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Chapter 134 Refining Jin Yuandan, the whole army was wiped out (8k combined

Chapter 134 Refining Jin Yuan Dan, the whole army was wiped out (8k chapters for subscription)

Dan Ding faction.

Qingyun Peak.

After another busy day, Liang Sheng’s face was full of exhaustion, but when he returned to the cave, he was immediately refreshed. Where was the state of fatigue before?

Acting, I am serious!

After all, how could the sect be too harsh on a small “early foundation establishment” disciple?

It’s just a small sect task, how can it be difficult for Liang Sheng, although Liang’s real cultivation has not entered the stage of refining Qi at the late stage of foundation establishment, but the blood in his body is still surging and full of energy.

He has never been better.

He even began to wonder whether even a monster could reach the strength of his physical body? Previously, after he reached the stage of refining and transforming gas in the middle stage of foundation establishment, he had experimented with the strength of his physical body.

It is as strong as a long sword with two patterns, and he can smash it with one punch, and he didn’t use the spiritual power in his body, it was pure physical power.

So powerful!

Now, according to the news from the beast tide battlefield, the two sides of the monster beast sect can be said to have once again entered a period of peace.

Moreover, the situation is not the same as the last time when the situation was peaceful. At this time, the three sects and six sects have the upper hand, and the situation seems to pass with time, and the victory will definitely belong to the sect.

Liang Sheng naturally had reservations about this conclusion, but his previous suspicions were all his own speculations without any real evidence, so he would not report to the sect at all.

He is doing alchemy honestly now, but he just withholds the alchemy materials of the sect for his own use, and nothing else is involved. Even Liang Sheng himself doesn’t know how many resources he has accumulated now.

However, he doesn’t think he has a lot of resources. Anyway, when he is practicing Hunyuan Xuangong to operate the skills, the speed of his body absorbing the true essence pill can be said to be several times faster.

Of course, Liang Sheng didn’t feel sorry for consuming too much True Essence Pill, on the contrary, he wished to consume more.

Because this shows that his cultivation progress is faster than before. If he does not have the True Essence Pill, his cultivation speed will be ten times slower than it is now, or even slower.

There is no way, after all, it is a child with a dull talent, but it is a slow cultivation. In this case, what can you do?

After this kind of peaceful life, another ten years have passed. Ten years ago, the three sects and six sects thought that the beast tide would be completely calmed down in two or three years.

But in the past ten years, every time they fought, it seemed like a big victory, but until now, they had only driven back the beast tide by three thousand miles.

The beast tide has not stopped until now, and the number of disciples who died from the three sects and six sects has actually increased a lot, but the three sects and six sects no longer feel nervous from top to bottom.

After all, ordinary qi training disciples have a lifespan of two hundred years. It has only been 21 years since the appearance of monsters from Beast Lake. In addition, the current situation is very good. How could they have a sense of urgency?

Furthermore, although the number of casualties among disciples has been quite high over the years, they have also beheaded countless three-level monsters. Anyway, there are quite a few three-level monsters sent to the Danding Sect.

This also means that the Danding faction no longer knows how many Jinyuandans have been refined, so that more foundation-building disciples have the opportunity to break through the realm of Jindan.

Compared with the Zongmen’s hunting grounds during the 20-year beast tide, the amount of monster blood essence and other monster flesh and blood materials they obtained has improved by leaps and bounds.

Perhaps it is precisely because of this reason, coupled with the fact that the monsters have retreated steadily in the past ten years, the sect is willing to continue to maintain the current state and move forward slowly.

Liang Sheng was really dissatisfied with this. There was an old saying in Blue Star in his previous life, if you cut the grass and don’t get rid of the root, there will be disaster.

But now he is just a “early foundation establishment” disciple, what can he say and who will listen to him?

He can only develop in secret, hoping that he will reach the stage of refining and transforming gas that is equivalent to the stage of foundation establishment as soon as possible.

At that time, as long as he is not a Jindan real person, he will be fearless, but judging from his current cultivation progress, it may take at least a hundred years to advance to the stage of foundation establishment.

