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Chapter 95 Seventh level of Qi training (additional 4600, please subscribe and ask for a monthly ticket)

Chapter 95 Seventh Stage of Qi Training

Da Zhou, Zhouzhuang in the suburbs of Beijing.

After nearly a hundred years, Liang Sheng’s cultivation base has finally made great progress. Not to mention other things, Liang Sheng’s success rate in refining Qi training pills has already been 100%.

After all, who in the world of cultivating immortals can do it like him, without worrying about time, just refining Qi Dan, a kind of elixir, and persisting for more than a hundred years?

Coupled with Chizi’s dull talent, his alchemy has no bottlenecks. The 100% success rate of alchemy is actually just a matter of time.

As for the 20 health-preserving exercises practiced by Liang Sheng, they have finally broken through to the 17th floor in the past hundred years, and the lifespan has once again skyrocketed by 3600 years.

The Shangqing Immortal Scripture, after he swallowed countless albeit discounted qi training pills to cooperate with the cultivation, the large number made up for the gap in effect, and he also successfully broke through to the seventh floor. At this moment, his data panel can be described as completely changed.

Name: Liang Sheng

Age: 351

Talent: Naive and dull (extreme)

Gongfa: Shangqing Xianjing (seventh floor), twenty health-preserving exercises (seventeenth floor), nail-headed seven-arrow technique (curse)

Realm: Qi training level seven (10%)

Shouyuan: 12682

Liang Shengshouyuan has already exceeded 10,000 yuan with a mere seventh level of qi training. I don’t know what level in the world of cultivating immortals can achieve such a level?

However, it took Liang Sheng a hundred years to reach the seventh level of Qi training. Although his cultivation speed is extremely slow, every step he takes can be said to be steady.

And don’t underestimate the monks at the seventh level of Qi training. According to what Zhou Yun and the others said before, in Fangshi, the world of cultivating immortals, monks at the seventh level of Qi training can already form a small family of cultivators as long as they are willing. Be regarded as a master.

So many people who have no hope of breaking through to cultivate immortals, if they want to pin their hopes on the next generation, they will consider forming a small cultivating family.

Thus, those who practice Qi at the seventh level can actually protect the small family, so in the market, they are already considered middle-aged.

It’s just that Liang Sheng doesn’t care about these messy information at the moment. He is just happy that he has cultivated immortality for nearly two hundred years and finally achieved something.

Even if I am now in Xiuxian Jiefang City, I still have a little bit of self-protection power, not without combat power.

It’s just that Liang Sheng couldn’t be in a daze at this time, so he set off to Fangshi now. After all, there are casual practitioners disappearing in Fangshi every year for no reason, so how could he take the risk now?

And at this moment, he still has one more happy thing, that is, after waiting for a hundred years, he finally waited until the master foundation builder stationed in Shangqingzong left Fangshi.

At this time, the people in Zhouzhuang have changed a few times, but the only thing that remains unchanged is the worship of the “ancestor” Liang Sheng by the Zhouzhuang people.

And this time, two gray-haired old men walked into the backyard of Zhouzhuang. No one in Zhouzhuang now knows what this means.

An hour later.

Zhou Hua and Zhou Qing were still in a daze. Liang Sheng, who was opposite him, did not speak again, but looked at them calmly.

Then the two of them realized that their faces were flushed. Liang Sheng’s more than two hundred years of brainwashing education in Zhouzhuang had already penetrated into his bones.

At this moment, they were directly kneeling in front of Liang Sheng, their faces flushed and excited. Zhou Hua even held the Black Tie Token tightly in his hand. It was not only the Black Tie Token, but also the future of the Zhou family.

In January.


Zhou Hua walked firmly into the fog of the cave without looking back, while Zhou Qing stayed in the small town of Xiguguan, and he will stay here forever, just like their predecessors, who will not leave until they are about to die here.

Xiuxian Jiefang City.

At this moment, Hua Tianzong’s Fangshi steward had already changed. When the new steward saw Zhou Hua coming for him with the black iron order, he was astonished and then extremely enthusiastic.

