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Chapter 54 Barrier Breaking Pill!

Chapter 54 Barrier Breaking Pill!

Jinzhou City.

Liang Sheng declined the kind invitation of Orion in the mountains to invite him to his home as a guest, and went straight back to Jinzhou City. Although the city gate was closed when he came back, for him, entering the city quietly was not a problem at all.

It’s just that Liang Sheng broke through half a step before and was full of innate pride, and now he returned to calmness again. The appearance of the Jinshan Temple Xuankong host once again made him sound the alarm in his heart.

A small Jinshan Temple is like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and there is even half a step of innate existence. The world is so big that there are probably countless high-ranking hermits, so you must not get carried away.

But of course Liang Sheng would not underestimate himself, but he still needs to be more careful in his actions in the future, and then he packed up his emotions and went to Yichun Tower.

Breaking through half a step of innateness today, longevity has skyrocketed by 800 years, so it’s time to celebrate!

That night, he was in the Yichun Tower listening to those sons and brothers bragging about their bullshit, and only then did he know that the novice son of Jinshan Temple had left Beijing for Jinzhou City.

Liang Sheng suddenly realized at this time, I said why the gate of Jinzhou City is heavily guarded, so it is.

Wanting to see the prince come to Jinzhou City, there is something inside the story, but what does this have to do with me? Only when I was out of my mind would I provoke such trouble.

Besides, King Ping’an is also surnamed Ye, and he is of the same lineage as the Dayan royal family.

That is, these young princes still want to cling to the powerful, carp jumping over the dragon’s gate, and show off their ambitions, but they don’t even think about being under the wealthy family, with many bones.

However, the peaceful days did not come as Liang Sheng expected. After all, where there are people, there are rivers and lakes, not to mention that a prince of the royal family suddenly came to the small town, and he must have plans.

Tea house.

Zhang Yuntai became more calm at the moment, and the business of the teahouse became more and more prosperous. Seeing Zhang Yuntai’s appearance of being both right and left, Liang Sheng also nodded slightly.

Not surprisingly, Zhang’s family has been rich for at least three generations. Brother Rong did give birth to a good son.

But the situation in Jinzhou City is a bit tense. During this time, people from outside the rivers and lakes have entered Jinzhou City from time to time, and more and more.

The inn in the city is almost surrounded by these outsiders from the rivers and lakes, and with more martial arts people, the law and order in the city is naturally a little turbulent.

For a while, Jinzhou City was somewhat depressed during the day, not as prosperous as it used to be. Liang Sheng was naturally dissatisfied with this.

The source of all this is still because of Ye An, the eldest son of Prince Pingan’s Mansion. As time goes by, more and more masters have entered Jinzhou City, and their strength has become stronger and stronger.

Originally there was almost only the Liang family, a family of martial arts in name only, left in Jinzhou City.

However, martial arts practitioners are competitive and aggressive, and the county government prison has imprisoned no less than twenty foreign martial arts practitioners, and even killed several of them.

Liang Sheng squinted his eyes at this time, but he was also thinking in his heart. It seems that the rumors may not be groundless. If the rumors are true, he can also wait and see from afar.

If there is no danger…

Thinking of this, Liang Sheng was certain, and he will wait to see how the subsequent situation develops before making a decision!

Jinshan Temple.

“Damn it!”

Ye An was so angry that he threw the tea bowl on the ground, “Who leaked the news? And who is spreading rumors in the city?

Commander Wu, Zhenlongwei is a powerful weapon of the state government, is it so unbearable to be reused? Can’t even keep silent? “

Wu Gang heard the words, and immediately knelt down on one knee, fearful, “His Royal Highness calm down, it’s all because of the ineffectiveness of the lower officials.

However, this rumor has spread throughout the Southwest state capital. I am afraid that more and more martial arts people will gather in Jinzhoucheng in the future.

Your Highness, as far as the current plan is concerned, you should set off and return to Kyoto as soon as possible, presumably these martial arts people will not dare to mess around. “

“Back to Kyoto?”

Ye An heard this and took a deep look at Wu Gang, and his anger disappeared immediately. He calmed down and said, “This king has his own plans for this matter. It is better for Commander Wu to investigate who leaked the news and spread rumors.”


Wait until Wu Gang stepped back, Ye An sat on the seat with his head bowed in thought, when a shadow appeared in the corner of the room, Ye An didn’t seem to care.

“Yin San, have you found the inner ghost?”

“Reporting to Your Highness, this subordinate has not found the inner ghost. This person hides very deeply, and there is no trace of what he did.”

“Sure enough, it’s a good trick. I didn’t expect that my aunt is far away in the capital, and she can still cause me trouble. It’s really a good trick.

But when did she arrange an inner ghost among the personal guards chosen by my mother? Thinking of this, I felt chills in my heart and couldn’t sleep all night. “

Speaking of this, Ye An’s fingers turned white, but if it weren’t for this, how could he have traveled thousands of miles from Beijing to Jinzhou City to win over Jinshan Temple?

“Yin San, although my mother can still last for a while, we must speed up as soon as possible, otherwise things will change.

Since the rumors have spread in the city, we don’t have to hide it any more. I’m going to see the master master right now. I originally wanted to get in touch with them first before talking about other things. I’m afraid I can’t wait now. “

Yin San didn’t speak at this time, and Ye An didn’t pay attention to him. He got up straight and went out the door. Yin San immediately followed behind, looking inconspicuous.

Xuannan has gradually gotten used to Ye An’s visit to Jinshan Temple in the past few days. At this moment, when the monk reported to Ye An to come to see him, he immediately walked out.

“His Royal Highness, just give an order, and the old man will go there by himself. Why should His Royal Highness come in person?”

Ye An heard this hearty smile, and after saying hello and sitting down, he didn’t beat around the bush this time.

“The first master, I was originally a monk in the temple. Since then, I came to Beijing by chance. It has been thirteen years since I was separated from the first master, but my heart of admiration has never changed.”

Xuan Nan didn’t say a word when he heard this, Ye An saw that he was unmoved or angry, and simply cut to the chase.

“First seat master, I won’t beat around the bush at this time. In fact, I left Beijing this time to avoid disaster and seek the protection of the first seat master.”

“His Royal Highness is joking, the world is so big, could it be the king’s land, who can bully His Highness?”

Ye An was a little excited at this time, “My mother’s family has some problems, and my aunt will not miss this opportunity.

I have long been a thorn in her side, this time she wants to kill me and make my younger brother the sole heir to the palace. “

Xuan Nan’s face turned bitter when he heard this, and when he saw Ye An before, he realized that he was no longer a simple-minded little novice monk, but a well-established prince of the royal family.

But I didn’t expect that this time he would actually tell himself such an important secret, and it would be no good for him to know it.

How can you get involved in the affairs of the royal family?

What’s more, it’s a battle for the prince’s heir?

That is not an exaggeration to call it bloody!

But the next moment, when he heard the three words in Ye An’s mouth, Xuannan’s heart was pounding, his face was disbelieving, and his heart was even more excited.

Barrier Breaking Pill! ?

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