Just when Liang Sheng was worrying about his cultivation speed, Xiang Chen suddenly summoned all his disciples to gather. Liang Sheng couldn’t help being a little puzzled.

But the next moment, Liang Sheng couldn’t help being extremely surprised.


“Peak Lord!”

It turns out that Jin Quanxiu is back!

Shen Wuque was even more pleasantly surprised to see Jin Quanxiu, because during this period of time, since Xiang Chen was in charge of Qingyun Peak, he was miserable.

He was completely guarded by Xiang Chen, and even boarded and lived in Xiang Chen’s cave, so he was not free at all these days.

Jin Quanxiu was also very satisfied to see the well-organized Qingyun Peak, especially when he saw Shen Wuque enter the late stage of foundation establishment under Xiang Chen’s discipline.

Shen Wuque was actually helpless. After all, he had no choice but to be lazy during this time, so he finally entered the late stage of foundation establishment two years ago.

Afterwards, he can try to break through the golden elixir realm only after he himself is consummated. At that time, if Qing Yunfeng can have one peak and three golden elixirs, it will be considered a good story.

As for Liang Sheng, although he has not yet entered the “middle stage of foundation establishment”, his aura is steady, and it is only a matter of time before his cultivation level improves, and it will naturally happen when the time comes.

“Master, why did you come back suddenly? You can also say hello before you come back, let us get ready.”

“Ha, the situation of the beast horde has stabilized, and the sect asked us to come back for a rest, but you don’t have to worry about the horde of beasts coming back after we come back. Everything is fine and the situation is stable.”

Everyone couldn’t help being overjoyed when they heard the words, the animal tide is worry-free, which means they are worry-free, but Jin Quanxiu’s voice suddenly became low.

“I didn’t bring everyone back, though.”

As soon as these words came out, the atmosphere immediately became a little dull, and there were only a dozen Foundation Establishment disciples behind him, and almost all of them held urns in their hands.

As long as the immortal cultivators died on the battlefield of the beast tide this time, it was almost impossible for them to leave a complete body. After that, Jin Quanxiu took Xiang Chen and everyone else to Qingyunfeng Cemetery.

After the ashes of all the disciples were buried, this time it was Jin Quanxiu who personally recited the mantra of passing away, but this time, everyone no longer had the joy of being together.

Since everyone lost their mood, Jin Quanxiu asked them to return to their own caves, but Liang Sheng reminded himself secretly at this time.

Everything may happen to you on the road of practice. You must be cautious in your words and deeds. It is best to leave early if there is a slight sign of danger. Don’t take risks.

At this moment, the messenger jade slip on Liang Sheng’s body suddenly vibrated, and it seemed that Jin Quanxiu was calling him. Although Liang Sheng didn’t know why, he still hurried over.


“I was a little dizzy just now, and I forgot to give you something. Zhou Mo of Hua Tianzong, do you remember, he asked me to give this thing to you in person.”

When Jin Quanxiu spoke, his face was full of emotion. He never thought that his disciples would be so loved by disciples of foreign sects, which is very rare.

Liang Sheng was also a little strange at this time. He had received a danger warning from the other party before, so what did he bring to himself now?


Liang Sheng took the jade box over and took a look, but inside were more than ten bottles of blood essence of monsters, all of which were blood essences of monsters in the three realms!

Zhou Mo has a heart!

Unexpectedly, the other party would remember the little request made at Yingke Peak before, so Liang Sheng was naturally moved.

“Cheng’er, do you need the blood of monsters to make alchemy?”

Jin Quanxiu did not expect that the disciples of the foreign sect would care so much about his disciples, not to mention whether the blood essence of the monsters in the three realms is precious, but this kind of heart is already precious.

Thinking of this, Jin Quanxiu also took out more than ten bottles of monster blood from the storage bag, and handed them directly to Liang Sheng.

“Since you need the blood of monster beasts, Cheng’er, I have quite a few on hand during this trip to the beast tide battlefield, so I’ll give you some.”

Liang Sheng would naturally not refuse this. The more monster blood, the better. He has almost all the ingredients for the Golden Yuan Pill in his hand, and he just waited for the Purple Gold Vine and Mystic Bone Grass to mature.

