Tianjiao Retired, I Extracted the Entry To Practice

Chapter 133 The so-called prosperity must decline

Chapter 133 The so-called prosperity must decline

Prince Qingyuan frowned, and sat down slowly after a while.

This news made him a little surprised. Shen Ye had only broken through to the fifth rank more than a year ago.

How long will it be…

“Do the math, it seems that Shen Ye’s age has just reached twenty-three.”

In the past two years, the Shen family has been making small moves, and the family power has expanded more and more.

The control in the eastern garrison is also getting stronger and stronger.

If that’s all it is, that’s all. The successor of the Shen family is so amazing.

Originally, he wanted to take advantage of the marriage gift to slightly dismantle the Shen family’s control over the garrison.

But in the end, it was the Su family who took advantage of it.

“How could the luck of the Shen family be so prosperous?”

Looking at Prince Qingyuan with some worry on his face.

The rickety old man quickly answered a sentence of comfort: “It is said that prosperity must decline, why should the prince be so worried.”

But these words did not make Prince Qingyuan frowned.

“The Shen family has Shen Ye now, how can they decline?”

Just relying on this descendant of Tianjiao, it has already indicated that the Shen family will prosper for at least another Jiazi.

Because of the existence of this descendant of Tianjiao, many forces will now invest in the Shen family.

The stooped old man didn’t speak, in fact, he also thought so in his heart.

If juniors like Shen Ye do not perish, the Shen family has almost no possibility of decline.

One night passed,

Hearing the sound of the clock at Chen Shi, Shen Han had already gotten up.

After looking at the content indicated in the manual, there should be a teacher giving a lecture in the morning.

When he first came to the academy, Shen Han thought about listening to it first.

If it’s useless, it’s better to arrange your own time later.

It seems that they drank a few more glasses yesterday, and the three students fell asleep a bit.

Shen Han woke them up one by one, and after tidying up, they went to class together.

The location of the class is an attic in the academy.

The attic is very spacious, with more than 50 students sitting, it still looks empty.

It was a coincidence to attend the class this time, it happened to be Dugu Tian who came to guide everyone.

In the academy, in fact, every teacher will come to give a big class.

But if you have doubts after the big class, you can only ask your teacher.

At four o’clock in the morning, Dugu Tian came.

Still looking sloppy, with disheveled and drooping hair.

Wearing an ill-fitting robe, very strange.

If it was dirtier, it would really look like a beggar.

But Dugutian looked proud, and even felt that he looked down on everyone.

This class is about the strategy of defending against the enemy with Daoxiu.

As Chai Haiwu and the others said, Dugutian took a classic and began to read it.

Reading seems to be a little impatient.

In less than a quarter of an hour, I finished reading it, and then threw the classics aside.

“I have said everything that should be said, and you have listened to it.

Next, just enlighten yourself. If you don’t understand, go back to your own room and continue enlightening. “

As he spoke, Dugutian found a chair and sat down, and looked out of the window.

seems to be indicating that he does not belong here, but should belong to heaven and earth.

Others are okay, but they don’t understand and they have to ask for advice from their teacher Mr. Xi.

But Shen Han and the others can only rely on themselves.

Before they could complain, Shen Han saw a bold student standing up.

“We have to understand everything by ourselves, just read it once, if there is no guidance, then what else do we need to teach Mr. Xi?”

He seems to have a lot of opinions on Dugu Tian’s behavior.

The student who spoke, his teacher is not Dugutian.

As for Dugutian’s messy teaching, if he hates him, he will hate him. Even if Dugutian hates him, it doesn’t have much effect.

Hearing some students stood up to refute, the sloppy Dugu Tian smiled softly.

There seems to be a lot of sarcasm hidden in the laughter.

“You say that I read it once, but I don’t guide it, so I don’t understand it, and I can’t understand it.

Then why are the students of Shanhai Academy able to be enlightened by others?

Is this my problem, or yours? “

Dugutian pretended to be an outsider, as if he had seen through the future of everyone.

With just a few sentences, all the students who will attend this class will be belittled.

Indeed, as the top academy in Wei Dynasty, Shanhai Academy had the strictest requirements when recruiting students.

The young people who can step into Shanhai Academy are almost the best of Wei’s younger generation.

But even so, no one wants to be belittled like this.

What’s more, the current strength and talent alone cannot represent the achievements of the next few decades, or even a hundred years.

“What? No one dares to refute me? They all know that they are inferior to the students of Shanhai Academy?”

Dugu Tian seemed to be strolling in the garden, pacing left and right on the podium, looking at the expressions of everyone from time to time.

Seeing that many people are so ugly, they seem to be a little proud.

“It’s okay to know that you just shut up, after all, you still have self-knowledge, and you can see your talent potential clearly.

It is possible to achieve some small achievements in the future without doing those far-fetched fantasies. “

In some words, there are extremely derogatory words for the students of Tianyi Academy.

Hearing these words, Shen Han raised his head and glanced at Dugutian, only thinking that he looked like a little face in an opera.

With his sloppy appearance, he might think that he is a wise man who is sober when everyone is drunk.

Facing belittling, some students still can’t sit still.

Young man, how could he bear so much anger.

“Dugu Tian, ​​don’t think that you can look down on us so much because you have been a teacher in Shanhai Academy.

Let me tell you, we are not necessarily inferior to the people of Shanhai Academy!

Maybe in the future, our Tianyi Academy students will stand at the top of the Great Wei! “

Although what he said was in response to Dugu Tian, ​​it was indeed empty talk.

“Not worse than the people of Shanhai Academy?

Who are you talking about? Shall I find two students from Shanhai Academy to compare?

In addition, don’t bring it up and talk about the future.

You don’t even have the present, so why talk about the future? “

These young students, how can they beat Dugu Tian who has been teaching for many years.

After three or two sentences, she was even more flushed with anger.

“No matter what you say, we are not convinced, we are not inferior to those people in Shanhai Academy!”

When he said this, the young student almost roared out.

Dugu Tian still smiled calmly.

“It seems that you don’t understand how big the gap is between you and the students of Shanhai Academy”

While speaking, Dugutian looked at Shen Han, and then walked over slowly.

“Come on, take a look at this ready-made example.

Also a descendant of the Shen family, Tianjiao Shen Ye went to Shanhai Academy, and this Shen Han fell to Tianyi Academy.

The gap between Shen Ye and Shen Han is the gap between Shanhai Academy and Tianyi Academy! “

As soon as this remark was made, the eyes of the group of people turned accordingly.

It was only then that they realized that the Shen Han in front of them turned out to be the cousin of Shen Ye, the Tianjiao of the Shen family!

(end of this chapter)

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