There is No Bottleneck In My Practice

Chapter 112 The vest is famous, the sect regrets it (ask for a monthly ticket)

Chapter 112 The vest is famous, the sect regrets it (ask for a monthly ticket)

Fang City.

Liang Sheng Dongfu.

At this time, Liang Sheng’s eyes were gloomy. He had already hung up the message of retreat and alchemy outside the cave, and in the dead of night, he had already put on the invisibility talisman on his body, and with the hidden attribute on the attribute panel, no one could notice that he had quietly walked out Dongfu.

In fact, even if there is no attribute panel, with his foundation-building cultivation base, under the effect of the concealment talisman, coupled with the change of appearance, there is a high probability that Liang Sheng will not have any accidents, and he can leave Fangshi safely.

So Liang Sheng, who has a hidden attribute panel, can now come and go in Fangshi almost freely, unless there are force majeure factors.

For example, if you meet a Jindanqi cultivator who can see through hidden talismans, although you can’t detect Liang Sheng’s aura, you can see Liang Sheng.

But it is almost impossible for a Jindan monk to come to Fangshi.

The reason why Liang Sheng sneaked out of Fangshi is also very simple. He should go back and arrange to plant spirit grass. He also miscalculated this time, because it took more than two months for him to gather the true essence pill spirit grass seeds. .

However, because of such a long time of communication, he also has a good relationship with Fangshi San Cultivation Alchemy Master, and the conclusion is not that there is too much loss.

If he hadn’t made good friends with these alchemists and exchanged them for spiritual grass, I’m afraid he hasn’t collected the spiritual grass seeds needed to completely refine the true essence pill.

Actually, this is also because Liang Sheng was too cautious during this time, as long as there was a slight sign of trouble, he would rather miss the seeds than expose himself to the danger of being exposed.

As for the pill formula of Jin Yuan Pill, Liang Sheng is not in a hurry to find it now, and he has no idea about going to the black market to buy spiritual herbs.

Because Pei Shiping had already broken through the Foundation Establishment.

Some time ago, the most shocking news in Fangshi was that Pei Shiping, the Patriarch of the Pei family who had trained at the ninth level of Qi, broke through the Foundation Establishment Realm.

Because of his successful breakthrough, even the three sects and six sects were curious, but no one investigated the source of Pei Shiping’s Foundation Establishment Pill.

Do you want to offend a casual cultivator who is deeply blessed and can break through the foundation?

Isn’t this asking for trouble?

Three Sects and Six Sects will not be so imposing. After all, although the Foundation Establishment Realm is rare, it is only respected in Fangshi.

Even Wang Lin, the foundation-building monk of the Tiangang Sect stationed in Fangshi, met Pei Shiping in person. For a while, Pei Shiping was in the limelight, and the Pei family naturally rose.

Not surprisingly, the Pei family has been at its peak for at least five hundred years in the market, and Pei Shiping has a good sense of humor, and his attitude with the three sects and six factions is just right.

As for the other two, Fu Liantao and Ban Zhihe, they failed to break through. They stayed in the black market in spite of their distress, waiting for Liang Sheng to come again.

Of course they were unwilling. Pei Shiping was able to break through, why couldn’t they? And Liang Sheng is their only hope for a breakthrough.

In view of this situation, and since Pei Shiping had broken through the foundation building, how could Liang Sheng go to the black market?

Although there is no danger in the black market, the price/performance ratio of the black market is already pitifully low. Now Liang Sheng naturally focuses his energy on alchemists in Fangshi.

Turning the other way, Liang Sheng left Fangshi today, but after a while, with Liang Sheng’s speed, he quickly arrived at the range of Lingtian. He took a look at the precautions he had arranged, and there was no problem.

Then he stepped into the illusion formation. When he arrived at Lingtian, he didn’t show up directly. At this time, the three Huang Yifan brothers were chatting.

“Brother, it’s been more than two months. Why hasn’t our cheap master appeared yet? You won’t forget us, will you?”

