There is No Bottleneck In My Practice

Chapter 105 Let's go, let's go! (seeking a monthly ticket)

Chapter 105 Shot, go all the way! (seeking a monthly ticket)

Fang City.

In the past few days, Chen Mo came to Liang Sheng quite frequently, but he didn’t talk about Lingtian again, and Liang Sheng also pretended that nothing happened, as usual.

It’s just that he found someone watching him, but after seeing that the other party was the second child of the Qian family, Liang Sheng didn’t care.

Maybe the other party is spying on Chen Mo. After all, it is about Lingtian, so you can’t be too careful.

Then, a few days later, he went to the office to pay the rent for the next year’s Dongfu. Before he knew it, he had already been in Fangshi for two years, and he was completely integrated into the life of Fangshi. No Zhujidan and Zhujidan recipes were found.

Actually, he doesn’t want to be so troublesome, he has to come to the office once a year to pay the rent of the cave, but other low-level practitioners in Fangshi only pay once a year, so he doesn’t want to be a leader.

Only high-level qi training casual practitioners can pay the rent for many years at one time, or even buy the cave directly. Because they have such strength, they naturally have the confidence to guarantee that they will pay so much rent without accidents.

Chen Mo naturally followed Liang Sheng to the office and paid the one-year rent for the Dongfu. At this moment, he looked at his jade slip after renewal and suddenly sighed.

“Fellow Daoist Zhou, you said that we work so hard every year, are we working for the Three Sects and Six Sects?”

Chen Mo looked sad, but Liang Sheng didn’t talk to him. Seeing this, he could only continue to speak alone. Unfortunately, he still played the piano like a cow, and Liang Sheng remained unmoved.

Then two or three days later, Chen Mo disappeared in front of Liang Sheng again, presumably going to Lingtian to join Qian Yongjian and the others.

But Liang Sheng doesn’t care about it, as long as Chen Mo doesn’t mess around, but if he really has thoughts that he shouldn’t have, then

The scenery of mountains and forests outside Fang City is also very good, suitable for long sleep after death.

Without Chen Mo’s interruption, Liang Sheng also calmed down and began to study the formation, because relatively speaking, it is probably the easiest situation at this stage to obtain the pill formula of the Foundation Establishment Pill in the black market.

After all, if you don’t consider the factor of the black market formation, I am invincible in the casual practice of the square market, and I am invincible in the tenth level of Qi training!

After that, two months later, the concentration of aura in Liang Sheng’s cave burst out suddenly, but this happened only in a flash, and Liang Sheng’s expression could be described as extremely joyful.

The Spirit Gathering Formation is completed!

It’s just because he didn’t want to expose the increased aura in the cave, so he took the initiative to disperse the spirit gathering array just now.

The subsequent plan is also very simple, because if there is one, there are two. In front of Liang Sheng, the difficulty of gathering spirits at this moment is only proficiency. After all, there is no bottleneck in my world, and only practice makes perfect.

And because of the success of the spirit-gathering array, Liang Sheng finally set his sights on the next array he wanted to learn.

Hidden array.

Although because of the attribute panel, Liang Sheng’s concealment is unparalleled in the world, and almost no one can see through him, but this situation only affects him personally.

If he wants to hide the movement in the cave, he still needs to work **** his own. It would be too ostentatious to spend fifty low-grade spirit stones to rent a cave with a concealment formation.

After all, he is a rookie who is only at the third level of Qi training, and then he began to practice the formation of the hidden formation instead of the talisman making practice.

At this time, a big melon appeared in Fangshi, and there was a casual cultivator who was extremely unlucky. It can be said that he wanted to cry but had no tears.

Today, he wanted to go to the shop of the three sects and the six sects to buy a bottle of high-grade Qi training pills. He wanted to hit the fifth level of Qi training, but he innocently offended the two sects.

At that time, he just took a look in front of Shangqingzong’s shop, and then saw a disciple coming out of Huatianzong’s shop. After looking at each other, he naturally went to Huatianzong’s shop.

