There is No Bottleneck In My Practice

Chapter 32 old friends meet

Chapter 32 Meet old friends

How he should die is a fool’s idea to others, but it is indeed a problem for Liang Sheng.

After all, he has a long lifespan. Even the innate master of martial arts only has 150 lifespans, but his lifespan is many times that.

In the past eight years, although Liang Sheng has not broken through the realm again, the health-preserving exercises have finally broken through the twelfth level.

Name: Liang Sheng

Age: 55

Talent: Naive and dull (extreme)

gongfa: Jinlong Jue (eighth floor), ten health-preserving exercises (twelfth floor), Fudo Mingwang Seal (third floor)

Realm: Martial Artist Houtian Yae (33%)

The breakthrough of each health-preserving skill brought him 60 years of lifespan, a total of 600 years in total, so at this moment his lifespan has already exceeded a thousand years.

If you are cautious and want to live for 1400 years, it is a veritable antique.

But now that he is fifty-five years old, it’s time to think about his own funeral, even if he can’t be more than seventy years old at the latest.

After all, even his second uncle, Liang Qiang, only lived to sixty-seven, and he was addicted to wine and sex. If he lived for too long, he might be in some trouble.

So it’s better for him to die earlier, so that no one will care about him anymore. As for whether his fake death will be discovered by others, this is not a question he considers at all.

After all, one of the health-preserving exercises he practiced is called Turtle Breathing Exercise, which can best control breathing and internal energy, so as to prolong life.

With his 12-layer tortoise’s breathing power, which is unprecedented in ancient times, it is extremely easy to suspend breathing and stop internal energy for a few days.

So he was only worried about when he should choose to die, and there was no other trouble, and according to his inference, if there were no accidents, it would probably take more than ten years for him to break through the Houtian Ninth Layer Realm.

Anyway, even if he could break through the Ninth Layer of Acquired Realm, he would have exceeded the maximum age at which he estimated that he would be suspended animation at that time, so this made him hesitate when he should die.

Liang Sheng was thinking silently in his heart, and the carriage he was riding in gradually entered the area of ​​the Liang family’s main residence. From time to time, some Liang family children saw his carriage and offered to let him go first.

Ma Xiaoliu was already used to this, but if his father Ma San was still alive, he would be shocked to see this situation.

After all, when did my master ever have such a status in the Liang family?

It can only be said that today is different from the past. The Liang family is no longer the giant of the Golden State. Liang Sheng is related to Zheng Wanchun. Even if the Liang family children look down on him, they dare not say a word at this time.

After Liang Sheng returned home, he drank a bowl of porridge with pickles, stopped eating and went back to his room. After all, people lose their appetite when they are “old”.

Then, as usual, he began to operate the Zhou Tian and continued to practice. He didn’t know when the Fudo Ming King Seal would break through the fourth layer.

If this is the case, the time for him to break through the Houtian Ninth Layer may be greatly reduced, but he didn’t think too much, let nature take its course, and gradually settled down in the practice.

After that, there was nothing to say all night.

By the early morning of the next day, Liang Sheng set off to Shengde Building, and the elderly also had less “sleep”, unlike young people who always did not get enough sleep.

But just as he stepped into Shengde Building, a surprise voice suddenly sounded from behind, “Brother Sheng!”

Liang Sheng was taken aback when he heard the words, turned around and looked outside the restaurant, and saw a young man supporting an old man with white beard and hair, looking at him in surprise.

Liang Sheng just thought about it for a while, and the other party coincided with someone in his own impression, and the same surprise flashed in his eyes.

“Brother Rong! When did you return to Jinzhou?”

It turned out that the person who came was none other than Zhang Rongjun who left home because he took over the family business back then. Unexpectedly, they would meet again after many years.

At this moment, Zhang Rongjun actually pushed away the young man who was supporting him, quickened his pace a little, and walked in front of Liang Sheng full of excitement.

“Brother Sheng, I haven’t seen you for a long time. You look older than me. You were not as good as me when you were young.”

After finishing speaking, he seemed to have remembered something, and quickly turned his head to the young man beside him and said, “Stinky boy, hurry up and see Uncle Liang!”

As he spoke, he introduced to Liang Sheng: “This kid is my son Yuntai, who is not worthy of expectations. From now on, I will go back to Jinzhou City to take care of my life, and I will hand over the family business to him.”

At this moment, Zhang Yuntai solemnly saluted Liang Sheng, bowing almost ninety degrees. Liang Sheng took a look and couldn’t help joking, “Brother Rong, your son is much more handsome than you.”

“That is, how can Lao Tzu’s seed be bad?”

The two had calmed down a little at this time. Liang Sheng seldom took Zhang Rongjun and his son into the box. After all these years, not many people could talk to him like this.

Zhang Yuntai was careful to accompany him. He accompanied his old father back to Jinzhou City, but he was actually very strange to everything.

After all, Zhang Rongjun has been doing business outside for so many years, married a wife and had children outside, and has never had time to come back.

Now that Zhang Rongjun has returned to his hometown, Zhang Yuntai has returned to the Zhang family’s ancestral house for the first time. However, although the ancestral house is taken care of by servants, it is still a bit dilapidated.

This situation made Zhang Rongjun a little sad, but today Zhang Rongjun is full of excitement. This is also the first time Zhang Yuntai has seen his father lose his composure.

At this moment, Zhang Rongjun seems to have returned to his youth, and he even started to talk about his own embarrassing things. For example, in the Yichun Building, he was drunk and fell into the pool, which can be described as full of embarrassment.

Liang Sheng and Liang Sheng became more and more excited as they talked, and then they laughed loudly. When the laughter stopped, Zhang Rongjun couldn’t help being a little sad when he looked at such an old Liang Sheng.

“Brother Sheng, why have you grown up like this? Haven’t you been practicing health-preserving exercises?”

Liang Sheng didn’t care about this, “Keep a normal mind, we are all old, and my old servant Ma Sandu has passed away for six years, so we must be content.”

Life and death is a topic that everyone can’t get around, Zhang Rongjun nodded when he heard this, “Yes, life is only a few decades, why do you think I worked so hard back then?

Brother Sheng, I am not going to leave this time when I come back, and I am not going to let Yuntai go into business anymore.

And what is the use of my earning so much money, I am contented and happy. This time I am going to take over a teahouse, and Empress Dowager Yun will also make a living from it. “

When Liang Sheng heard this, he agreed, “This is a good thing. I can live in Jinzhou Cheng’an in the future, and I won’t starve to death.”

“Of course I won’t starve to death. After all, this is your nephew. I will trouble Brother Sheng to take care of this kid in the future.”

As Zhang Rongjun said, he kicked Zhang Yuntai. Zhang Yuntai was also clever, without any hesitation, like a jade pillar falling over, and kowtowed to Liang Sheng again.

I was taken aback for a moment, then pretended not to care at all, and didn’t run away, “Nephew, get up, your father and I are old friends, I said why is he so talkative today?

When your teahouse opens, I will bring all the regular customers of the restaurant to join in, and I will gain a foothold in Jinzhou City in the future. “

“Haven’t you offered a toast to thank Uncle Liang?”

Although Liang Sheng is useless in the Liang family, he is the Liang family after all, and Zhang Rongjun just wants to do business with peace of mind. With Liang Sheng’s help, he will save a lot of trouble.

The little Jiujiu Liang Sheng in Zhang Rongjun’s heart naturally understood and didn’t care. This is human nature, and it’s just a matter of raising a finger anyway.

At this moment, someone knocked on the door outside the box, but it was Zhang Rongjun’s servant, “Master, something happened in the teahouse.”


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