Huang Yifan’s face was also a little ugly at this time, but when he heard the second child say this, he quickly scolded, “Don’t talk nonsense, how is your spirit rain technique?”

The second and third children immediately cheered up when they heard the words. They saw that they superimposed their handprints, and when they spit out their spiritual power, they saw a range of spiritual rain falling down.

Seeing this, Huang Yifan was also relieved, but he was actually a little bit worried. After all, this master was a weird character who could disappear for a period of time so that the defensive formation of Lingtian almost failed. The other party would not really forget his three brothers, right? ?

However, in the past two months, the three Huang Yifan brothers stayed in Lingtian without any danger alert for the first time, and they all gained a little weight unknowingly.

How did they ever feel so at ease?

With the protective measures within the Lingtian area, I am afraid that it will take a lot of effort for the monks of the ninth level of Qi training, but there has been no movement in the past two months, which shows how safe this place is.

What kind of **** luck did I have to encounter the leakage of Lingtian’s breath?

Huang Yifan himself couldn’t figure it out. At this moment, his ears moved, and he quickly pulled the two brothers to sit cross-legged on the ground, pretending to practice.

The next moment, Liang Sheng with white hair and childlike appearance appeared in front of the three of them, and the three of them pretended to be surprised, “Master.”

Liang Sheng didn’t speak, just nodded, and then handed them the spiritual grass seeds, and directly ordered them to continue working without any intention of greeting.

Huang Yifan and the three of them didn’t care about this, shouldn’t this be the case for the Nine Master Qi Practitioners? In the realm of cultivating immortals, strength comes first, so why be polite?

Besides, under the oath of heaven, they are now each other’s servants. Seeing that the three of them are so knowledgeable, Liang Sheng also nodded slightly.

If he hadn’t been so dispositioned, he wouldn’t have left the three of them behind. This time, Liang Sheng didn’t intervene, watching them work quietly.

It is extremely simple for monks in the Qi training period to do these things, and all kinds of spiritual grass seeds have been planted in a short time.

“From now on, the three of you will be in charge of irrigating the spiritual rain technique in the spiritual field, so don’t slack off.”

Huang Yifan hesitated when he heard the words, and finally stood up after thinking about it. He didn’t explain it at this time, and if something went wrong at that time, it would be a big trouble.

“Master, with our meager cultivation, I’m afraid we won’t be able to irrigate half of the spiritual field at one time. We have to wait until the spiritual power of breath adjustment recovers before we can continue to use the spiritual rain technique.”

The two brothers were even more embarrassed when they heard the words. They were at the sixth level of Qi training, and Huang Yifan was at the seventh level of Qi training.

Liang Sheng nodded when he heard this, he was naturally aware of the situation, so he didn’t speak, and more than a dozen jade bottles appeared in front of the three Huang Yifan brothers while waving his hands.

“It’s okay, there are enough Qi training pills here, enough for you to recover your spiritual power in a short time, if so, you still can’t complete the irrigation task, what do you think I will keep you?”

After finishing speaking, Liang Sheng ignored them, turned around and went back to Lingtian Cave Mansion, while the three of Huang Yifan’s expressions were extremely ugly.

I’m afraid that even with these qi training pills, they won’t be able to last long, but the second child exclaimed, “Brother, look!”

Top-grade Qi training pill!

Seeing this, Huang Yifan blushed and was extremely excited. With the top-grade Qi training pill, they would definitely be able to recover their spiritual power in a short time.

The most important thing is that they are also practicing with top-grade Qi training pills. How can he, Huang Yifan, use top-grade Qi training pills to practice so extravagantly one day?

Yes, these more than ten bottles of Qi training pills are top-grade Qi training pills, and he couldn’t help looking at Liang Sheng’s cave at this time, with eyes full of awe.

My master, what is the background?

