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Chapter 109 Why are you so partial to Shen Han?

Chapter 109 Why are you so partial to Shen Han?

Su Jinyu and her maid, Qingcao, never thought that Shi Yuezhu would speak for Shen Han.

“Master, did you hear some bewitching words when you went to Yunfu, Anyang City?”

Su Jinyu’s pretty brows and eyes were frowned. Her master’s words for Shen Han made her feel very uncomfortable.

She always had some disgust for Shen Han in her heart.

Besides, Xiao Ao’er often came to listen to Yuge to play, so he would talk about Shen Han.

Besides appearance, Su Jinyu thinks that Shen Ao’s child should be right.

After all, there are many things, and Shen Ao is not alone.

“The Great Wei established the country with filial piety, and Shen Han, a junior who was rejected by the elders in his family, thought he had no filial piety.

Regarding the matter of retiring the engagement, the Shen family had already given him the pros and cons and asked him to pay for the family.

As the younger generation in the family, he doesn’t care about the interests of the entire family.

Master, do you still want to defend such a person?

Is it because he showed some talent and reached the 80th floor in the journey? “

In front of Shi Yuezhu, Su Jinyu has always spoken softly, showing a bit of a girlish feeling.

But at this moment, the words were a bit blunt.

Hearing Su Jinyu’s words, Shi Yuezhu frowned and shook her head.

“The so-called lack of gratitude and lack of filial piety are just far-fetched accusations.

The Shen family has never been kind to him all these years.

Basic food, housing, and transportation all require this young man to be self-reliant.

Barely earning gold and silver by working hard, but the remuneration is less than that of ordinary domestic servants.

As a descendant of the Shen family, when I lived in Shen’s residence, I’m afraid I’ve never worn silk clothes, and in late autumn and winter, I can only wear a few linen clothes.”

When Shi Yuezhu mentioned this, he felt that the Shen family was a little too much.

“Jin Yu, if the Su family treats you like this, and asks you to sacrifice for the family even though they have never shown any kindness, do you wish?

I’m afraid that the resentment in your heart is stronger than his. “

Su Jinyu pursed her lips, and her face became even more ugly.

“Master, you can’t just believe in one side of the story.

He spread rumors about the matter between the second wife of the Shen family and the servants. There were many witnesses to this matter, and he couldn’t quibble after all. “

Shi Yuezhu paused for a moment, then continued:

“The incident started when the second wife of the Shen residence framed him first.

He also used some perjury to give him the name of a thief in order to achieve the purpose of retiring the engagement.

The young man Shen Han also had no choice but to respond to the frame-up with nonsense. “

After saying something, Su Jinyu frowned, very unhappy.

“Master went to Anyang City, why is he so partial to Shen Han?”

“Being a teacher is not partiality, these are facts”

Master and apprentice had an argument today.

According to the past, both master and apprentice are accommodating each other.

The maid Qingcao next to her saw this, and hurriedly said something to ease the atmosphere.

“Master Yuezhu Peak, miss, the divorce is over, so there is no need to worry about it anymore.

What happened to Shen Han? He was just a passing visitor. “

Hearing this, Su Jinyu also felt that it was true.

Lowering his eyes slightly, he pulled his master to discuss the sword intent he had comprehended.

Great Wei Eastern Barracks.

The news of Shen Han and Su Jinyu’s divorce came.

This matter has finally come to an end.

In the tent, Shen Qingshan frowned, and the wrinkles on his face showed several gullies.

“The Su family, did you send a letter or sound transmission to blame us?”

Hearing what his father said, Shen Lingsheng shook his head.

“After the Su family entered the palace to face the saint, they only conveyed to us the matter of retiring the engagement, and there was no intention of reprimand in the words.”

There was no blame in the words, but this made Shen Qingshan more worried.

“This old man has known Mr. Su Wuyang Hou for many years. According to his temperament, if he scolds our Shen family a few words, this old man can figure it out better.

Now that he is so silent, the old man is a little more worried. “

Silent, sometimes more terrifying than quarreling and scolding.

“Ling Sheng, you can send some more gifts to the Su family later to show our Shen family’s apology.”

Before the words fell, Shen Qingshan pondered slightly, and changed his words again.

“Forget it, it’s up to you to go to Wuyang City in person, apologize in person, and inform the old man of the Su family about the difficulties our Shen family is facing.

Although there is still some ties between Shen Ye and that child Su Jinyu, our Shen family’s attitude should still be shown. “

“Father rest assured, son understands.”

Shen Lingsheng bowed his hands and saluted to show that he had received the order.

In the tent, Shen Qingshan thought for a moment, and then remembered something.

“By the way, let the army send an official letter to the Yun family.

Find a suitable reason, and from now on, the army controlled by the Shen family will no longer buy the Yun family’s pills.

I used to look at the face of your wife, most of the low-grade pills were bought from the Yun family.

Since you and that Yunshuang are at odds with each other, and the Yun family ignores my orders from the Shen family, then cut off contact.

Taking this as a warning to other small families. “

Shen Lingsheng saluted again. Although he was the son-in-law of the Yun family, he had no intention of interceding for the Yun family at all.

After leaving the camp, Shen Lingsheng immediately found the military secretary and asked him to write an official letter to the Yun family.

The reason is that the elixirs refined by the Yun family are of inferior quality, far inferior to those refined by other families.

From now on, no more medicines from the Yun family will be purchased.

In addition, Shen Lingsheng once again informed the army messenger.

Ask him to inform the faction that he has good relations with the Shen family, and if he needs to purchase pills, he will no longer consider the Yun family in the future.

After the letter was sent, many of the alchemy families in Da Wei seemed to celebrate the New Year ahead of schedule.

The Xu family of the Great Wei Dynasty, among them is a family of refining medicine.

The elixirs it refines are similar to those of the Yun family before, mainly low-grade elixirs.

In the past, many pills in the army would be preferred by the Yun family.

The power of the Xu family even faintly shows signs of declining, but now, the bad days are finally coming to an end.

“Third Master Yun is really confused. He used to rely on his daughter’s in-laws with Shen Lingsheng from the Shen family to obtain so many benefits. Do you really think that your family is very powerful?

If their Yun family were not the in-laws of the Shen family, who would take care of them? “

In the courtyard, the Patriarch of the Xu family had his legs crossed, with a smug look on his face.

Beside him, his son also had a happy face.

“Father is right, the Yun family has been closed since the end of winter, and it has been more than half a month now.

Does the entire Great Wei have any influence?

No one, no force cares about this Yun family.

Whether they are closed or opened, except for the Yun family who care about themselves, who has nothing to pay attention to them? “

Hearing what his son said, the head of the Xu family let out a burst of hearty laughter.

“That’s right, this world is very cruel, don’t always think that you are important.

After the Shen family’s letter is published, the Yun family will be reduced to an unpopular family within three years. “

(end of this chapter)

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