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Chapter 30 Century-old family? Home Nuer!

Chapter 30 A century-old family? Home Nuer!

The city gate battlefield is five miles away.

At this moment, Liang Sheng was dumbfounded when he saw the ancestors of the Liang and Wu families unexpectedly die, because he never expected such a dramatic result.

This is the ancestor of the acquired nine-level realm of the Liang and Wu families, the cornerstone of the Liang and Wu families’ standing, but now they died so cleanly.

And judging from the roar of the Liang family’s ancestor just now on his deathbed, I am afraid that both the Liang and Wu families have been deceived by the government.

Otherwise, with the dispositions of these two patriarchs, how could they not escape when they were defeated, and were beaten to death by Yang Laifa?

Then when Longwei from Zhoufu Town appeared on the stage, Liang Sheng shook his head and smiled wryly, making up his mind that without absolute strength, he would never provoke an official.

My heart is too dark!

He also now understands what the ancestor of the Liang family meant by asking Xia Zhiqiu to send a signal. It turns out that this is what the county government agreed with them.

Zhenlongwei, the most powerful army in the state capital, is not allowed to enter unless it is above the fourth level of the acquired state, it can be called the elite of the elite.

It’s no wonder that the Liang and Wu guilds cooperated so well with the county government before. It turned out that Zhenlongwei was behind them, so how could they have no confidence?

It is rumored that an army of fifty dragon guards in an ordinary town can fight for high-rank martial arts, but at this moment, there are more than fifty town dragon guards densely packed in front of the city gate?

If they wait until they form a battle formation, with their current number, I am afraid that the day after tomorrow Jiuzhong may be angry at this.

Liang Sheng could think of this, so Yang Laifa could naturally think of it. He no longer had the joy of killing the ancestors of the Liang and Wu families.

Even though he seemed to be beheading two Houtian Ninth Layer masters just now, he has also suffered internal injuries, and his combat strength can be said to be out of ten.


Yang Laifa immediately judged that the situation was not good for them at the moment, and shouted directly, and the Wushengjiao disciples immediately fled in all directions after hearing the sound.

But the government and the county government made such a meticulous plan, how could it be possible to watch them escape?

Immediately afterwards, they saw that the Wusheng Cultists hadn’t run far, and countless city guards rushed out from all directions, blocking them in place.

The three of Liang Ping and Wuchang were furious at the moment, but at this moment, Zheng Wanchun suddenly said softly: “You two patriarchs, you don’t want to fight against our county government, do you?”

The three of them were taken aback when they heard the words, and then they saw Zhen Longwei surrounded them at some point, and for a moment, they didn’t know how to speak.

At this moment, Xia Zhiqiu had already come down from the tower, and walked directly in front of the three of them.

“Three, I’m really sorry, just now my hands were trembling due to nervousness, so I slowed down, otherwise the two ancestors would not have died.

But in the final analysis, this is all the crimes committed by Wu Shengjiao. If they hadn’t attacked my Jinzhou City, why did such a tragedy happen? “

Shaking hands? Slow down?

I’m afraid even a three-year-old child won’t believe it!

But at this moment, Zhenlongwei is by their side, and they believe that as long as they say something wrong next, they will face their endless attacks.

Wu Chang and Liang Ping smiled helplessly. Although Liang Ying’s eyes were red, he was the first to speak at this time.

“Master County, after arresting the members of Wusheng Cult, I want to do it myself to avenge my ancestors.”

Xia Zhiqiu nodded immediately: “Of course, this matter is possible. Zhenlongwei listened to the order and immediately formed an formation to strangle the leader of Wusheng Sect.”


At the next moment, all the town guards formed a team of three and cooperated with the outer city guards to press on step by step, encircling everyone in Wusheng Sect.

Yang Laifa secretly thought it was bad, but faced with such a situation, now there is only one way to go.

It was clear that my Holy Cult had the upper hand just now, why did the situation suddenly turn down in just a moment, to such an extent?

At this moment, the backbone of the Wusheng Sect at the top level of martial arts is all gathered around Yang Laifa, watching Zhenlongwei pressing forward step by step, he can’t help clenching his fists.

Zhen Longwei did not reveal any flaws at the moment. After forming an army formation, everyone’s strength was connected together, gradually eating away at the followers of Wusheng Cult.

Yang Laifa tried to break out of the siege, but found that he could barely withstand the attack of hundreds of town dragon guards.

Zhenlongwei really deserved its reputation. The dog slaves like Dayan did have some tricks, and with the attack of Zhenlongwei this time, countless members of Wusheng Sect lay on the ground without making a sound.

