Tianjiao Retired, I Extracted the Entry To Practice

Chapter 139 Dugu Tian shot

Chapter 139 Dugu Tian makes a move

After the middle-aged teacher went down, the gentlemen who came up after him were almost all like this.

The professors selected by Tianyi Academy, at least in terms of teacher ethics, are not bad.

If Dugutian didn’t have some skills, many teaching methods in the academy would need his guidance.

With his attitude, he might have been thrown out by Tianyi Academy long ago.

It wasn’t until the end of Shenshi that Dugutian came late.

Other teaching gentlemen, which one is not waiting here early.

As for Dugu Tian, ​​he only thought that the end-of-month assessment was a waste of time, and came reluctantly.

Still sloppy, perhaps in Dugutian’s view, his attire looks more like a tall man.

Other students, the assessment is almost over.

Same as before, it was Dugutian’s final assessment again.

Holding a long knife in his hand, Dugutian walked into the center of the martial field with leisurely steps.

This appearance is not like an assessment, but more like a competition of peers, or a competition of swords and swords.

Seeing him like this, many gentlemen behind him couldn’t stand it, and couldn’t help but speak.

“Mr. Dugu, it’s just a month-end assessment, and they are all young children, why bother?”

Before others finished speaking, Dugutian turned his head and gave him a white look.

“This is a student under our name, how to assess, I don’t need your instructions.

Could it be that you feel that your level is a bit higher than mine? “

Just one sentence, it is such a high-level plan, who can persuade me more.

The gentleman who spoke just now had an ugly expression on his face. After thinking about it, he said again: “The student under your name has been around for more than half a year, but he has never gone out to practice.

You really hurt them by doing this? “

Hearing this, Dugutian still acted as he should.

“It’s not my fault, it’s because they couldn’t pass the assessment, so is it also my fault?

If you are not strong enough, but you have to go out to practice forcibly, what if you lose your life?

It’s better to just clean up in the academy. “

Dugutian stood in the center of the arena with an arrogant expression on his face.

He, Dugutian, is a teacher from Shanhai Academy.

His point of view is the gist, while what other teachers say are just short-term views.

After finishing his words, Dugutian no longer cared about other things, and looked at Shen Han and the others.

“You spit out so many lies last night, you have the opportunity to fight me today, don’t you hurry up?”

Dugutian’s words made the faces of Chai Haiwu and the others turn livid in an instant.

He really heard the nonsense he said after drinking yesterday

Dugutian’s attack was already heavy, but now, he might be even more vicious.

Before they could walk out, Shen Han jumped ahead.

Dugutian had a weapon in his hand, so Shen Han naturally took out his long sword.

The sword light is sharp, and it seems to be more majestic than the long knife in Dugutian’s hand.

Seeing this scene, everyone seemed to be taken aback for a moment.

They discovered that Shen Han seemed to be fighting against Dugutian, rather than simply defending

Students in this age group, how could they be the opponent of Mr. Xi?

This is clearly an act of anger.

This fight may result in multiple injuries.

Among the onlookers, Mr. Zhong, who spoke before, couldn’t bear it anymore.


Dugu Tian, ​​don’t you just want to be lazy and don’t want to take the students out for training?

If you don’t bring it, I’ll bring it with Zhong Nan, let the four of them come with me, that’s fine.

If something goes wrong, I, Zhong Nan, know how to take responsibility! “

Hearing these words, Chai Haiwu and the three showed hope on their faces.

How could Dugutian agree in front of so many people.

If he agreed, it would actually confirm the fact that he wanted to be lazy.

“This is my student under Dugutian, do you need to help me take it?

If you fail to pass the assessment, you cannot go out to practice. This is the rule of the academy.

If you really don’t have enough strength to go out and lose your life, what responsibility can you bear?

Bring them back to life? “

Leaving this sentence behind, Dugutian has already made up his mind.

Even because of the words of other teachers, I felt a little sullen in my heart.

At this moment, Shen Han concentrated his energy.

During this time of speaking, small purple characters appeared on Dugutian’s long knife.

【Sturdy and sharp long knife】


Holding his breath, the purple entry fell off and floated into his sea of ​​consciousness.

Following that, a gray entry was twisted and thrown out.

Applied on Dugutian’s long knife, [poor quality long knife].

On the long knife, a faint trace of rust has already appeared.

It’s just this kind of moment, Dugutian will not focus on his own weapons.

Seeing Dugutian’s appearance, many teaching teachers of Tianyi Academy all looked at him with some disgust.

This is already a manifestation of poor moral character.

As the teacher of the students, Mr. Xi didn’t want to protect the students under his command.

It is really a tragedy for the students to treat them like this.

“Let’s all be more vigilant later, if Dugu Tian strikes too hard, try to protect him as much as possible.

After the assessment, let’s talk to the dean of the academy together. “

Mr. Zhong Nan frowned, looking at Dugutian with contempt in his eyes.

The other gentlemen watching here took a look at Dugutian and nodded.

This person has a problem with his character, and everyone is no longer willing to work with him.

But in the eyes of Dugutian, he is the loneliest mountain.

He was originally out of tune with other teachers.

Around, the students onlookers showed some sympathy.

Qiu Shuyin who led the way for Shen Han that day is also here.

Seeing Qiu Shuyin’s gaze on Shen Han, a smirk appeared on the face of the friend next to him.

“Isn’t he the man that day~

He also said that he is not interested in him, and his eyes are going to stick to other people~”

Facing his friend’s ridicule, Qiu Shuyin turned his head and gave her a white look.

“What nonsense are you talking about? He is Shen Ye’s cousin, and Su Jinyu’s marriage partner is him.”

Hearing Qiu Shuyin’s words, the friends beside him were a little surprised.

“It turned out to be him, more handsome than imagined, and better looking than Shen Ye~”

Friends’ evaluations are actually more objective.

In terms of appearance, it is true.

Only in Wei, at least for men, appearance is not too important.

“Shu Yin, in fact, this Shen Han looks pretty good, I heard that he has reached the 80th floor on the journey.

It can be considered, it doesn’t have to be hanged on the tree of Shen Ye. “

Hearing the words, Qiu Shuyin immediately refused.

“Su Jinyu doesn’t like people who are about to divorce, and I, Qiu Shuyin, don’t want them.

Help him, mainly because he makes Su Jinyu unhappy.

If Dugutian strikes too hard, I will ask Uncle Hao to protect him once. “

While speaking, in the middle of the arena, Dugu Tian made a move.


Just uttering a word from his mouth, a circle of waves appeared in the martial field.

The waves are turbulent, if the strength is weak, it will be difficult for the body to stand still.

(end of this chapter)

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