Unexpectedly, this small action caused a big trouble. The disciples of Shang Qingzong ran out and yelled at Hua Tianzong’s people.

“Hua Tianzong, what do you mean? How dare you blatantly **** customers from our Shangqingzong shop? What are you trying to do?”

The disciple of Hua Tianzong who came out just now is Zhou Kang, a son of the Zhou family. He couldn’t help being a little dazed when he heard what the other party said.

However, the blood of the Zhou family is low-key and does not cause trouble. Based on the principle of not wanting to cause conflicts, he turned around and returned to the shop as if he hadn’t heard anything.

But his actions completely offended the disciples of Shangqingzong’s shop. Could it be that Huatianzong looked down on him so much?

In a moment of anger, he actually took out the magic weapon long sword at his waist in his hand. Once he showed the weapon, the situation was completely different.

Zhou Kang felt helpless when he saw this. He felt bad early this morning, and he didn’t expect to be here.

Other people in Huatianzong’s store also heard the movement. After the manager of Huatianzong came out and saw this situation, his face sank.

Over the past two hundred years, Shangqingzong and Huatianzong have become more and more at odds with each other. At this moment, the opponent is bullying the Zhou family’s children who are being favored. How can he back down?

Isn’t this my own blessing to cultivate immortality!

After all, protecting Zhou Kang is a casual thing, but it also gives me a chance to make friends with noble people.

Hua Tianzong’s stewards were in charge, and the stewards of Shangqingzong’s store naturally did not show weakness. All of a sudden, around the shop in Fangshi, there were piles of casual cultivators watching the excitement.

The casual cultivator who wanted to buy Qi training pills probably never thought that his unintentional actions would have such a bad impact, and he was so frightened that he almost cried.

But in the end, there was no bloodshed here, because Ding Yizhen appeared directly and calmed down the scene.

He invited the unlucky rogue cultivator and the stewards of both parties to the third floor of the office, and the rogue cultivators saw that they could no longer watch the excitement, so they could only leave in a state of dismay.

But they secretly added fuel to the fire. An hour later, the news that Shangqingzong and Huatianzong were going to merge came out.

Liang Sheng was also dumbfounded when he heard the news. Could it be that Hua Tianzong and Shangqingzong have deteriorated to this point?

For some reason, Liang Sheng always feels that if this continues, there may be problems in Fangshi. At least the current situation looks a bit bad.

At this moment, Chen Mo, who had disappeared for a long time, reappeared, and his expression was somewhat depressed, which made Liang Sheng startled.

That day, Chen Mo brought a jug of wine and invited Liang Sheng into his cave, “Friend Zhou, how about having a drink with me?”

Immortal cultivators seldom drink alcohol. Ordinary secular wine is like drinking water with the physique of immortal cultivators, but the wine of immortal cultivators makes people drowsy. How can casual cultivators waste time?

Normally, Liang Sheng would not drink alcohol, but because of the sudden friction between Shangqingzong and Huatianzong, he also wanted to go out to escape, so he would check the situation first and simply go along with the flow.

After Chen Mo poured the wine, Liang Sheng quietly used the detoxification pill to test the wine. With his cultivation and hand speed, Chen Mo didn’t notice anything unusual.

He found that there was indeed something in the wine, but after seeing that the detoxification pill could be cured, he happily sat down to drink with Chen Mo.

As soon as the wine is in his mouth, he knows what is mixed with it.

Confused Xin Dan.

Huoxin Pill is similar to secular Mongolian sweat medicine, but it is also effective for cultivators. He has also refined Huoxin Pill in his spare time, so he can’t help but feel more relieved.

“Zhou Daoyou, do you still remember what I said before that I also left the family and was forced to rely on my own efforts?”

Liang Sheng nodded. It was because Chen Mo misunderstood that he also had this background, so he helped him avoid some detours.

“Yes, my family is just a small family of immortal cultivators, and the head of the patriarch is my father, who is an immortal cultivator with Qi training level seven.

