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Chapter 48 Assassinated

Chapter 48 Assassinated

Jinzhou City.

Liang Mansion.

Liang Ying tapped the table with her left finger, looked at the Liang family steward, “Are you sure the other party has agreed to our terms and won’t go back on his word?”

The manager of the Liang family is the son of the Liang family, who will prosper and lose everyone. He nodded firmly at this time.

“Master, he doesn’t dare to act recklessly, after all, we have the handle on him, if the Wu family finds out, it will be a crime to kill the whole family.

Furthermore, in order to reassure him, I even took his most gifted little grandson outside the city. I think he will be very careful. “

Liang Ying was noncommittal about this, but she stopped talking about this topic. She glanced at the sky outside and realized that it was getting late.

“Okay, then I’ll go first. If anyone comes from the mountain, no matter what time it is, come to the county government to look for me as soon as possible.”

“Yes, sir.”

Liang Ying got up and tidied up her appearance, then sat in a sedan chair to go to the county office. A county magistrate, Bo, naturally had to sit in a sedan chair. Of course, this was also because the new county official was a civil servant. After all, he preferred to sit in a sedan chair.

However, although the new county venerable Li Maolin is a civil servant, Liang Ying dare not be presumptuous. After all, Chen Shiqiang, the new head catcher who follows the county lord, is also a master of the acquired eighth stage.

The headhunters in Little Jinzhou City have been doing this one after another. If there is nothing tricky about it, no one will believe it.

Arrived safely at the county government office without incident. From time to time, officials from the government office stepped forward to say hello, and Liang Ying responded with a smile one by one.

When he arrived at the value room, he made tea as usual, but today he was always in a trance.

He couldn’t help laughing bitterly. After all, he lacked concentration, and the county magistrate’s office next to him was still vacant. Wuchang had been in poor health for a year. The county magistrate cared for him and let him recuperate at home.

But Li Maolin refused to let him resign as the county magistrate, as if he wanted to tie himself and Wuchang to his side, and couldn’t leave his sight.

Absolutely can’t go on like this!

After so many years, Liang Ying gradually became unable to do what he wanted as he grew older. He felt that if he didn’t make a fortune, the Liang family would have no future. In the long run, the Liang family would gradually decline until there was no family in Jinzhou.

Liang Ying’s thoughts were running wildly, and she gradually sorted out her plan, and confirmed that there were almost no mistakes. The next step is to see when Jinshan Temple will make a move.

As for whether Jinshan Temple will do something, he is not worried, because he knows the biggest secret of Jinshan Temple.

Moreover, he had already prepared for this. If he died unexpectedly, it would be the time when Jinshan Temple’s secrets would be exposed.

At this moment, the head arrester Chen Shiqiang suddenly summoned all the arresters to assemble, and the county government suddenly became noisy. Seeing this, Liang Ying couldn’t help being taken aback. Jinshan Temple attacked so quickly?

At this moment, the civil official came to report that the steward of the Liang family had come to see him. Liang Ying immediately forcibly suppressed the excitement in her heart, and walked out of the guard room calmly on the surface.

Today is the beginning of the resurgence of the Liang family.


The martial arts family that stood majestic and powerful in Jinzhou City for hundreds of years now looks lonely and withered, but now the martial arts family is in chaos.

Wuchang, the head of the Wu family, was assassinated and died!

The most frightening thing is not Wuchang’s sudden death, but the murderer’s identity—

Inanimate Cult!

The white lotus flower seemed to announce their return, and the tragedy of ten years ago resurfaced in everyone’s mind.

What’s even more frightening is that Wuchang didn’t make any sound from the beginning to the end before his death. It can be said that he died quietly, which shows the strength of the murderer.

When Chen Shiqiang came, the martial arts family was still in chaos. He couldn’t help frowning. He didn’t expect the majestic martial arts family to become so unsightly.

At this time, if Wuchang leaves again, I am afraid that the martial arts family will never regain its former glory. It can only be said that the previous senior’s methods were ruthless and directly dug the roots of the martial arts family.

Chen Shiqiang led his subordinates to inspect the scene of the crime carefully. After the inspection, his face was extremely ugly. The Wu family didn’t care about him, and they had already started fighting for the family property.

Chen Shiqiang didn’t stop him from doing this, he only cared about whether it was the Wusheng Cult who committed the crime, and now he can almost confirm that it is indeed the Wusheng Cult who committed the crime.

