Tianjiao Retired, I Extracted the Entry To Practice

Chapter 143 Just a student, how could he hurt Dugu?

Chapter 143 Just a student, how could he hurt Mr. Dugu

In the eyes of the two attendants, Dugutian is just the teacher of Tianyi Academy.

Now, he lost again to the students under his command. Even though there was a reason, he still lost face.

In front of him, so what if he was a little arrogant?

But if you say these words and be heard by the prince of Qingyuan, then it will not be very good

Especially at this time, if the prince of Qingyuan came to visit Dugu Tian, ​​would it be because he valued him?

The faces of the two attendants turned pale, their bodies seemed to be petrified, and they didn’t know how to move.

Prince Qingyuan just smiled, patted the two of them lightly, and signaled the two attendants to leave first.

Receiving this order, the two fled in a hurry.

In the room, only Dugu Tian, ​​Prince Qingyuan, and Uncle Fu were left.

After Dugutian came to Tianyi Academy, relying on his own ability, he would be consulted by many instructors in the academy.

In the past six months or so, she has become more and more defiant.

The prince of Qingyuan came today, and he wanted to ridicule him.

Didn’t he often taunt and belittle Tianyi student, then ask him today, how did he lose~

“Mr. Dugu is okay, is there any injury?”

With a smile on his face, Prince Qingyuan asked knowingly.

“Is it okay?”

“Thank you, my lord, for your concern, it’s okay.”

Dugutian’s face was ugly, but he still answered duplicity.

“That’s right, that child Shen Han is just a young student of our Tianyi Academy, just a student, how could he hurt Mr. Dugu~”

The irony in this sentence is already very strong.

Dugutian’s face changed slightly, but he still wanted to defend himself: “I was just careless in yesterday’s assessment.

If it weren’t for my meridians being reversed, I wouldn’t be like that.”

Hearing Dugutian’s justification, Prince Qingyuan also showed concern.

“Mr. Dugu is right, when you recover, I will ask you to compare with that child Shen Han.

Next time, sir, please don’t be careless. “

After Prince Qingyuan finished speaking, he even laughed out loud twice.

My heart was filled with joy.

Counting age, Dugu Tian has practiced more than thirty years more than Shen Han.

As a senior, Mr. Xi of the academy, but he has to compete with a junior.

This insult is really too cruel.

Hearing Prince Qingyuan ridicule him so much, Dugutian no longer retains the most basic decency.

Staring at Prince Qingyuan.

“So what if Shen Han is better than me? I, Dugu Tian, ​​am just a miserable person with a disordered meridian.

He is so capable, why is he going to compare with the students of Shanhai Academy?

There are so many students who are the same age as him, so go if you dare.

Tianyi Academy is no match for Shanhai Academy. Is it true that I, Dugutian, can’t tell the truth?

If Dugutian shut up, can this fact be changed? “

Originally, Dugutian wanted to use Shanhai Academy as a fig leaf for himself.

But hearing his words, Prince Qingyuan wanted to laugh even more.

“It seems that Mr. Dugu’s news is a bit blocked.

Shanhai Academy has a student named Qianmufan, do you know him? “

Qianmufan, the younger generation of Qianmu’s family.

Dugutian naturally recognized him, and his chess skills have reached the peak of the seventh rank. Although he is not the top, he is still considered excellent.

“What? The lord is going to send some treasures to recruit Qianmufan’s child to Tianyi Academy?

In my opinion, the prince should not mislead his son.

Bringing others to Tianyi Academy will only harm others~”

Hearing Dugutian’s words, Prince Qingyuan still had a smile on his face, stretched out his finger and shook it left and right in front of his eyes.

“Mr. Dugu thinks too much, Tianyi Academy is full of talents, but he is not interested in recruiting students from Shanhai Academy.

I mentioned Qianmufan to you because this Shanhai Academy student had already fought against Shen Han.

Complete defeat, complete defeat without any suspense.

If you don’t believe me, go and find out by yourself, in the Shen family’s family performance test.

Qianmufan is better than you, he didn’t lose so badly like you, and suffered such a serious injury.

By the way, take advantage of this time to tidy up your few teacher virtues.

As Mr. Xi, you have lost your own character and morality. For a person like you, whoever is under your command is the one who misleads others. “

As soon as the call was over and the scolding was over, Prince Qingyuan shook his hands and left Dugutian’s room.

The yard.

Shen Han got up early, and was about to go to Zangshu Pavilion again.

Before leaving the hospital, Chai Haiwu came across several dishes of breakfast.

I really have been preparing meals for myself

Shen Han also lived up to the kindness of his classmates, the two sat down together and ate breakfast.

While eating, he asked some questions about the experience in the secret realm.

The so-called secret realm experience, to put it bluntly, can only focus on the experience brought by its experience.

It is almost impossible to rely on this secret realm to bring benefits.

The secret realm that the students went to has been explored countless times.

Taking the students from various academies there is just to let them know the secrets of this world.

In the future, when you are alone, you will be able to deal with it better.

As for the traps inside, they have basically been seen and thoroughly researched long ago.

“Then how soon can we go out to practice?”

“It should be the eighth day of next month.”

The eighth day of next month, counting the days, there are still eleven days left.

After eating breakfast, Shen Han talked to Chai Haiwu and walked to Zangshu Pavilion.

The arrangement during this period is the same. During the day, he reads in the Library Pavilion, and at night he continues to study martial arts, waiting patiently for the arrival of the secret realm experience.

In Zangshu Pavilion, Shen Han found another very good classic.

Among the classics, it mainly explains the practice path of literati.

Literati practice, cultivate the heart, cultivate the courage, cultivate the destiny, and cultivate the way.

There is more than one way to practice these things.

Qin, chess, books, paintings, speeches, writings

When Shen Han saw this, he realized that literati practice also has so many paths.

Thinking about it, that Qianmufan is taking chess into his heart and practicing chess.

Shen Han agrees with many of the ideas in the classics, and faintly feels a sense of the same goal through different routes.

Martial arts practice is actually to practice spiritual power.

The method introduced in the classics, the method of practicing spiritual power through martial arts, and how is it different from the piano, chess, calligraphy and painting?

After reading the classics, Shen Han concentrated his consciousness and extracted the [succinct] entry that he had imposed.

The contents of the classic were restored and put back.

After putting it away, I rummaged through the next one.

Just picked it up, a middle-aged man not far away walked quickly.

Frowning slightly, he took the book from Shen Han’s hand.

“It’s better not to read books like you do.

Swallowing the jujube wholeheartedly, I’m afraid I didn’t even comprehend the most obvious essentials in the book.

Reading like this is simply a waste of the efforts of the sages. “

After speaking, the middle-aged man directly put back the book that Shen Han was about to read.


Shen Han was a little speechless, and actually cared about how others read.

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