No way, over the past 100 years, because of the increase in the success rate of practicing weapons, the Great Elder of Refining Peak has been full of praise for the performance of the great Zhou dynasty’s luck. He mentioned the secular Great Zhou Dynasty several times at the Zongmen Conference.

And no one can say anything about this situation. After all, Da Zhou’s current contribution is obvious to all. Even after the former steward returned to the sect, he said the words that Zhou Nan dealt with him, and the elder made a decision immediately.

If Da Zhou can go one step further and provide more dynastic luck, it is not impossible to get a quota of inner disciples. After all, compared to the past hundred years, the refining achievements of the Refining Peak have increased by almost 50%.

Chen Fengchen, who introduced the Great Zhou into Hua Tianzong, now has a higher status. He even succeeded in building the foundation ten years ago and became a master of foundation building.

Therefore, the secular dynasty of Da Zhou also stood out among the secular dynasties controlled by Hua Tianzong, and became a secular royal existence almost known to the sect.

Zhou Hua was already ready to explain, but unexpectedly, the steward saw the black iron order in his hand and warmly invited him to sit down and drink tea.

“Your Zhou family really has great ambitions. No one has come here for a hundred years. The sect was a little strange before, but within a hundred years, you have raised the luck of the enshrining dynasty twice. It seems that you have not lied before and have been working hard to develop. It is courageous.

But I also tell you a piece of good news. The Great Elder of Refining Peak also promised that if you can double the luck of the dynasty enshrined in the Great Zhou Dynasty, the quota of your inner disciples will be directly given by Refining Peak.

Brother Zhou, this is the number of inner disciples, really gratifying. “

The person in charge was a little envious when he said this, even if he is just an ordinary disciple of the sect, he is better than the disciples of the outer sect. Only when he becomes an inner disciple can he have more hope of establishing a foundation.

His predecessor, the Fangshi steward, had tried to break through and failed to establish a foundation 20 years ago. He died, and he naturally experienced this.

How difficult it is to cultivate an immortal, and if there are not enough blessings, everything is difficult.

Zhou Hua could only nod his head non-stop when he heard this, but he admired the old ancestor’s plan even more in his heart, and the old ancestor really had a plan.

Afterwards, Zhou Hua followed Liang Sheng’s instructions and carefully began to exchange resources and materials. He didn’t bring many talismans this time. After all, this was his first time coming in. It’s just that the steward Hua Tianzong saw all of this. .

The Zhou family at this time is different from the Zhou family a hundred years ago. If the Zhou family was still transparent before, Hua Tianzong didn’t care too much.

But now, they have become famous in the sect, and they have really been noticed by the sect. After all, it is only a matter of time before the Zhou family has inner disciples.

Under such circumstances, the new steward paid more attention to Zhou Hua than before, and it can be said that he was much more cautious than before.

But at this time, the steward just paid more attention to it, and there was no malice, so Zhou Hua didn’t sense the danger.

one year later.

Zhou Hua found a time to come to the secular world and meet Zhou Qing, while Liang Sheng still followed the old rules and hid in the dark.

Still no one to follow.

Liang Sheng is not surprised by this, after all this situation has happened too many times, but Liang Sheng is still taking preventive measures tirelessly.

There are too many things in the world that turn over at the last moment. I have so many lifespans at this moment. If something goes wrong because of my carelessness, then it will be too late for me to regret it.

Xiguguan, a small town under the mountain.

Liang Sheng couldn’t help being a little surprised after hearing Zhou Hua’s words at this moment. He didn’t expect that the excuse he made for Zhou Nan’s convenience back then would actually come true at this moment.

But this is also good. When I no longer need to use the Zhou family to travel to the world of cultivating immortals, if a child of the Zhou family becomes an inner disciple of Hua Tianzong, then it will be considered as repaying the karma.

But it seems that now I have to slow down the expansion of Dazhou, otherwise the growth rate will be too fast, and I am afraid that it will really surprise Hua Tianzong.