After so many years, the purple golden vines and black bone grass planted in his cave are actually almost mature.

Since this is the case, I can also start to try to refine Jin Yuandan. I thought I would spend a certain amount of time to collect more monster blood, but I didn’t expect the result to be collected so easily.

In terms of the results, the beast tide helped him a lot. Besides, Jin Quanxiu had no other orders at the moment. After encouraging Liang Sheng, Liang Sheng left his cave.

After he returned to his cave, he went directly to the Lingtian to check. At this time, the purple golden vines and black bone grass in the Lingtian were already lush and almost mature.

It seems that the day when he refines Jin Yuan Dan is not far away. Although he no longer needs Jin Yuan Dan to break through the shackles, he already has dozens of alchemy materials on him, why not practice alchemy?

Liang Sheng couldn’t help but become happier at the moment, and temporarily forgot about the beast tide. After all, there was a tall man supporting him when the sky fell. No matter how anxious he was in the Danding faction, it would be nothing but worrying.

After Liang Sheng returned from Jin Quanxiu, his life changed again, no different from before.

On Qingyun Peak, perhaps only Shen Wuque might be happier. After all, after Jin Quanxiu came back, Xiang Chen’s control was taken back.

Although he is still guarded, he has become more free. He originally wanted to drink and chat with Liang Sheng in his spare time, but Liang Sheng was hardly seen during this time.

My junior brother is still working very hard, but after thinking about it, he also thinks it is normal. After all, the junior brother’s cultivation level is low, and the refining success rate of many panacea must be very low due to his limited cultivation level.

It’s hard for him.

Liang Sheng is indeed refining alchemy at this moment, as Shen Wuque thought, but he is not refining the panacea for the sect mission, but refining Jinyuandan.

The purple golden vines and black bone grass in the spiritual field of Dongfu finally fully matured, and Liang Sheng already had a complete set of forty-two copies of Jinyuandan materials.

The Alchemy Pavilion at Qingyun Peak exists for alchemy, and the formations in it are very strong. Even if it is refining Jinyuan Dan, there may not be much movement.

Coupled with Liang Sheng’s intentionally stacking several layers of concealment formations, the alchemist became even safer.

Actually, if he hadn’t been Jin Quanxiu’s disciple and had his own unique alchemy room, I’m afraid he wouldn’t be refining Jin Yuandan here.

Everything is ready!


Liang Sheng was cautious at this time. Although with his alchemy skills, the success rate of refining Jin Yuan Dan was at least 20%, Liang Sheng still didn’t dare to be negligent.

After all, if you can successfully refine Jin Yuan Dan, why fail?

I saw that Liang Sheng was concentrating on it. After adjusting his state to the best, he began to concoct the spirit grass. As for the blood of the monsters in the three realms, he only joined it in the final stage of alchemy.

Liang Sheng’s technique and imprints are pleasing to the eye, and the first spiritual grass material has been processed without any haste.

Then he saw that his eyes were fixed, and he officially started alchemy. Three days later, a scent of alchemy appeared in the alchemy room.

Liang Sheng realized in an instant that a bottle of three-level monster blood essence had appeared in his hand, and then he blessed it with a specific hand formula, and put the monster blood essence into the alchemy furnace.

After a while, a strong scent of alchemy instantly filled the alchemy room. Fortunately, there was a formation to block and conceal it. The alchemy scent only existed in the alchemy room and did not overflow.

Liang Sheng was naturally overjoyed when he saw this, because the first batch of golden pills had been completed, Liang Sheng carefully opened the furnace to collect the pills, and then three golden pills appeared in the palm of his hand.

Low-grade Jin Yuan Pill!

Three pills.


A good start.

Liang Sheng was full of joy, because the past few days were not in vain, Liang Sheng naturally chose to take advantage of the victory to pursue, but unfortunately, he failed to refine three batches of elixir.

Of course it was a pity, Liang Sheng didn’t feel too fluctuated, because at this time his success rate of refining Jin Yuan Dan had almost reached 30%.


Under Chizi’s dull talent, every time he fails in alchemy, he can break through a certain failure bottleneck. For him, alchemy is actually a matter of practice makes perfect.

