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~ Plunge the tank to find the monthly ticket!

Plunge the tank to find the monthly ticket! ()

September has passed.

Make a knot with a gorgeous pair.

Yes, the pair is more gorgeous. Because of this month’s update, there are as many times as there are five more.

Five is even more gorgeous, everyone has no opinion? It can be seen that the double is also gorgeous.

Gorgeous end in September, ushered in a new October.

Looking back at this month, in fact, the butterfly is also quite busy. When I rushed to the place where I went to the light, I twirled several times, but I broke it twice, but all of them were filled up. In the meantime, the rhythm of 131313, how swaying, everyone must have been Deeply lost, right?

In the new month, the content of this book will also enter a new chapter. The protagonist will officially enter the field of God. What will happen to the place that has been boasted many times? Wow, hahahaha, I didn’t think of it, you don’t want to guess it!

The new month, the new chapter, there is no reason to ask for it!

From October 1st to October 8th, before 12 o’clock, it is still double ***, decisive can not be missed, there is wood!

Students who have *** can already be decisively thrown in when they see this chapter. After waiting for this period, *** will shrink by 50%, so lose money, not economical or affordable, completely intolerable.

***Bar Bar!

Double the period, decisive ***!

In such a seven-day long vacation, nothing is more enjoyable than voting.

Believe, yes, it’s gonna drop!

Swing the cylinder to seek ***!

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