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Chapter 79 Kyushu tripod (for follow-up)

Chapter 79 Kyushu Ding (for further reading)


Kunwu Mountain.

It will be the top of the mountain, and you can see all the mountains and small ones at a glance.

At this moment on the top of Kunwu Mountain, Liang Sheng looked at the fairyland-like beauty in front of him, and immediately thought of this poem in his heart, he couldn’t help but burst out with pride, and then couldn’t help but let out a long roar.

In an instant, the forest trembled, but the wild beasts in the forest were frightened and ran wildly. Suddenly, the entire forest was in chaos.

After the long roar, Liang Sheng’s gloom of more than a month also dissipated, because he walked along the Kunwu Mountains for a month, but found nothing unusual.

It seems that this unofficial history record is really a random fabrication, but I came here for nothing, but the beautiful scenery in front of me is just a consolation.

After venting his emotions, Liang Ping was also preparing to go down the mountain. He didn’t know how the situation in Dayan was during this time. Has the southwest rebellion been suppressed?

All kinds of them, what the result is, he has been walking between the mountains and forests of Kunwu Mountain, so he doesn’t know.

But when he was about to go down the mountain, Kunwu Mountain suddenly landslide, Liang Sheng surpassed the cultivation level of the innate master, so naturally nothing happened.

But at this moment, Liang Sheng felt something in his heart. He walked along the broken part of the mountain, but found that there was something strange inside.

Is there really a secret in Kunwu Mountain?

Just when Liang Sheng was very excited, when the landslide occurred in Kunwu Mountain, it was the time when the Southwest completely rebelled, separatist and erected flags, and officially broke away from the rule of the Dayan Dynasty.

That night, Emperor Kaiping could not kneel in the Taimiao. For a while, there was no emperor in the early court. The chief assistant received Qin Gang’s message, and hurriedly led all the officials to withdraw from the Jinluan Hall, and each performed his duties.

It’s just that what the civil and military officials are thinking in their hearts at the moment, no one knows, but the floating of people’s hearts has become a fact.

Right after Chen Ping rebelled, the situation in Dayan completely changed. At first, the southwest rebellion was considered a small matter, but with Chen Ping’s rebel army, it could be described as overwhelming. For a while, the rule of the Dayan Dynasty was in jeopardy.

No one would have thought that in just twenty years, Kaiping, Emperor Kaiping’s reign, would become a complete joke.

Outside the Taimiao, Qin Gang looked a little anxious, because Emperor Kaiping had been kneeling in the Taimiao for a day, how could he not be worried?

But he didn’t know that Emperor Kaiping was not the only one in the Taimiao at this moment, the old leader of the Wusheng Sect was also sitting beside him, closing his eyes and not speaking.

“Thirteen Uncles, what should I do now? How can these ordinary people deceive me like this? I personally quelled the southwestern rebellion in person, what do you think?”

When he thought of Chen Ping’s rebellion under the banner of Li Hong’s innocence, he felt like he was stripping naked in full view.

If I knew this earlier, why did I let Chen Ping go, but who would have known that the other party was lying on the ground and waiting for an opportunity?

It’s been twenty years. Chen Ping really can bear it!

The old leader of the Wusheng sect glanced at Emperor Kaiping with a meaningful look, and then suddenly said: “Do you know what your father said before he passed away?”

Emperor Kaiping was taken aback when he heard the words, but he didn’t say anything, and the old leader of Wushengjiao continued to speak on his own, without shy away from Emperor Kaiping.

“Although your father is ruthless, but the strategy of governing the country is first-class, otherwise, how could the king of Ping’an be so easily awarded the title?

Your father also said long ago that you have great eyes but low abilities. Although you have means, you are too petty. It’s just that you are already the strongest descendant of his lineage, so he has no choice but to choose you. “

“Is that what my father said about me?”

Emperor Kaiping did not expect that he would be so unbearable in the eyes of Emperor Yanjing, but since that was the case, why did he pass the throne to himself? Didn’t he feel that his virtue was not worthy?

“But because my great ancestor, Great Yan, was so talented, he was well prepared for the unworthy descendants of future generations. You must have heard the legend that the great ancestor met the immortal fate in Kunwu Mountain and laid the foundation of the Great Yan Dynasty. In fact, this is all true. But the order is reversed.