These rebellious cults of Wusheng are just a group of rats crossing the street, they will never be eliminated, they will always show up after a while, but they can never live under the sun.

Damn it!

After confirming, Chen Shiqiang hurried back to the county government immediately, and he didn’t care about the chaotic Wu family. After all, once Wuchang died, the Wu family was in disarray.

After hearing Chen Shiqiang’s report, Li Maolin, the county lord, couldn’t help but feel a little helpless. He is a civil servant, and he just came to Jinzhou City for gilding.

That’s why he will fully abide by Xia Zhiqiu’s government orders in the past ten years without changing a single bit. Originally, the time for his resignation is coming soon, but he did not expect such a major event to happen at this juncture.

“Chen Butou, what shall we do next?”

Chen Shiqiang’s idea is very simple. Even if Wuchang’s body is not as good as before, he is still in the eighth level of Houtian.

“Master Xian, go directly to the state capital to invite Zhen Longwei, I am afraid that Wushengjiao’s assassination may be a personal act, just for revenge.

So the next target may be the Liang family, or it may be…”

Chen Shiqiang didn’t finish his sentence, but Li Maolin already understood what he meant. For the sake of his own life, inviting Zhenlongwei to Jinzhou City is indeed the best way.

After all, he is not Xia Zhiqiu, he is just a civil servant, and his martial arts cultivation is only at the acquired third level, safety first!

“Come here, take my token and go to the state capital for help.”

Li Maolin was not worried that Zhenlongwei would not come, it was not because of his face, but because of the face of Prince Ping’an, his backer.

“From now on, my safety depends on you, Shi Qiang!”

“Don’t worry, the county lord, I will stay outside your door tonight, unless I die, no one will disturb the county lord!”

Li Maolin relieved his tension a little after hearing this. After all, Wusheng Cult’s methods are full of tricks, and no amount of precautions can be overstated.

Shengde Building.

At this time, Shengde Building is still one of the busiest restaurants in Jinzhou City, but it is less popular than when Liang Sheng was in charge.

After all, it is now only the property of the Liang family, but without the protection of the county government’s arresting head, naturally there are fewer people who are interested in visiting.

Liang Sheng was sitting in the corner at this time, tasting the taste of the food has hardly changed, which also made him feel better, after all, this is also a good memory.

However, the chatter of the drinkers next to him also let him know that Wuchang was assassinated and died today, thinking of what he saw in the teahouse before.

He immediately thought it was the hands of the Liang family and Jinshan Temple, and then blamed it on Wushengjiao.

After all, if the Wusheng Sect came to Jinzhou City again, how could Liang Sheng, who is so cautious, ask for trouble to enter the city?

He had repeatedly confirmed that Jinzhou City was safe and sound, and entered the city without any danger, so this was definitely a trick of the murderer.

When he heard the gloating voices of the drinkers talking about the chaotic chaos of the Samurai family and the hideous appearance of each house competing for the family property, he knew that the Samurai family was completely over.

And he almost understood the plan of the Liang family, but why did Jinshan Temple cooperate so much? It seems that the relationship between the Liang family and Jinshan Temple in the past ten years is also somewhat intriguing.

But these have nothing to do with him. People in the world are fighting for survival, and now he is just playing in the world and enjoying the prosperity of the world. What does the so-called family have to do with him?

After talking about their respective gossip, the alcoholics laughed obscenely. Men naturally understand what they are talking about at this time.

Liang Sheng saw that he could not hear any more useful information, so he checked out and left. He still put a handful of broken money on the table, got up and left.

It’s just that someone outside the door was staring at him closely at this time, “Brother, look quickly, this fat sheep threw out a lot of money without even looking at it.”

“Are you sure that he is a foreigner who came to the city alone?”

“I can guarantee that he is a foreigner. He just entered the city a few days ago, and he is extremely generous. He is a big fat sheep.”

“OK, follow him.”

Liang Sheng didn’t seem to notice at this time, a few ruffian beggars sneaked behind him, and the next moment, their eyes lit up.

Because Liang Sheng turned into an alley, but there was a dead end, and no one would usually enter it.

good chance!

Several people were extremely excited, as if seeing a large amount of wealth, they couldn’t help but quicken their pace and walked into the alley.

“Boy, it’s your fault, don’t be so ostentatious in your next life.”

Several people had hideous faces, and the next moment, there was no sound.

Immediately after seeing Liang Sheng, he came out of the alley with a smile on his face, then blended into the street crowd, and disappeared.

Why do people always come to seek death?

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