He gave birth to three children. My two younger brothers are blessed and talented. They both entered the Qi training period at the age of twenty, unlike me who can only reach the first level of Qi training at the age of twenty-five.

At that time, the family’s resources were no longer enough for the three of us to cultivate, so at the age of 35, I, a second-level qi practitioner, went to Fangshi to rely on my own efforts.

It has been seventy years now, but I am still only at the sixth level of qi training. In fact, I also want to prove myself that I can also cultivate immortality. “

Speaking of this, Chen Mo’s eyes turned red. In fact, many casual cultivators are in his situation. After all, there are very few people who can enter the sect considering the huge population of the cultivating world.

There has never been a shortage of people in the world of cultivating immortals, so whether you can enter the sect represents whether you are blessed to cultivate immortals.

Some people start out as disciples of outer sects when they are born. This is the destiny, and birth is actually a kind of blessing.

During the babbling, Chen Mo drank more and more. He felt that the grievances he had suffered in Fangshi for so many years were about to explode.

Liang Sheng didn’t speak, like a qualified listener, but Chen Mo compared to the ordinary people around Fangshi, isn’t it a blessing?

You must know that they want to cultivate immortals but they can’t get it. After Liang Sheng had a few glasses of wine, Chen Mo’s eyes were red, and he suddenly said softly: “Don’t blame me.”

The next moment, Liang Sheng fell to the ground.

Chen Mo didn’t get up at this time, he looked at the unconscious Liang Sheng, drank the wine in the glass again, and muttered to himself.

“Fellow Daoist Zhou, don’t worry, you won’t be in danger of your life. I’ll make it up to you when I reach the seventh level of Qi training.”

After finishing speaking, he tidied up his appearance, and then helped Liang Sheng out of the cave, and headed out of Fangshi.

No one cared about them along the way, but they were somewhat disgusted. Immortal cultivators who drink can be said to lie down, which is something useless people would do.

Coupled with Liang Sheng’s two years, it can be said to be extremely low-key. Except for Chen Mo, there are almost no acquaintances in Fangshi.

When they arrived outside Fangshi, Chen Mo saw that no one was paying attention, so he quickly used the lightweight amulet to sneak into the forest, and disappeared after a while.

Lingtian Office.

The three brothers Qian Yongjian were full of pride when they looked at the Lingtian, where the spirit-gathering formation and the concealment formation had almost been arranged.

From then on, this is the foundation of the Qian family’s cultivation of immortals.

“Second and third, you need to be proficient in this spirit rain technique as soon as possible. Although you have already mastered it, you still have to keep improving. The spiritual grass grows rapidly under the irrigation of the spirit rain technique. The stronger the spirit rain technique, the better the growth of the spirit grass.”

The second and third children of the Qian family nodded repeatedly when they heard this. It is estimated that the annual income of this spiritual field is more than two thousand spiritual stones, which can be described as extremely generous.

Their gazes at Qian Yongjian were also filled with admiration. Perhaps in the near future, they might break through to the seventh level of Qi training.

“Brother, do we really want to split the bill with that kid Chen Mo?”

Qian Yongjian stared, “Of course, that kid forced me to take the oath of heaven, otherwise he wouldn’t tell me the location of Lingtian, what could I have done then?”

It turned out that Chen Mo would rather die than surrender, and Qian Yongjian had no choice but to make an oath of heaven before he agreed to cooperate.

When the two brothers of the Qian family heard this, they still felt a little unwilling. They were only monks at the sixth level of qi training, but Qian Yongjian spoke quietly at this moment.

“Furthermore, with such a large spiritual field, I can be responsible for half of it by myself. If you enter the seventh level of Qi training, you can barely complete the rest, so it’s good to keep him.

If you are really reluctant to get the benefits, you should break through as soon as possible. I made a vow not to harm the other party, but you didn’t make the vow. “

Hearing this, the eyes of Qian and the second child lit up, and they were about to speak again, but Qian Yongjian stopped him with his eyes.