Taizu went to Kunwu Mountain after Yu Xianyuan laid the foundation of Dayan, buried Jiuding under Kunwu Mountain, formed a Kyushu array to suppress dragon energy, and drew the luck of the Dayan Dynasty to support there.

It is precisely because of this that the resources are transported to ensure that my Ye family is innate and the foundation of the Yan Dynasty is stable.

But this is still only one of the prevention measures of the Taizu, and the Wusheng Cult is the second prevention measure set by the Taizu, so you can do whatever you want now.

If you really want to quell the rebellion, you can bring Qin Gang and even the holy sword, but you have to leave the Kyushu tripod to me.

If you fail to set the world again, then I, the Wusheng Church, will make a move. With the Kyushu tripod in hand, I can guarantee that the Ye family will continue to pass on. “

Emperor Kaiping was taken aback when he heard this, and then calmed down. If he could put down the rebellion, nothing would happen.

Even if I failed to quell the rebellion, what face would I have to face my ancestors?

Anyway, as Thirteenth Uncle said, even if it is the worst situation for him, at least the Ye family can continue to pass on.

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but nodded slightly, and then stepped out of the Taimiao. Qin Gang couldn’t help being surprised when he saw the state of his coming out.

At this moment, Emperor Kaiping was in high spirits again, without a trace of depression, “Big Companion, accompany me to conquer the southwest by myself.”

Qin Gang immediately reacted when he heard this sentence, his heart was full of pride, and he had no doubts at all.


Kunwu Mountain.

At this moment, after the landslide, Liang Sheng discovered that there is actually a small road hidden in the mountain of Kunwu Mountain, and there is a palace thousands of meters below it.

Liang Sheng confirmed that he did not feel any danger, but he still drove the beasts into the palace several times, wrapped them with ropes, and went back and forth several times to confirm that they were not in danger.

After a few more days, the birds and animals were all tested to make sure everything was safe. Only then did Liang Sheng step into it. The palace was not as magnificent as imagined, but the walls were covered with murals.

Liang Sheng glanced at it for a few times, and then realized that this is the story of Dayan Taizu subduing the seven major sects and establishing Dayan.

It’s just that there are still people behind the Seven Great Schools, no, to be precise, they should be immortals. Looking at the various magical means on the murals, and the flying sword that cuts life and death thousands of miles away, Liang Sheng can’t help yearning leisurely.

This is the immortal cultivator!

Moreover, the Seven Great Sects and Dayan Taizu turned out to be representatives of two cultivating powers, but in the end, Dayan cooperated with the cultivating power to drive out another cultivating power, and this established Dayan.

And thinking of my own strength, I can’t resist the immortal cultivators at all. If there is another reshuffle of such immortal cultivating forces in the secular world, I am likely to suffer disaster.

I must practice immortality!

After Liang Sheng finished reading all the murals, he looked at the Kyushu formation in the depths of the main hall, with the Jiuding tripod buried underneath, and finally understood what was going on.

The Ye family is actually the representative of the cultivating forces in Dayan.

There are indeed immortals in this world, and they are actually in the same place as the secular world, but for some unknown reason, the immortals are separated, and they will find a spokesperson in the secular world, such as Dayan Ye’s family.

After reading the last few murals, Liang Sheng probably also saw the meaning. Every hundred years, the Ye family will support the luck of the dynasty. Immortal cultivators use some means to send resources to support the Ye family without fear of the price of being separated from the immortals. , Even those who are blessed will be taken away by the immortal cultivators, and I don’t know what effect the dynasty’s luck has on the immortal cultivators.

Liang Sheng will naturally not destroy the Feng Shui formation here rashly at this moment, so as not to be backlashed and bear the cause and effect, but at least he has found the clue to cultivate immortality.

It’s not that the secular world doesn’t have the means to cultivate immortals, at least Dayan has clues!

After looking at the stories told by the murals, Liang Sheng had a general idea in his mind, and he left Kunwu Mountain without any hesitation.

It’s time to go back to Kyoto.

(end of this chapter)

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