When he thought of this spiritual field again, he couldn’t help but feel extremely hot. His master was probably an alchemist, and when he thought of Liang Sheng’s previous formation methods, he couldn’t help but take a deep breath.

My master’s strength is unfathomable, maybe this is not my disaster, but my blessing.

“Second and third, let’s go and irrigate the spiritual fields. If anyone dares to be lazy, I will beat him to death.”

Liang Sheng nodded slightly when he saw the three Lingtian brothers in full swing.

are smart people.

Three days later, after seeing that Huang Yifan and the three were fully capable of handling the spiritual field planting, Liang Sheng drifted away without saying hello.

Only the three brothers Huang Yifan are still swaying the spiritual rain in the spiritual field, and they are extremely responsible. Later, they can use the top-grade Qi training pill to practice, which is so cool!

Fang City.

In the dark night, Liang Sheng was completely hidden, no one noticed, and quietly returned to the cave he rented.

Then he directly took out the alchemy furnace and the spiritual grass of the Qi training pill. He had planted countless copies of the spiritual grass of the Qi training pill in the spiritual field before, which can be used for a long time.

At this time, since he used the excuse of retreating for alchemy, he naturally had to do alchemy. Liang Sheng was familiar with the road, putting the spirit herbs into the alchemy furnace one by one, and then superimposed his handprints, without rushing, as if he was conducting a symphony, which was pleasing to the eye. .

Liang Sheng had a 100% success rate in refining the qi training pill, and the spirit grass of the qi training pill soon turned into a spiritual liquid under various fingerprints.

After that, Liang Sheng didn’t panic. Most alchemists would be nervous at this time. Whether the alchemy is successful or not, and what the finished product is, is at this stage.

Following Liang Sheng’s last handprint, the alchemy furnace paused slightly, and when the furnace was turned on, the fragrance was instantly overflowing.

Top-grade Qi training pill, successful!

Liang Sheng didn’t feel the slightest joy about this. It happened to be dawn at this time, and the time was neither too early nor too late. At this time, Liang Sheng put away the alchemy furnace and installed the Qi training pill.

Immediately afterwards, he opened the cave, and did not deliberately remove the breath of alchemy. The next moment, the neighbor monk who was still preparing to go out couldn’t help but pause.

Other monks who passed by here couldn’t help looking over, Liang Sheng didn’t care about it, and went directly to the central stall in Fangshi.

The monk behind looked at him with envious eyes.

They smelled the freshly released high-grade Qi training pill. Thinking of this, the others couldn’t help smiling when they saw Liang Sheng walking in front of them.

Liang Sheng’s move seems a little publicity, but it is extremely safe for an alchemist with extremely poor cultivation qualifications to pretend to be a five-level Qi training alchemist in the foundation building state.

An alchemist with superb alchemy skills but poor cultivation and a difficult road ahead is probably the most welcome existence among casual cultivators.

Because rest assured!

The practice problems I have shown show that I can’t refine high-level pills, not to mention the foundation pills, but it is also impossible to refine the true essence pills.

Since this is the case, the three sects and six sects will not care too much. They are used to being superior, and when they see Liang Sheng in this situation, they will shake their heads instead.

Alchemists who cannot refine high-level pills, no matter how they use them, are still extremely useless in their eyes.

The alchemist who was recruited by Ding Yizhen of the Xuanmen sect back then was because the future was promising, unlike Liang Sheng’s performance, who had a top-grade qi training pill and still had no way out in practice.

At this moment, Qin Chen in the central street vendor area of ​​Fangshi saw Liang Sheng for the first time, and couldn’t help smiling, “Chen Daoyou, have you finally left the customs?”

Beside him are other alchemists. After the last discussion, the relationship between all alchemists has become closer, and now they are all surrounded together.

Most of the reason is because of Liang Sheng’s selfless teaching, their alchemy is more or less effective.

This is naturally also part of Liang Sheng’s plan, to unite all those who should be united, so that he will be more sure of obtaining the Jinyuan Dandan formula.