Not long after that, Chen Mo appeared in front of them with Liang Sheng on his back.

“Chen Daoyou, you are finally here, can’t you just do this earlier?”

Qian Lao Er muttered something, but was stopped by Qian Yongjian. Chen Mo lowered his head at this moment, his face was still not good-looking, and then he looked like a battle between heaven and man, and finally lowered his head slumped.

“Senior Qian, you said he will hate me when he wakes up?”

Hearing this, Qian Laosan couldn’t help laughing, “Hate you? Don’t you want to break through the seventh level of Qi training?”

Hearing this, Chen Mo couldn’t help but fix his eyes. Cultivating immortals is all about fighting. Now that the matter has come to this point, he can’t think too much. At worst, he will make up for it later.

“Okay, since everyone is ready, everyone has mastered the spirit rain technique, but don’t relax.”

As he spoke, Qian Yongjian took out a few bags of spirit grass seeds and sorted them out. As for the comatose Liang Sheng, he still couldn’t wake up, so naturally he didn’t need to think about it. He was placed in the temporary cave opened in the cave next to him.

Qian Yongjian and the others are all immortal cultivators, and they quickly sowed the spiritual grass seeds according to the area. Then Qian Yongjian activated the spirit gathering array, and the spiritual light flashed for an instant, and then returned to normal, but the spiritual energy was overflowing.

However, Qian Yongjian did not relax. He sat cross-legged on the ground and adjusted his breath to replenish his spiritual power. After all, setting up such a large-scale spirit-gathering formation just now was a bit exhausting. After a while, he started to set up the concealment formation again.

When the concealment formation was completed, Chen Mo was also a little surprised. If he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, he might not have realized that this is the Lingtian.

Sure enough, it is good to enjoy the shade under the big tree. Looking at the situation in front of him, Chen Mo couldn’t help being a little excited. From then on, he will have a share of the spiritual grass harvested in the Lingtian.

At this moment, his guilt towards Liang Sheng completely dissipated before planning a bright future.

“Senior Qian, I may have to rely on you to help me convince Zhou Daoyou. He is cautious, and he must know the current affairs when he sees you.”

“Don’t worry, when you mentioned him before, I actually asked the second child to investigate. He is indeed a low-key, honest and smart person, otherwise I would not agree to you bringing him here.

With me here, he should accept the reality, and you don’t need to be such a mother-in-law. Breaking through the seventh level of Qi training is the most important thing for you now.

Besides, in fact, this kid is also a lucky person. After all, you are developed. Isn’t it easy to support him in the future? “

Maybe Qian Yongjian’s words made Chen Mo feel a little more relieved, or maybe it was the seeds of the spiritual field that had been sown, and he had more hope in his heart. Anyway, the whole person has returned to normal.

“Okay, it’s time to wake up that kid!”

The next moment, several people walked into the cave dug next to Lingtian, but they went in to take a look, but they didn’t see Liang Sheng.

people! ?

The four of them couldn’t help being taken aback at the same time.

Immediately afterwards, a huge panic spread throughout Qian Yongjian’s heart, but before he could react, he saw a sword light shining like a galaxy, and the sword light filled the entire cave.

No matter whether they were at the eighth or sixth level of cultivation, they didn’t have time to react at all, but before their consciousness disappeared, there was only one thought in their minds.

Who is behind the scenes?

Immediately afterwards, the heads of the four people were separated. They didn’t expect Liang Sheng to do it until they died. They thought that Chen Mo had been followed by someone, and they attracted people who couldn’t afford to offend.

Qian Yongjian was still thinking at the last moment, which old monster at the ninth level of qi training would be the most likely shot?

I shouldn’t be greedy!

After confirming that the four of them were completely dead and without any problems, Liang Sheng appeared in the cave with an indifferent expression.

Fellow Daoist Chen, have a good journey.

(Ask for a monthly ticket, for the sake of my hard work, thank you!)

(end of this chapter)

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