After all, Hua Tianzong is really willing to give the Zhou family even the number of disciples in the inner sect. It is conceivable that the Zhou family’s enshrining dynasty’s fortune will be doubled, which will surprise Hua Tianzong?

Of course Liang Sheng understands the truth that too much is too late, but with his planning behind the scenes, the world will not be chaotic, and everything will proceed slowly according to his plan.

Then Zhou Hua returned to Fangshi again, because there were no accidents in the first trial, so Liang Sheng was relieved this time, and gave Zhou Hua a lot of talismans in exchange for resources as before.

In the following year, Liang Sheng’s secular life became regular again, but half a year later, Liang Sheng had another surprise.

Magic weapon!

At this moment, Liang Sheng looked at the long sword in his hand with a pattern pattern, and he couldn’t help laughing. The appearance of the pattern pattern meant that it was a magic weapon.

This is the first time that Liang Sheng has refined a real magic weapon, not a half magic weapon like Taizu Dayan.

At this time, Liang Sheng carefully used his spiritual power to push him, but he only output a trace of spiritual power. In an instant, a dazzling sword light appeared.

I saw that the river in front of me was cut off at the middle. After a few seconds, the spiritual power disappeared, and the river crashed down, making countless splashes, and even wet Liang Sheng’s clothes.

Liang Sheng could have used spiritual energy to block the water splashes, but this time he wanted to personally experience the splashes caused by his magic weapon.

For Liang Sheng, the success rate of refining equipment is lower than that of alchemy. After all, the materials required for refining equipment are more complicated.

Even if they are disciples of Hua Tianzong Artifact Refining Peak, every time they refine artefacts, they may not be successful every time. At this time, Liang Sheng can forge his own magic artefact, how can he not like it?

He couldn’t put it down holding the magic weapon long sword. Even Liang Sheng himself was not sure when he would succeed in refining the magic weapon next time.

But this is the same as alchemy, one has two, as long as he is given time, he can always grow to a 100% probability of success in refining.

After all, with Chizi’s dull talent, he is only slow in cultivating all kinds of dharma in the world, but there is no bottleneck, and he is extremely strong.

After that, under the excitement of Liang Sheng, it was the 50th year of Emperor Gaozong, and it was the time when Zhou Hua returned to the secular world before his death.

This time Liang Sheng stayed outside the dense fog in the Xiguguan cave, and the next moment he was shocked, but his eyes flickered and he felt suspicious.

Because Zhou Hua didn’t come out alone, there was another person beside him, and this person was none other than Hua Tianzong’s new steward.

It turned out that Zhou Hua had brought too many talismans this time, and the manager didn’t really care about it at first, but the more he saw it later, the more he felt something was wrong.

It can only be said that the Zhou family after the beginning is really different from before, every move is watched by the steward, until now something happened.

However, Fangshi Hua Tianzong’s steward did not act rashly at first, but waited until today, when Zhou Hua entered for a while, and then suddenly followed him.

Zhou Hua, who walked halfway in the dense fog of the cave, immediately had a sense under the blood ability of the Zhou family to seek good fortune and avoid evil, and turned around to prepare to return to Fangshi.

But Hua Tianzong’s manager saw this situation, so he couldn’t see that there was a problem with his own tracking. Although he didn’t know why he was exposed, but now he had to take action.

He immediately appeared and grabbed Zhou Hua directly, and then led Zhou Hua out of the cave following the direction indicated by the Black Tie Order.

As soon as he came out of the cave, he looked at the filthy secular world, and frowned involuntarily, but thinking of the speculation in his heart, he immediately endured it.

“Zhou Hua, how did you find me just now? And why do you have so many talismans? Where did they come from?

You’d better tell me the whole situation, the sect can’t control me now, otherwise if I take action, even if your Zhou family is a secular royal family, their fate will not be much better. “

At this moment, Zhou Hua was ashamed to death, and he was still a little careless after all, thinking that his predecessors did nothing wrong and he would be safe.

But now I am just causing trouble and causing so much trouble to the family. I only hope that the other party will not really go to trouble with the world, but if something happens, I don’t know if the old ancestor is the opponent in charge.

