter 176 Pulling the sword with one hand, one thought breaks the night

Chapter 176 Pulling the sword with sleeves, one thought breaks the night

Xu time.

After the vernal equinox, the sky darkened much later.

But after entering Xu time, all households in the capital also lit their lamps.

Su Jinyu and his maid, Qingcao, only returned to Tingyu Pavilion at this hour.

Walking into the courtyard, Su Jinyu realized that Su Zhensheng was sitting on a stone chair in the courtyard, quietly waiting for him.


Walked in front of Su Zhensheng, as if he already knew that he would definitely be scolded.

But today, Su Zhensheng didn’t say a word.

Beside the railing, the light from the roadside bamboo lanterns reflected on Su Zhensheng’s face.

There was no expression on his face, as if he was frozen.


One more sentence, Su Zhensheng moved slightly.

“Are you really so optimistic about Shen Han?”

Where is his excellence? He just borrowed the power of the Yun family.”

Hearing what Su Jinyu said, Su Zhensheng sighed.

“Today Yu, Shen Han is not as good as you in terms of cultivation.

This invitation to fight, he probably won’t be able to take your sword.

But your strength, unless you step into the rumored first rank in the future, you can fight against a country with your own strength.

Just stepping into the fairyland, it is also difficult to escape from the constraints of the court.

If Shen Han reaches a high position in the future, he can protect his own safety, but the huge Su family.

What about the rest of the Su family?”

Hearing this, Su Jinyu was slightly dissatisfied.

“Will he be able to reach a high position?”

Su Zhensheng nodded: “Tianyi Academy is supported by the royal family. Over the years, more and more students from its academy have entered the imperial court.

Shen Han has a calm temperament, and his temperament is even a little mature.

If he pays attention, it is almost impossible to find any faux pas.

Such a person will feel like a fish in water when entering the court.

He may have understood the name that he had to figure out after a few years of hard work. “

Having said that, Su Zhensheng looked at Su Jinyu again.

“If you say a thousand things and ten thousand things, you will only feel that you are making noise for your father.

Now in your eyes, only Shen Ye should be left.

These are all your own choices. Now that you have decided to do so, you can only go on like this. “

After Su Zhensheng finished speaking, he stood up and left Tingyu Pavilion.

Besides expressing his dissatisfaction in this way, what else can he do, dear.

The invitation to fight is set at noon on the fifth day of the lunar new year.

In the martial field of Tianyi Academy, many people have already been waiting here.

Watching the excitement seems to have a magical power, which attracts many people to watch.

Although they had nothing to do with this invitational battle, they didn’t even practice martial arts, and they didn’t come here to observe sword moves.

Purely watching the fun is enough to attract many people.

Many people from Tianyi Academy also went very early in order to occupy a good seat.

Chai Haiwu and the others also got up early, and arrived more than two hours earlier than Shen Han, the person involved.

The sky is slightly bright, and people around are talking non-stop.

The three of them listened a lot, as long as they were discussing this invitational battle, basically no one was optimistic about Shen Han.

After listening to several places, finally on the south side, I heard someone mentioning Shen Han’s advantage.

“Don’t think that there is no suspense in this invitational battle, that Shen Han won against Su Jinyu in the Qianqiu event.

Although this is not a real competition, it also shows that Shen Han has great potential.

In addition, he also defeated Dugutian, the teacher of Tianyi Academy.

Do you know that Dugu Tian is a fifth-rank master?”

The eyes of Chai Haiwu and the three of them lit up. They didn’t expect that there were also people who could see Shen Han’s potential.

Just as he was about to speak, someone stood up behind him.

“Don’t be fooled by him, this person is from Xiyuan Casino.

Today’s invitation to fight is too disparate in strength, and very few people buy the bets made by the gambling house.

Even if there were some bets, Jinyu bought Nasu and won.

The gambling shop can’t make money, so people are sent everywhere, talking nonsense, just bragging about Shen Han like this. “

Hearing this, the expression of the person who praised Shen Han just now changed instantly.

It may be that the person who is speaking is luxuriously dressed and has some background.

With a cold look in his eyes, he got into the crowd and left.

Seeing this, Chai Haiwu couldn’t help sighing.

Also, the price of failure in this invitational battle is so heavy.

Su Jinyu lost, according to what she said, Shen Han can make any request, even as a slave or a handmaid.

Dare to give such a condition, she will not lose.

A quarter before noon, Shen Han arrived.

Walking into the martial field, he was still so calm and composed.

The spectators around looked at Shen Han, and many men had jokes on their faces.

On the contrary, after seeing Shen Han, many women unconsciously showed a touch of concern on their faces.

The imaginary Shen Han may be cowardly and wretched.

But when I saw him today, I found that Shen Han was quite handsome.

Many female students from Shanhai Academy also came to observe. After seeing Shen Han, they unconsciously compared him with Shen Ye.

Speaking of which, Shen Han looks better.

After a while at noon, the crowd made way.

Su Jinyu stepped into the arena.

And beside her, the person accompanying her is Shen Ye.

Seeing this scene, Qiu Shuyin’s eyes almost killed people.

Fu Menger next to her is similar, she is a little disgusted with Su Jinyu.

The protagonists have all arrived, and everyone is very tacitly silent, looking towards the martial field.

Compared to the dinner that day, today’s Su Jinyu is very calm, even looking at Shen Han with a hint of indifference.

The spring breeze is blowing, with a hint of aster flower fragrance.

“I used to wonder why you were so angry with the Shen family.

After talking with Brother Shen Ye for the past few days, I finally understood.

In fact, I also understand you. The so-called don’t worry about the few but the unevenness. The Shen family spent a lot of resources to train the big brother Shen Ye, and ignored you.

It’s normal to feel resentment in my heart. “

When Su Jinyu said this, he paused for a moment and looked at Shen Han.

She thought that what she knew was the truth.

“But the grievances you have generated are fundamentally because you are too narrow.

Ask yourself, if the Shen family doesn’t train Brother Shen Ye, will they train you?

Although the Shen family prefers big brother Shen Ye, but this elder brother always thinks about brotherhood.

Back when you were made to sacrifice, Brother Shen Ye also promised that the Shen family would take care of you for the rest of your life.”

Before the competition, there is always a long speech.

Swearing that he is more reasonable.

Hearing this, Shen Han couldn’t help laughing: “Take care of me for the rest of my life?

Why doesn’t he become disabled, I will take care of him for the rest of his life. “

Wen Su Jinyu shook his head slightly, as if he expected all of this, turned his head to look at Shen Ye, showing a touch of helplessness.

The next moment, his eyes were sharp.

A long sword flashing blue light suddenly appeared.

Pull the sword with sleeves, and break the night with one thought.

Like electricity and illusion, the sword edge passes out, dragging like a dragon.

All the spectators around were in a daze, Su Jinyu just drew his sword, and there was such a tendency

You must know that they are just watching, and their coercion has not fallen on everyone.

In the name of Tianjiao, the best swordsman in this generation, the reputation is well-deserved!

(end of this chapter)

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