There is No Bottleneck In My Practice

Chapter 23 Lifeless religion

Chapter 23 Lifeless Teaching

Outside Liang Sheng’s house!

The two people hiding in the corner did not choose to do anything after all. One of them sighed before speaking.

“Forget it, the owner of this house is kind to me. I always have clear grievances and grievances in my work. Besides, his mere strength is irrelevant to us. Why don’t we just let him go.”

The person who spoke had firm eyes, and the other person saw his firm eyes, and thought of the rumors in the city, so he simply sold the other party a favor.

“Okay! This time I went to the city to accept your favor, but you shouldn’t let the rest of the Liang family go, right?”

The man’s eyes flashed cruelly when he heard the words, “I am no longer from the Liang family, I, Hongzhi, have already converted to my Buddha.”

It turned out that this person was Liang Qi from the Liang family.

After finishing speaking, he quickly made a hidden pattern on the bottom corner of the gate of the house, so that other people would not enter the house when they saw it.

Then the two hurriedly merged into the night and disappeared around the corner. Liang Sheng didn’t know anything about it!

Just when Liang Sheng was carefully hiding, there were also some people in the Jinzhou City County Government who were frowning.

At this moment, Xia Zhiqiu, the magistrate of the county, is sitting in the main seat, next to Liang Ying and Wu Chang.

After all, Wuchang is also seventy years old. Looking at Liang Ying with such a magnanimity, he couldn’t help but feel a little helpless in his eyes. Why didn’t the Wu family have such an outstanding junior.

Of course, the martial arts family also has many juniors who are in the sixth level of acquired martial arts, but they are trapped by the bottleneck, and they have been unable to break through to the upper level of the seventh level of acquired martial arts for a long time.

The road to practice is so difficult!

Liang Ying didn’t know what Wu Chang was thinking. At this moment, he looked at Xia Zhiqiu and Wu Chang in silence. He was the youngest among the three, and he finally couldn’t bear it anymore.

“My lord, my father-in-law, we have used a lot of manpower to search these days, and almost turned Jinzhou City upside down, but we still haven’t found the murderer.

From this point of view, there is only one reason left, and that is that the murderer is extremely strong, at least he is also a top-ranked martial arts master, otherwise the result would not be like this. “

Xia Zhiqiu and Wu Chang didn’t speak when they heard this, they just looked at Liang Ying and signaled him to continue talking.

Of course they can think of these, the question is what to do next, and Liang Ying is not polite, she stands up suddenly and takes out a few teacups on the coffee table.

“I remember that after the tragedy outside the city, the person who died on the first day in the city was Dian Shi, the one who died on the second day was Zhu Bo, and the third day…”

As Liang Ying listed the victims one by one, Xia Zhiqiu and Wu Chang’s expressions became more and more serious.

“But the day before yesterday and yesterday, it was Liang Chuan, the steward of my Liang family, and Wu Lei, the steward of the outer sect of my father-in-law’s family, who died the day before yesterday and yesterday, so this is not out of order.”

Xia Zhiqiu vaguely knew what Liang Ying was thinking, so she couldn’t help standing up and walking to Liang Ying’s side. The same was true for Wuchang.

“Looking at the trajectory of the murderer, first the history of the county government’s treasury was removed, then the chief who was in charge of dispatching the documents, and then I was in charge of the Liang and Wu families, but it was all related to wealth.”

Dian Shi is in charge of the county government treasury, and of course the master Bo is also in charge of the county government accounts, and the two stewards of Liang and Wu have a lot of money in their hands.

Liang Ying spoke at this time, his tone was extremely affirmative, “Plus the Baichen family outside the city, they are the largest grain merchants in our city.

The goal of these people is obvious, not just to obtain property. I wonder if the adults have noticed that the prices of vegetables and food in the city have risen sharply in the past few days. “

Xia Zhiqiu was shocked when he heard this, but then he slammed the table, “This thief has a big appetite.”