Liang Sheng heard Qin Chen say hello, nodded with a smile, and after greeting them one by one, the others all looked at Liang Sheng with wide eyes, and Liang Sheng naturally knew what they wanted to see.

Immediately after four bottles of Qi training pills were placed on the booth, the alchemist’s eyes lit up immediately because he was so sensitive to spirit pills.

Four bottles of top-grade qi training pills.

Chen Daoyou’s alchemy skills are really superb, but it’s a pity that Chen Daoyou’s cultivation…


How unfair the law of heaven is!

But in their hearts, they feel a little comfortable. Although their alchemy skills are not as good as the opponent’s, their aptitude for cultivating immortals is much better than the opponent’s.

After all, which one of them is not at the seventh level of Qi training or above, otherwise where would they have time to study alchemy?

It can only be said that time is on their side, Liang Sheng is only a good teacher and helpful friend on their journey, and finally died.

Of course, on the surface they didn’t have any abnormal expressions, and they were all congratulatory. Liang Sheng is also a small celebrity in this small area of ​​the city at the moment.

He made such a big noise here, which naturally attracted the attention of others, and soon someone produced three middle-grade spirit stones, and took four bottles of top-grade Qi training pills into their pockets.

The other party is a casual cultivator of the ninth level of Qi training. When the alchemist sees him, he still has some longing in his heart, not knowing when he will be able to practice the ninth level of Qi.

If they were practicing at the ninth level of Qi, then building a foundation could be expected. Qin Chen didn’t intend to set up a stall at this time, so he invited Liang Sheng to sit and discuss.

Last time, what Liang Sheng said was full of nonsense, and they were overjoyed about it. Liang Sheng didn’t hold back at this time, and nodded in agreement.

In an instant, these alchemists disappeared, leaving only an empty corner, making the casual cultivators who came late, dumbfounded again.

Why are these alchemists gone?

What happened?

Although they looked helpless, they had secretly decided that next time they must behave themselves and not come here so late.

And when Liang Sheng went to Qin Chen’s cave to sit and discuss Taoism, some people were discussing him in the office and the shops of the Three Sects and Six Sects.

No other.

Liang Sheng became famous.

The store manager of Huatianzong looked at the Qi training pill in his hand at this time, and couldn’t help sighing, but it’s a pity that the other party’s cultivation talent is too poor.

What he held in his hand was the high-grade Qi training pill refined by Liang Sheng obtained from other sources. Even though he was the manager of Hua Tianzong and had seen countless top-grade Qi training pills, he couldn’t help being a little surprised at this moment.

Because the quality of this elixir is no different from that of the top-grade elixir in the store, it can even be said to be better. It is really admirable that the casual alchemist has such a talent for alchemy.

However, Liang Sheng’s aptitude for cultivation made him shake his head, because if his cultivation is not good enough, he cannot refine high-level pills.

Since this is the case, it is impossible for him to apply for resources from the sect, and he will not be able to attract the other party with satisfactory conditions.

What can I do for disciples?

This situation also happened in other sect shops. After all, there are casual cultivators with such alchemy talent, how could they not care?

But the more this is the case, the more helpless they are. This shows that the other party can practice top-grade qi pills without stopping, but now they have only practiced qi-level five, and the road ahead can almost be sentenced to death.

It may also be because of this reason that this alchemist Chen Sheng is so selfless to speak out his alchemy experience.

Thinking that the other party might also want to make a good relationship with this, if it wasn’t for this reason, they couldn’t figure out why he would tell his bottom-of-the-box experience.

So although Liang Sheng’s alchemist vest is already well-known, none of the three sects and six sects has the idea of ​​recruiting it.

No way, the price/performance ratio is too low.

Since I can’t come up with good recruitment conditions, how can the other party join my sect? Why waste effort?

So in this situation, the current situation has formed. Even if this person has amazing talent in alchemy, he has no luck.

Cultivating immortals requires blessings!

(end of this chapter)

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