It’s just that just when Liang Sheng was about to continue, he thought about it and decided to stop for the time being, because the one-month task time had come, and he should go out to hand over the share of alchemy.

At this time, the alchemy fragrance of Jin Yuandan in the alchemy room had already dissipated. After Liang Sheng confirmed that there were no traces left, he carefully left the alchemy room.

“Little junior brother, you have come out, thank you for your hard work.”

Shen Wuque looked at Liang Sheng with distressed expression, and Liang Sheng couldn’t help but bewildered. It took him a while to understand, and he was quite dumbfounded.

It seems that his second senior brother misunderstood him, but he didn’t explain it. It’s actually quite good for the second senior brother to leave such an impression on him.

I am so loyal, I worked hard to complete the alchemy task of the sect, and after Liang Sheng handed over the task, Shen Wuque took the initiative to start chatting about the situation outside.

The situation of the three parties and six parties fighting the beast tide has become more and more smooth. In the past month, the monster beast army of the beast tide has been forced to retreat for more than a hundred miles.

Based on this situation, perhaps in a few years, the beast tide will be completely suppressed, and they can restore the peaceful life of the previous sect.

Of course, if they didn’t want to maximize their profits, capture the blood of monster beasts, etc., I’m afraid they could wipe out the beast tide in an instant.

Speaking of this, Shen Wuque winked at him, and Liang Sheng naturally understood what he meant. Shen Wuque wanted to re-enter the Houshan hunting ground with him.

But Liang Sheng is not as optimistic as he is in his heart. After all, even Zhou Mo and all his clansmen are making preparations, so it means that this time the beast tide cannot be so simple.

No matter what, he believes in the ability of the Zhou family’s bloodline, but the three sects and six sects are different from what he thinks, they have begun to stabilize people’s hearts.

After all, the battlefield ahead is victorious, and the end of the war is only a matter of time, so the three sects and six sects have also slowed down, because they are now also distressed that the number of foundation-establishing disciples of their respective sects died in battle.

As for Jin Quanxiu, he did not show up. Not long after he returned to the Danding Sect, he retreated again. It is said that he went out for a day before the retreat, and he seemed to have met someone.

The reason for Jin Quanxiu’s retreat is also very simple. After Xiang Chen achieved Jindan, in fact, Qing Yunfeng’s internal affairs began to be slowly let him take over.

Liang Sheng doesn’t know how much lifespan Jin Quanxiu has left, but the total lifespan of Jindan monks is only 1700 years, so he must also make preparations for breaking through the Jindan realm.

I just don’t know if Jin Quanxiu has the Huaying Pill needed to break through the Yuanying Pill. Anyway, within the sect, Liang Sheng can occasionally hear the news of refining the Jinyuan Pill, but he is the one who refines the Huaying Pill. Never heard of it.

Fortunately, Liang Sheng is not in a hurry at this time, because now he only needs to practice steadily, so why do he need the Infant Transformation Pill?

Ancient exercises are the most appropriate cultivation method for oneself. Others practice ancient exercises, and the bottleneck of the entry into small Qi training may be comparable to breaking through the golden elixir.

But for him, it was just a waste of time. He didn’t have any worries about his cultivation, but for some reason, when Liang Sheng thought of Zhou Mo’s previous reminder, he felt a little bit drummed in his heart. He always felt that the battlefield of the beast tide would not be so simple .

However, in the next few months, the good news on the battlefield of the beast tide came one after another, and even the alchemy tasks assigned to disciples by the Danding faction were reduced again.

And Liang Sheng also took advantage of this period of time to increase the refining efficiency of Jinyuan Dan to 100%. At this moment, he has eighteen top-grade Jinyuan pills, sixty-four middle-grade Jinyuan pills, and twenty-four low-grade Jinyuan pills. pieces.

There are more than one hundred gold yuan pills. If the news spreads, Liang Sheng may not be at peace. Naturally, Liang Sheng will not put the gold yuan pills in the storage bag used to cover up his body, but put them in the storage bag. ring.

On this day, Liang Sheng completed the alchemy task for this month twenty-five days ahead of schedule, but at the moment he didn’t have the refining materials for Jinyuan Pill, so he continued to refine other alchemy pills.