Zhou Hua didn’t say a word at this time, the steward sneered, turned his head to look around, and then looked in the direction of Kyoto.

“The royal spirit is the strongest there, I will give you another chance, otherwise”

Zhou Hua felt even more painful when he heard this, but he still didn’t say a word, and couldn’t help but sneered when he saw the steward.

If you don’t eat a toast, you will be fined!

He was just about to grab Zhou Hua and head towards the capital, but he saw Zhou Hua’s face suddenly turned pale, his seven orifices were bleeding, and then he died.

Damn it!

He hurriedly pinched Zhou Hua’s mouth open with one hand and took a look, only to find that there was still some powder in the back half of his incomplete big tooth.

Very poisonous!

Instant death!

Seeing this situation, he couldn’t help but feel a little regretful, because he didn’t completely imprison Zhou Hua just now in order to ask Zhou Hua well.

It’s just that the more Zhou Hua is like this, the more he feels that the secret here is huge. Thinking of this, he can’t help but feel a little short of breath.

How could there be so many talismans in the ordinary world, there must be a big secret among them!

But at this moment, he suddenly felt cold all over, and before he had time to react, his consciousness went dark, and he fell to the ground with a plop, without a sound.

Not far away, at this moment Liang Sheng coughed, his face turned pale and rosy again, and then he put away the Seven Arrows with Nailheads in his hand.

Fortunately, I have remained cautious for many years, and if I hadn’t gotten the Nailhead Seven Arrows by chance, I am afraid that this time I will really overturn.

Because a monk in the Qi refining period can have a maximum of 200 lifespans, so Liang Sheng just directly consumed his own 200 lifespans, and directly cursed the manager to death.

However, this incident also taught Liang Sheng a lesson. The world of cultivating immortals is all about cultivating immortals. He must not take it lightly. He needs to be more cautious in doing things and change with changes.

If I had been more careful and replaced some talismans with less resources after the Huatianzong manager in Zhou Huashuofang City was replaced, would I not be in trouble now?

But fortunately, this time, I still didn’t confront the manager of Hua Tianzong head-on, otherwise I was afraid that I would end up dead.

At this time, Liang Sheng looked at Zhou Hua’s body, and couldn’t help being a little silent. Although Zhou Hua’s longevity was approaching, he died for himself after all. He restrained his emotions, and then quickly searched his body, only to find a cloth bag on the steward’s body.

Then he took Zhou Hua’s rucksack away, and put him and the steward’s corpse together, and a dozen fireballs instantly annihilated their corpses.

Then Liang Sheng joined Zhou Qing in a hurry, and left Xiguguan overnight. There was an attribute panel hidden in it, and no one would track down the things placed on him.

After leaving this time, Liang Sheng is also reconsidering his plan to enter Fangshi in the future. Liang Sheng didn’t want to expand Da Zhou’s plan before, and it seems that he has to make some changes in advance.

Hua Tianzong’s steward died, and I don’t know if it will be involved in the secular world. Presumably there should be no involvement. After all, who would have thought that the steward of the Qi Refining Ninth Layer would die in the secular world?

Even if all the innate masters in the mortal world gather together, they can’t be the opponents in charge. It would be a joke for the worldly people to kill the ninth-level masters of cultivating immortals and practicing Qi.

It was difficult for Liang Sheng to fall asleep this night. Even if he did it all over again, Liang Sheng would still kill him directly.

Since the trouble cannot be solved, then get rid of the person who caused the trouble, otherwise I have too many secrets and the trouble will be endless.

He was restless and unable to fall asleep, so he simply began to organize Zhou Hua’s things, as well as the small cloth bag left over from the steward.

The things in Zhou Hua’s rucksack were still the resources he needed for cultivating immortality. After sorting out the rucksack, Liang Sheng couldn’t help feeling a little sad.

After all, I died because of me!

When he calmed down, he took the small cloth bag in charge to study, but found that the opening of the cloth bag could not be opened. When Liang Sheng had an idea, the spiritual power in his hand…

What a surprise!


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