Zheng Wanchun was extremely excited when he saw that the battle was going so smoothly, and couldn’t help but waved his hand, “Master Xian, the great event has been accomplished.”

Xia Zhiqiu couldn’t help but raise the corners of his mouth slightly when he heard the words, but he didn’t speak. On the other side, Wu Chang and Liang Ping made eye contact.

Zhen Longwei is not here, only Zheng Wanchun is left, this is his best chance for revenge, whether to take Xia Zhiqiu or not.

While they were hesitating, Liang Ying seemed to have thought of something, and suddenly walked in front of Liang Ping, “Lord County Lord, please avenge my ancestors. From now on, only Lord Liang will follow suit.”

Liang Ping was stunned when he heard this, but before he could react, he saw Xia Zhiqiu actually smiled, “The Liang family’s arrogance, you really deserve your reputation. You are already eighth-fold, so why hide it?”

Liang Ying’s face changed, but Liang Ping and Wu Chang hadn’t reacted yet, Xia Zhiqiu suddenly exploded in momentum, then tiptoed, and the whole person went to kill Yang Laifa

Liang Ping and Wu Chang couldn’t help but slumped to the ground, looking at Xia Zhiqiu with horror in their eyes, and only rejoicing in their hearts.

The day after tomorrow Kunou!

The county respected Xia Zhiqiu, who turned out to be the Ninth Level of Acquired Realm!

It was only then that they understood why Liang Ying was like this just now. At this moment, Zheng Wanchun, who was standing aside, suddenly spoke out with internal energy, and the whole battlefield could hear him clearly.

“The Wusheng Sect has harmed the people of our Jinzhou. Bo, the governor of the county government and the county, has died one after another. Today, the ancestors of the Liang and Wu families helped to eradicate the rebellion in Jinzhou City, and unfortunately passed away.

The county lord will not let the meritorious people bleed and shed tears. From today, Wuchang will take over as the county magistrate, Liang Ping will be the county magistrate, and Liang Ying will be the county magistrate.

Brothers, it is at this moment to make contributions, follow me to follow the county lord, eradicate the rebellion, kill! “

Liang Ying was the first to react in the shock of being called to break the realm, “The subordinates will always follow the county lord, kill Wusheng and rebel!”

Liang Ping and Wu Chang were full of bitterness. Since then, both Liang and Wu have become servants of the county government. Why is this so?

It’s just that Liang Ping has a little more hope in his heart, Liang Ying actually breaks through the acquired eighth level, she is indeed the pride of the Liang family, they still have a chance!

Not far away, Xia Zhiqiu stared closely at the stubborn Yang Laifa, with only one thought left in his mind, it was time to end this farce.

not far away.

Liang Sheng’s heart couldn’t help beating. Xia Zhiqiu turned out to be a master of the acquired nine levels. At this time, the situation of Jinzhou City in the past few months came to his mind one by one, and he couldn’t help but sigh in his heart.

It turned out that the last fisherman was Xia Zhiqiu, and the Liang and Wu families fought against Wushengjiao, and the fisherman benefited.

At this moment, he no longer has to look at the final result. The end of Wushengjiao’s demise has been decided, and the county government of Jinzhou City will be the biggest family from now on.

He could even think of the reason why Xia Zhiqiu left the Liang and Wu families. Jinzhou City needs to deal with some situations that are inconvenient for them to take action, and the blame will always be blamed.

Besides the county majesty is the county magistrate, but Liang Pingdian Shi, Liang Yingzhu Bo, the Liang family and Wuchang can completely fight against each other.

This hand holding each other was extremely disgusting, and the Liang and Wu families had to hold their noses to admit the result.

Afterwards, the entire city of Jinzhou was completely reduced to the rule of the county government, and the aristocratic family that had stood in Jinzhou for hundreds of years also became a house slave of the government.

However, since then Jinzhou has been completely pacified, and the Liang family can still prosper on the surface, and they can continue to develop, which is completely acceptable.

Thinking of this, Liang Sheng is no longer interested in the outcome of the battlefield, and his resourcefulness is like Xia Zhiqiu, how could he leave a loophole?

Then Liang Sheng secretly returned to his house, with the attribute panel hidden in it, and no one found him at all.

When he left, he glanced to the left, with an inexplicable smile on the corner of his mouth.

In that direction, Xuan Ji, the first seat in the Precept Hall of Jinshan Temple, is pale at this moment, and his heart is full of rejoicing.

Fortunately, he was careful and did not act together with Wu Shengjiao, otherwise he would have reached bliss early.

Today’s situation must be explained in detail with the abbot brother, and Jinshan Temple must be more cautious in its actions from now on.

Jinzhou City respects Xia Zhiqiu, so terrifying!

(end of this chapter)

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