Because the alchemy materials on his body have been deducted from him, he naturally needs alchemy in his spare time, which can be regarded as his own resource reserve, adding bricks and tiles.

There are many resources for cultivating immortals, which is also a manifestation of profound fortune, but after a certain alchemy, Liang Sheng suddenly had an idea in his mind.

Why does Jin Yuan Pill make it possible for Foundation Establishment monks to break through the bottleneck of the Golden Core Realm? After the great changes in the ancient world, what exactly does this little pill contain that can make up for the incompleteness before the big change?

No one could answer Liang Sheng’s question. At this time, a low-grade Jinyuan pill appeared in Liang Sheng’s hand. He looked at it for a long time, but he didn’t have an answer in his heart.

Now he can only try to take Jin Yuan Dan after he has reached the late stage of Foundation Establishment, and he may be able to know the difference.

So, the next step is to let him reach the stage of refining and transforming gas as soon as possible, which is equivalent to the late stage of foundation establishment. He has a premonition that after taking Jin Yuandan, he will definitely be surprised.

Since then, Liang Sheng’s life has become extremely regular again, and five years have passed in a flash, and the situation on the beast tide battlefield seems to be completely stable.

Even the Danding faction is no longer in a state of urgent alchemy from the whole sect, it seems to have returned to before the beast tide.

As for Liang Sheng’s attribute panel, there hasn’t been much change in the past five years.

Name: Liang Sheng

Age: 739 years since entering Fangshi 230 years ago Danding faction 136 years old Yang Cheng 124 years old Beast tide two years Beast tide started war 26 years

Talent: Naive and dull (extreme)

Exercises: Hunyuan Xuangong (second floor), Shangqing Immortal Scripture (eleventh floor), Chunyang Danjing (eleventh floor), twenty health-preserving exercises (twentieth floor), seven nail heads Archery (Conjuration)

Realm: Refining gas (mid-stage foundation building)

Shouyuan: 25787

It has been 41 years since he broke through the middle stage of foundation establishment, and 26 years since he started practicing Hunyuan Xuangong, but Liang Sheng felt that he would go one step further and reach the stage equivalent to the late stage of foundation establishment, and it might take more than a hundred years.

The road to cultivation is extremely difficult, and each step requires a lot of time to accumulate, which is too difficult.

However, just when Liang Sheng was preparing to devote himself to training, the situation on the beast tide battlefield changed suddenly, and Liang Sheng didn’t know anything about it.

Beast tide battlefield.

That night, everything was silent, and the disciples of the Shangqing Sect were patrolling their residences. The situation was no different from usual at this time.

However, suddenly, there was a rustling sound, and before the disciples in Qingzong’s resident could react, they were suddenly attacked by monsters.

This time, it was nine demon kings who attacked together, but the final result was extremely tragic. Only one Daoist Jindan of Shangqingzong escaped.

The other sects only reacted after the Jindan Daoist escaped, but when they arrived at the Shangqing Sect’s residence, there were no monsters there.

As for the surviving Jindan Daoist from Shangqingzong, he didn’t stay in the beast tide battlefield for a long time, but left and returned to Shangqingzong when other sects didn’t pay attention.

At this time, everyone in the other sects were dumbfounded. How could such a thing happen? How did the monsters break in?

You must know that the three sects and six sects are an offensive and defensive alliance. Each sect will be responsible for patrolling the area. Even if the nine demon kings sneak attack, it is impossible to do it silently.

Everyone finds it incredible, so naturally they can also think of another possibility. Suddenly, the atmosphere of the three sects and six sects has become a little weird.

Before the Shangqingzong Jindan real person left, he actually left behind a jade slip, the content of which was very simple, without any strong tone, just telling the story of what happened.

It turned out that the nine demon kings led the monsters to bypass the patrol area and successfully attacked from behind, so that Shang Qingzong’s army was almost wiped out.

However, the three sects and six sects were previously stationed at each other’s horns, and they had already checked countless times. How could it be possible to leave patrol blind spots?

From this, we can also know why the only surviving Jindan Daoist of Shang Qingzong left without saying goodbye. This is no wonder he, because the other party obviously has someone to suspect, so he went straight back to the sect.