If Liang Ying’s speculation is correct, I’m afraid their purpose is definitely not as simple as killing people for money, but a premeditated action.

At this moment they finally had a direction, the eyes of the three flashed a stern look, but Xia Zhiqiu vaguely felt something was wrong at this moment.

“If they planned the supply in the city first, and now they have completed this task, if I am a thief, then next.”

Speaking of this, Xia Zhiqiu lowered his head to think, and Liang Ying and Wu Chang were also thinking at this time, if they were right, what Fang would do next, but there were too many possibilities.

At this moment, Zheng Wanchun suddenly broke in without knocking on the door, looking a little anxious, and even glanced at Liang Ying.

“My lord, the city is on fire.”


Xia Zhiqiu and the others immediately walked out of the room when they heard this. When they went out, they saw that the east direction of the city was as bright as day, with flames raging into the sky, thick smoke billowing, and even faint crying could be heard.

Liang Ying’s complexion couldn’t help changing drastically, because the east of the city was where the Liang family’s camp was located, and he didn’t have time to say hello in a hurry, so he left directly to the east of the city.

Wuchang was surprised at first, then rejoiced, fortunately it was not from the direction of the Wu family, but at this moment, Xia Zhiqiu’s voice came faintly.

“The ancestor of the Liang family should be in the main house in the east of the Liang family city. If the thieves set fire to the city, the ancestor of the Liang family would not let him escape, right?”

As he said that, Xia Zhiqiu looked at Zheng Wanchun, while the headhunter of Jinzhou City, whose cultivation was as high as the eighth level of Houtian, had an ugly expression at this time.

“Master Zhixian, we didn’t catch anyone. When the ancestor of the Liang family appeared, the thief was already gone!”

“Then why didn’t you say it just now?”

Xia Zhiqiu couldn’t help but change his face when he heard the words. The reason why the Liang family was able to stand tall in Jinzhou City was because of the ancestor of the Liang family, the Sea God Needle.

But the ancestors of the Liang family didn’t leave any culprit behind, so the matter is completely overwhelmed, and the strength of the culprit must be reassessed!

Zheng Wanchun glanced at Wuchang at this moment, with some hesitation in his expression, Wuchang saw this, and immediately said goodbye and left.

Besides, he was actually a little worried. Since the thieves could set fire to the area of ​​the Liang family, why not the Wu family?

When Wuchang left and there were only two people left in the house, Zheng Wanchun said cautiously: “Actually, when I was patrolling in the east of the city, I encountered a few men in black, but they ran away immediately, and I didn’t catch up to them.” .

However, I took the opportunity to grab the sleeve of one of them, and saw a white lotus mark on his left arm. “

Speaking, Zheng Wanchun took out a tattered black sleeve collar, and Xia Zhiqiu just glanced at it, his face extremely ugly.

“No Life Cult!”

Zheng Wanchun nodded, because he thought the same way. Xia Zhiqiu took a deep breath at this time, and patted Zheng Wanchun’s shoulder. It was really not suitable to speak just now.

Because the Liang and Wu families should not know that the mastermind behind the scenes is Wushengjiao, otherwise they might run away overnight.

After all, the Great Yan Dynasty pursued Wushengjiao for hundreds of years, and they still exist until now, and there are not many families who were destroyed by Wushengjiao.

“It’s no wonder that the ancestors of the Liang family didn’t catch up with the culprits. Since Wusheng Sect made the move, it makes sense.”

Zheng Wanchun’s face became more and more worried. He looked at Xia Zhiqiu hesitant to speak, but finally he didn’t speak. Xia Zhiqiu thought for a moment but then said:

“Don’t worry too much, you can’t deal with Wushengjiao with common sense. Later, you send a trustworthy confidant, 800 miles, to report to the state capital immediately, saying that Jinzhou City has discovered that Wushengjiao is in trouble!”

Hearing this, Zheng Wanchun raised his head suddenly, surprise flashed in his eyes.

Xia Zhiqiu smiled and said nothing!

(end of this chapter)

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