Shang Qingzong was attacked this time by a monster from behind. The information contained in this is really horrifying. The battlefield of this beast tide is probably going to be chaotic.

In fact, it is not scary for the nine demon kings to fight together. What is scary is that someone stabbed a knife in the back, and everyone’s eyes couldn’t help looking at Hua Tianzong.

As the strongest sect of the three sects and six sects, Hua Tianzong, who had a grudge with Shang Qingzong for hundreds of years before, has become the biggest suspect now.

If Shang Qingzong is really wiped out this time, no one will know the truth about the monsters appearing from behind. Everyone will only think that Shang Qingzong was unlucky and encountered the main force of monsters.

After all, the nine demon kings are indeed very powerful, and there are only four or five golden core real people in a sect resident, so they are indeed not opponents.

But if the three sects and six sects join forces, it doesn’t matter at all. Over the years, except for the initial stage, a few Jindan real people have fallen, and now there are very few Jindan real people who have fallen, and the number of demon kings has fallen before.

So in the face of absolute strength, the nine demon kings are nothing at this moment, but which sect dares to go all out now, after all, what if someone really stabbed a knife in the back?

For a while, the remaining three sects and five sects that remained on the beast tide battlefield didn’t know what to do at the moment.

After all, the murderer who murdered Qingzong is still unknown, and monsters are not the problem. Instead, the problem now lies in the alliance of the three sects and six sects.

Could it be that the peace of the three sects and six sects that lasted for tens of thousands of years will enter the countdown today? Even if Huatianzong and Shangqingzong confronted each other before, the two sides did not suffer such a heavy loss.

But Hua Tianzong is also suffering at the moment and can’t tell. At the time when they are jointly fighting against monsters, how could they do such a nasty thing?

You must know that for hundreds of years, Huatianzong’s strength has been thriving, and it is already the first sect worthy of the name of the three sects and six sects.

And for some reason, after absorbing the main bloodline of Da Zhou, their descendants also thrive in the sect, and their bloodline is still excellent.

Maybe in a few hundred years, Hua Tianzong’s strength will double again. Everyone is glad that the Great Zhou Dynasty came out of the secular world under their jurisdiction.

Immortal cultivators fight for a while, but sects fight for the fate of the world, and they really have evil intentions, so why only count Shang Qingzong on the beast tide battlefield, even if their entire army is wiped out, so what?

As long as Shang Qingzong’s base camp is still there, what benefits can they Huatianzong have, if they just let out a sigh of relief, they will be so ruthless, then it is too small to underestimate Huatianzong’s structure.

But it doesn’t matter what Hua Tianzong thinks, because at this moment they have become murderers that everyone suspects.

After this happened, although the remaining sects appeared to be the same as before, guarding against monster attacks, they were secretly guarding against each other, and trust always collapsed in an instant.

Even the monsters seem to cooperate with them. Although they still attack the three sects and six factions from time to time, the strength of the attacking monsters is average, and the remaining three sects and five sects did not suffer much casualties.

The leader of the Danding faction at this time is a Jindan elder in the Discipline Hall. At this moment, he really wants to take his disciples away from this place, away from the whirlpool.

But now that the beast horde has not been repulsed, they simply cannot leave. At the same time, they know that it is just the calm before the storm.

When the large troops of Shang Qingzong arrived, there might be troubles again, and as the suspected object, Hua Tianzong also responded at this time, and they also sent a message back to the sect to ask for support.

The reactions of other sects were similar, and the sects were summoned to prepare for a rainy day.

Shang Qingzong station.

A few days later, all the sects felt something, and looked at the place where the Shangqing Sect was originally stationed. At this moment, there was a stream of light descending from the sky.

The other party did not hide his aura, but came to the beast tide battlefield openly and aboveboard. After hearing the aura of the other party, many people confirmed that the deputy lord of the Shangqing Sect had arrived in person.

But why is he the only one here?

The deputy head of the Shangqing Sect is in the late stage of Jindan, and he is one step away from breaking through the Yuanying realm. This strange situation makes other sects feel terrified.

This shouldn’t be here to settle accounts with Hua Tianzong, right? But it seemed extremely strange that only one person came, and no one could guess what Shang Qingzong wanted to do at this time.

Of course, the people in the Huatianzong resident also saw the situation of the people coming from the Shangqingzong resident, and immediately ordered the disciples not to go out and be careful.

Fortunately, the deputy suzerain of Shangqingzong was not impulsive at this time, but sent a signal, wanting to sit down with all the speakers of the three sects and five sects to discuss what happened before.

Everyone in the three sects and five sects was worried, but they didn’t expect to wait for such a proposal from the other party in the end, and they couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.

As long as there is no direct conflict, it is fine. In fact, they are all in the barren land. Only when the three sects and six factions are united can the stability of the barren land be guaranteed. This has been a consensus for tens of thousands of years.

There can be internal conflicts, but they must be consistent with the outside world. They don’t want to have a tragic situation of killing each other before the beast tide subsides.

When all the speakers of the three sects and six sects gathered together, the deputy suzerain of Shangqing sect stood up to speak without any hesitation.

“Everyone, this time I am here to explain our sect’s final decision to you. From today, our sect will withdraw from this alliance.

The tide of beasts is already out of whack. In the past few years, it was just to kill the monsters to obtain materials and train disciples of the sect, so that the monsters can survive.

Actually, even if I don’t go to the Qingzong right now, this animal horde is nothing to worry about. My sect has suffered heavy losses and can no longer afford any consumption, so I can only withdraw temporarily. I hope everyone will forgive me. “

After finishing speaking, the deputy suzerain of Shangqing Sect did not wait for the other sect speakers to answer, and was about to get up and leave directly. However, the Hua Tianzong speaker just wanted to speak, but he opened his mouth, said nothing, and could only quietly Watch him leave.

At this time, everyone present couldn’t help but fell silent. They didn’t expect Shang Qingzong to be so determined and calm.

However, it was a good thing that they didn’t have a conflict with Hua Tianzong. After a long time, a voice appeared.

“Since that’s the case, let’s end this farce like this. In fact, it’s better for the beast tide to end earlier, so that we don’t have to stay here and add trouble.”

Upon hearing this suggestion, everyone’s expressions were a little complicated, but in the end everyone nodded in agreement.

Indeed, since the matter has come to this point, Shangqingzong has made it clear that they have withdrawn, and it is not the same thing if they entangle with the beast tide.

Although there are only three sects and five sects at this time, the number of Jindan real people they have left on the battlefield now adds up to more than thirty, based on their investigation. The monsters couldn’t stop their full attack at all.

At the beginning of the wave of monsters and beasts, there were indeed a lot of demon kings on the other side, but after more than 20 years of brutal fighting, the number of surviving demon kings is probably less than double ten.

The subsequent situation was as they had expected. After the three sects and five sects made all-out efforts, the monsters really couldn’t hold back and retreated all the way.

In just half a month, all the monsters were driven back to the Beast Lake. At this time, the spiritual tide had subsided, and it was impossible for them to break through the boundary and appear in the wilderness from the Beast Lake.

The beast tide is finally over.

But the three sects and five sects were not very happy at this time. After all, the alliance of three sects and six sects attacked, and the final result was so anticlimactic that it really made people feel helpless.

They were more worried about the situation in the future, and they were afraid that it would become even more chaotic. Finally, they worked together to make peace between Shangqingzong and Huatianzong and suspend the dispute for more than a hundred years.

But the attitude of Shang Qingzong now gave them a bad feeling. Could it be that the sect chaos that had been difficult to quell before was going to make waves again?

No one can give an accurate answer, and they don’t know what the ending will be. All they can do is to sweep the door open.

Then the three sects and five sects bid farewell to each other, and each returned to the sect with the collected monster blood and precious flesh and blood materials.

But just a few days later, after all the sects got a piece of news, they could no longer maintain their composure, it could even be said to be unbelievable.

Just after parting on the day. The Hua Tianzong people who were supposed to return triumphantly were completely annihilated, and no one knew what happened.

But everyone’s eyes are looking at one place at this moment.

Shang Qingzong.

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